Did you know that you can easily search our Disneyland database on your iPhone by simply clicking on the search button on the top right. This makes a search bar magically appear at the top of the page, then simply search for anything you are interested in, whether it is Toy Story, food, or whatever else you need.

You can also search by tags. Simply click on the tab on the right side above the search button ( it has a down arrow on it) and a nice little menu will drop down where you can easily jump to pages, search by tags, or search by categories. The awesome part about this is searching by tags, just click on the tags button and a nice list of Disneyland related tags will drop down. Then just select what you’re interested in and related posts will come up.

The search feature and the tag feature is a great way to find what you are looking for — whether you need help with a MouseWait feature, or if you’re searching for Disneyland secrets or tips on a certain subject (search for Tom Sawyer or iPhone Charging for example).

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