Countdown your next trip to Disneyland, Disney World (or anywhere) with MouseWait Countdown

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of excitement as your next trip to the Disneyland or Disney World Resort nears. The anticipation of the fun that awaits gives you and your kids something to look forward to, and it’s a big part of the complete Disney vacation experience. Now you can countdown the days until your next trip with our beautiful new MouseWait Countdown app for iOS. Grab it here at the special launch price. 

  • Use our Disneyland or Disney World pictures, or add your own!
  • Your Countdown shows on Apple Watch.
  • Designed for all screens including the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
  • Option to name your trip.
  • Use MouseWait Countdown for any trip: you can name your trip, and add your own pictures.

Get MouseWait Countdown today at our special launch price and countdown the days until your next trip in style!

4.7-inch (iPhone 6) - Screenshot 3




























Photo May 23, 12 35 28 PM

MouseWait Countdown also displays on your Apple Watch!














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