1. MagicPlan: Our all-in-one blockout calendar, easy planning system, plus our new Historical Crowd Index feature!

Photo Apr 16, 2 51 49 PM

 * Easily view Deluxe, SoCal, and SoCal select blockout dates. One calendar, one view, easy to use. 

* Press on a day and see current showtimes, hours, refurbs, and more (Disney usually makes about 30-40 days available in advance). 

* Each hours and events page also shows our Historical Crowd Index for the first time ever. This allows you to see how busy it was a year ago to help you plan better. 

* Add as many days as you want to your MagicPlan. View all of your dates on one list. You can even add notes to each day to stay organized. 

* Add showtimes to your ToDo list from the hours and events pages. 

* Coming soon: Archive the days you visited so you have a record (data stays with your MouseWait account). 


2. upNEXT: Never miss a show.

upNEXT displays upcoming showtimes.

upNEXT displays upcoming showtimes.

My goal when we launched our all-in-one Dashboard a few years ago was to display the pulse of the Disneyland Resort on one page, including hours, Crowd Index, passholder blockouts, refurbs, wait times, weather, Disneyland News, Best of the Day from the Lounge, food suggestions, and more. However, I knew that we needed something else. 

When I'm in the Park, I lose track of time. I never follow a set plan or schedule, and I always forget about upcoming shows. Now, when I open MouseWait, it shows me what shows are happening within the next 60 minutes, making it easy to figure out what to do next, while at the same time, suggesting shows that I might have missed otherwise.

3. MouseWait Messenger: Connecting Disney Fans.

Stay in touch with your group with MouseWait Messenger!

Stay in touch with your group with MouseWait Messenger!

Slide your finger from right to left on any page to access our new communications bar that allows you to easily track several conversations from one place! Our MouseWait Messenger allows you to use your Stickers, trade/gift, and so much more. MouseWait has always been about making it easy for Disney fans to connect, which is why the Lounge is the largest mobile Disneyland discussion in the world. Now we've made it easier. Get more info about Messenger here.

4. Tab Sorting is here!

Customize your MouseWait tabs!

Customize your MouseWait tabs!

Press the edit icon at the top right of the slide-out navigation bar and drag and drop the tabs in an order that works for you. MouseWait is not a one-trick pony--it's feature packed. Now you can make it so your favorite features are easy to access.

5. MouseWait 8.2 has been optimized for the big screens (iPhone 6 and 6 Plus), and upgraded to Apple's 64-bit technology to supercharge it in the Park.

6. MouseWait INSTANT makes it easy to see what's around you while you walk. 

Screenshot-640x960Press the INSTANT button on the Dashboard and watch the page update as you walk in real time! Everything from attractions, to restaurants, showtimes, and exclusive MouseWait tips are at your fingertips--without having to press buttons!

INSTANT is the easiest way to see what's around you. It allows you to enter wait times fast, and find things that you might have missed.

We also added INSTANT FEEDBACK so you can see the Credits you're earning as you enter wait times!

7. unFORECAST: Human Crowd Prediction. 

Photo Mar 03, 3 16 41 PMHave you ever noticed that it's impossible to guess how busy it will be at Disneyland? Many people have tried to predict crowds at the Parks, but most of the time, those predictions fall flat. That's why we launched the unFORECAST. It's based on data from real people (featuring info from BaseballMickey_CM) who love the Parks and who are there on a daily basis. It gives you the scoop about what's happening at the Disneyland Resort, so you can make a decision based on facts, and the real-time data that MouseWait provides.

 8. MagicSearch: Find anything at Disneyland--FAST!

Photo Mar 03, 3 56 06 PMMagicSearch makes it easy to find anything at the Disneyland Resort--FAST!

What's the wait time for Big Thunder Mountain? Just type Big Thunder into MagicSearch and the wait time instantly appears (data connection required). Works with attractions, showtimes, restaurants, and individual food items. MagicSearch is easy to access at the top of your Dashboard.

Access the largest real-time Disneyland stream in the world with a few taps--MouseWait Tags are now searchable through our exclusive MagicSearch technology! Try a search for "Celebrity" and get our real-time Disneyland Celebrity Blog, search for "Food" for quick access to our amazing Food blog. "News" will pull up our real-time news blog. Now, the best original Disneyland content is at your fingertips--MagicSearch: Find Anything.

Looking for Pellegrino or Smartwater? Just type it in and MagicSearch will show you which restaurants at the Resort carry it, along with the price. Need some Monster Energy? Find it with MagicSearch. Gluten Free Pasta? No problem. Search for Passholder Blockout Calendars, Cotton Candy, Burgers, Pizza, Pickle, and much more. We're adding new content daily to our massive MagicSearch database.

If there's no result for your search, press the Search the Lounge tab, and MouseWait will instantly scour over 500,000 posts to find what you need--courtesy of the largest mobile Disneyland discussion in the world--the MouseWait Lounge.

MagicSearch is exclusive to MouseWait, giving you access to the largest Disneyland wait time database in the world along with showtimes, character appearances, restaurants, and real-time content.

9. Use our ToDo List Organizer to plan your day:

Did you know that our new ToDo List Organizer allows you to add your favorite attractions, restaurants, shows, and more so you can easily manage them on ONE page? Drag & drop to schedule your day. Instead of jumping from screen to screen, everything you need is in one place. ALSO--your ToDo List syncs with your MouseWait account across all of your iOS devices. Login to any device with your MW account and your ToDo List will be there in your preferred order!

10. Today Extension + Photo Extension makes it easy to post to the Lounge fast.

Photo Apr 16, 2 50 06 PMPhoto Apr 16, 2 50 49 PM

Our Today Extension shows you Disneyland and California Adventure hours, current Crowd Index conditions, along with Annual Passholder Blockout information, and the best post of the day from the Lounge! Our Photos Extension makes it easy for you to post your pics to the Lounge directly from the Photos App. 




We also fixed tons of bugs, added online dining reservations in the Food section, MouseWait PREMIUM, YouTube uploads fixed, and so much more! 

Thank you for supporting our Platinum Sponsors: The Hojo Anaheim and La Brea Bakery.


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