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MouseWait user @abefromen was nice enough to post some great places in the parks where you could charge your iPhone (which is always an issue at Disneyland, especially when you are working your iPhone overtime). He said it would be cool if everyone joined in and tried to find these hard to locate electrical outlets so that we would end up with a lot of different places where we can charge our iPhones in the park.

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Well, that is what we have done – or at least started. Thanks to the fasting growing Disneyland iPhone community in the world (the MouseWait community), we have been able to find a lot of great places to charge your phone, most of it came via our MouseWait Live Chat Lounge which has a lot of amazing people in it each day.

Here they are, PLEASE add yours below so we can make this list huge!

Special thanks to CantWait for updating and verifying this latest list.


  • Main St. The Fire House – behind the engine
  • Main St. train station go into the front entrance and make a left (sit and charge)
  • In front of the Photo Shop on Main Street. If you are looking directly at the entrance, look on the wall to your right and you will see an outlet with a cover on it.
  • Main St. Carnation Cafe: There are two outlets flanking the doorway between Carnation Cafe and The Bakery. From Awesome
  • Main St Gibson girl ice cream parlor at the tables
  • Main St. Lockers
  • Main St next to Painless DDS and Lockers
  • The east exit of the Market House on Main St.
  • Inside the Baby Care station in Main St. is a wall outlet in the little nursing room. Charge up while you feed your little one From Polkadobo
  • The Snow White Wishing Well in Fantasyland – with your back to the well, face towards the Castle and it is in the bushes next to the railing – 2 outlets in a green camouflaged box.
  • Matterhorn exit right side on black lamp
  • Behind the Edelweiss Snack Shop
  • Across from the edelweiss on the south post of the old boat ride launch platform
  • Carnation Plaza (the dance floor in between the Castle and Frontierland) there is a box on the stage and behind it is an outlet (thanks to MouseWait user @disneylove for this clarification)
  • Pizza Port in Tomorrowland – directly to the right of the front entrance. You can sit and charge!
  • Two in the buzz FP dispenser and two in the bushes to the right of the Buzz exit in Tomorrowland
  • Space Mountain exit Tomorrowland:  There is an outlet right outside of the cast member entrance near the exit area of Space Mountain and the bathrooms
  • In Critter Country, there is an outlet just outside the back door of Pooh Corner gift shop (thanks to a comment from Cindy below)
  • Critter Country lower level of Hungry Bear Restaurant
  • There is an outlet in Frontier Land in the small character plaza outside the Rancho del Zocalo exit. It is on the right side behind the little fence (thanks to Cindy)
  • The second level of the Golden Horseshoe Saloon is littered with outlets, especially next to the performers booths (thanks to B Smith)
  • Frontierland. It’s just outside of Big Thunder behind the benches that face the ride. From MozGirl
  • Stand by entrance to Splash Mountain and to the left of the outer Fastpass  sign.
  • Next to the Pirate fortune teller inside the Pieces of Eight store in New Orleans square. From MozGirl
  • Toon Town train station – this one is near the benches, you can sit and charge!
  • Toon Town city hall steps east and west
  • Toon Town Behind Donalds boat
  • Toon Town Roger Rabbit Car Toon spin far right of the entrance by drinking fountain
  • Toon Town Post Office
  • Toon Town – in between the Store and the Electricity Door by Roger Rabbit
  • Toon Town inside the Firehouse Jailhouse building. The steps of the Electricity Door are a good place to sit while charging (from DZNY HEART)
  • The Picnic Area outside the front entrance of Disneyland by the Coke machine

None of the outlets in the bushes at the small world overflow cue are working (On a breaker for Christmas use – Mad Mardigan)


  • Eat and let your phone charge! Head over to the Bay Area (next to Paradise Pier) look for an old stage where the bands used to play. If you are looking at the stage it is on your right and you can eat and let your phone charge!
  • Every red parade light stand has two power outlets and two audio (xlr) jacks
  • In the Boudin Bread tour to the right or the entrance
  • Outside the Boudin tour at the pay phones
  • 3 outlets in Tower of Terror one next to the elevator on the far right one next to a bench in the exit hallway and one on the right of the exit of the gift shop
  • Four outlets outside on the East facing wall of Animation Building
  • Two outlets in the Zoetrope room on the floor in the Animation Building
  • Multiple outlets in hallways entering and exiting Animation Building
  • Hallway of Sorcerers Workshop in the Animation Building
  • Outlet in the pre show room of it’s tough to be a bug down low on the west wall
  • Four more at the front of the mens and womens restrooms in bugs land
  • Four more outlets to the right of bugs land entrance sign to the left of tables
  • Three power outlets on building across from Ariel’s Grotto between Catch a Flave and the bridge
  • Outlet next to a table near the 3D Muppet Show
  • In the Blue Sky Cellar to the right of the exit
  • Taste Pilot southwest corner at a table
  • At and behind the pay phones across from Soarin over California
  • There are a few outlets by the bathrooms that are at the entrance
  • Burger Invasion
  • Next to the store across from Soarin’ Over California, there are payphones, there are outlets there.
  • Near the bathroom entrance in the Hollywood Backlot (the bathrooms near Playhouse Disney).
  • The restroom corridor behind the King Triton Carousel

Add your charging station find below so our iPhones never run out of juice at the park!

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