"The Social Network for Disney Fans" --mousetopia

"The Social Network for Disney Fans" --mousetopia

mousetopia for iOS 1.2 makes managing the social-side of MouseWait easy! We optimized the app for iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 and 6 plus (giving you the first glimpse of the Lounge optimized for larger screens). You also get a sneak peek of our latest navigation system that is currently being implemented into the new 8.1 version of MouseWait FREE and Platinum. But wait, there's more--we snuck in a preview of a brand new feature that we've been working on a for quite some time--MouseWait Messenger is here!



1. The arrival of MouseWait Messenger for iOS

7239928544_ebb59adfda_hWhen I first launched the Lounge back in 2009, I quickly discovered that it was bringing Disney fans together. I saw friendships form among people who are still best friends to this day--over five years later. Prior to MouseWait, they might have passed each other in the Park without even knowing it. MouseWait provided the platform for Disney fans to meet and get to know each other.

Since then, I've made it my goal to make it easy for Disney fans to connect. First, there was the Disneyland Lounge, and then we built the Disney World Lounge. Shortly after, we built mousetopia which was designed to allow people to connect at a deeper level. 

Enter MouseWait Messenger. An easy way to manage conversations with your MouseWait friends. Just type in their username and request a chat.

MouseWait Messenger

Photo Feb 13, 2 35 37 PMJust slide your finger from right to left from any screen in the app and the new MouseWait Messenger pane will appear. You can also press on the new chat bubble icon. Type the name of the user you want to start a conversation with and wait for them to confirm. You will see the new conversation appear on the panel.

When there is a new message, you will receive a push notification (make sure Push Notifications are enabled for mousetopia in your iPhone settings). Want to add someone to a conversation? It's easy! Just press the Options button and add a user--perfect for creating a group chat while you're at the Park. 


This means you can chat with MouseWait Stickers!

Photo Feb 13, 3 31 36 PMWe built MouseWait Messenger so you can use Stickers in your conversations! They work just like they do in the Lounge, and all of your Stickers stay with your MouseWait account. We just opened up a whole new world for your friends, and your Stickers!

You can also Gift and Trade Stickers in any conversation! Just press on the user's icon and select Gift or Trade. 

Invite your Disney friends to create a MouseWait account. They don't have to participate in the Lounge, but they can still collect Stickers and use them in group chats through MW Messenger. This opens up MouseWait to Disney fans all over the world, allowing you to become closer with your friends, and meet new friends (if that's what you want). 

We plan to add MW Messenger to all of our apps including MouseWait Disneyland, TRIVILATOR, and more! 

2. Post to the Disneyland Lounge, WDW, or your private mousetopia from one place!

Photo Feb 13, 3 33 48 PMmousetopia allows you to post to several different Lands, all from one screen. You can add Stickers to your posts along with your own pictures. The new version allows you to manage  the Disneyland and WDW Lounge from one place. Just use the left slideout bar for quick navigation.  

iPhone 6 Ready!

mousetopia is fully optimized for the iPhone 6 and 6 plus which allows you to see more content on each screen. Now, you can scroll through hundreds of posts with ease. 

MouseWait Messenger is in its infancy. We are continuing to improve it along with all of the other features of mousetopia and the Lounge. If you have any questions about how to use mousetopia please post below. If you have any suggestions for the mousetopia app, or if there's something that needs to be fixed, please let us know on this form. Have fun, and don't forget to post your MouseWait Story in the Lounge!

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