See our discount tabs on the Annual Passholder page in MouseWait to take advantage of all the benefits of your annual pass.Β  Please comment below and let us know about your annual passholder tips!

  • Photopass TIP (Updated Nov 24): Instead of buying individual pictures, buy the CD – they put all of your pictures on one disk for one price (I think it is $59 at this time) – this is a great deal because you can put an UNLIMITED amount of pictures on one disk! The Photopass card is good for 30 days, so if you are an Annual Passholder, you can load as many pictures on there as you want for 30 days, then put them all on one disk for one price! I also heard that if you wait for around 25 days to login to the Photopass site to see your pictures, you get an additional 30 days to load the card up! Great deal and the Disneyland photographers are the best!Here is a great tip from Christi, a former Photopass Cast Member: ” I was a Photopass CM and the CD is the way to go. The trick with logging on to the website works sometimes, but don’t count on it. After you log on you will get emails telling you when your photos are about to expire.

    Two tips: 1. Use a sharpie and write your name on your card. Make sure you get YOUR card back from the photographer. They do get switched every once in a while. 2. Make a record of your card number and keep it somewhere separate from your card. If you lose your card or wallet, the CM can punch in the number manually.

  • NO DOWN PAYMENT – if you renew your pass before it expires, you don’t have to pay the $75 down payment with the new payment plan option! You also still get a discount for renewing before your expiration date (on Premium and Deluxe only you save $20).
  • Don’t try to get your way by saying you are an Annual Passholder – it doesn’t work! Just be nice and pray you get the right Cast Member to help.
  • Hotel Discounts: Once a year they send out AP discounts for the hotels, but if you call, sometimes you can still get good discounts with your pass, never hurts to ask.
  • If you forget your pass when you get to the park, they will usually give you a temporary pass – but I think they will only do it once.
  • These days, Disney gives Annual Passholders discounts on just about everything, go to our Discount tabs in MouseWait to see which stores accept it. If you are unsure, just ask wherever you are buying something whether you are in the parks or Downtown Disney, most vendors will give you a discount.
  • AAA Discounts: There are a few places, like the Plaza Inn (great chicken dinner!) that will give you a discount for AAA. If you know of more please post below!

We just started this page, so we will add more – check back soon!

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