Pics of Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato At Disneyland 4-25-10

MouseWaiter DznyHeart got some cool pics of Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato together on Sunday April 25 at Disneyland. Since MouseWait has the largest group of the best Disneyland fans in the world, we frequently get pictures like this before anyone else does, especially when celebrities are in the parks. For breaking, real-time news, you can download the FREE Disneyland iPhone app or you can follow us on Twitter @MouseWait.

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  1. adorable! hope they had some fun!

  2. Get this…I actually saw them and passed right next to Joe Jonas and Demi was so loud laughing…me and my lil family were in the Star Wars shop….and I was like wait thats Joe Jonas..the only way I can tell was Demi’s laugh it is sooo loud , but very cute! I was so happy to see them so happy and in love…they had fun putting their faces on the star wars photoop…I tried to take pictures or asked their guardian if I could take pictures but at that time my frickin phone/camera said “low batter” can you believe that crap? Anyways, I decided that I would just leave it alone and let them have their peace..but I did want to tell them that I am very grateful they support Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution…! yay!

  3. I was at the park on that day. But didn’t see them.


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