This is from a recent MouseWait press release – special thanks goes to the MouseWait community, we couldn’t do it without you!

It took only two months for MouseWait, the first social Disneyland iPhone wait time app, to become the highest rated Disneyland app in the history of the app store.

This happened after the recent release of MouseWait 1.5 – which is a total redesign that includes full Facebook and Twitter integration, and a lot more. The creators of MouseWait,, put so many features into MouseWait 1.5 that some can’t believe it is still a 100% free app – which is evident by the overwhelming written reviews. MouseWait has the most five star ratings of any Disneyland iPhone application and also has the highest overall rating.

One of the biggest additions to MouseWait is a brand-new behind the scenes technology called MouseRank® which leverages user authority to generate accurate wait times. MouseRank® mixed with the existing and ever-evolving complex server-side algorithm has the ability to revolutionize wait times by scientifically mixing hundreds of separate factors at one time. In fact the combination of MouseRank® and a fine tuned algorithm has the potential of reporting the most accurate wait times available from any service.

A patent for MouseRank® was filed earlier this year.

Kelly Johns, who started development on MouseWait when the app store officially launched in 2008, credits the success of MouseWait to the amazing community of loyal iPhone and Disneyland fans. “The credit goes to the overwhelming number of people who use MouseWait on a daily basis. We just developed a mobile gateway for them so they could experience Disneyland from all over the world and we try to listen and implement as many requests as possible.”

MouseWait is the first Disneyland iPhone app to fully integrate social networking giants Facebook and Twitter. People can post the current wait time of a ride directly to Twitter or Facebook. They can also update their own status on both networks directly from the app. MouseWait also utilizes FriendFeed, Flickr, Hahlo and even the new Google real-time search features. On the Facebook tab, you can click a button and see all of your Facebook friends who have MouseWait installed ( called your Disneyland Friends) – you can also check your newsfeed, access your Facebook phone list, see events, notifications, comment on your friends posts, and more.

Another major addition to MouseWait is the brand-new Hidden Mickey checklist which streams a large list of Hidden Mickeys for the user to check off as they find them. MouseWait keeps track of which ones you have found. This was a highly requested feature from the MouseWait community and was added based on user feedback.

Johns says that MouseWait 2.0 is already in the works and a majority of the upgrade was completed months ago. is anticipating a January release for 2.0. The new version will include several new innovations that have never been attempted before and he believes the MouseWait community will be pleasantly surprised.

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