What Features Would You Like Added To MouseWait?

We are committed to making MouseWait better! What features would you like to see? Please comment below…


  1. Real checklists. The hidden mickey checklist is just text and doesn’t take advantage of iphone capabilities. Also, ride, show and dining checklists would be great, especially if you could schedule your trip into checklists and then follow along for how you are doing completing things.

    • Great ideas! We are going to note these requests and try to get them integrated in upcoming releases, thanks for commenting!

  2. I think show times would be great and maybe a section for fastpass times. If we could update what times are on for different rides with fastpasses, I think that’d help. It’d also let us know which fastpass booths are closed for the day.

  3. Can there be an easier way to get to the AP homepage? I’m having trouble getting to anything other than more comments.

    • Hello if you click on the P button it takes you to all Annual Passholder features, is that the page you are trying to get to?

  4. How about free wifi hookup in park notification that would help that way kids with I touch can use app and stay on time with parents


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