Due to MouseWait’s HUGE user base, historical algorithm, and massive amount of real-time historical data (MouseWait averages 15-20 wait time submissons per minute during peak times), we are launching something that will benefit the entire Disneyland community – the MouseWait Crowd Index (MWCI). This is a number from 1-100 that accurately shows you the current crowd level at the park.

If you are wondering whether or not to head to the parks today, check the MWCI – we will also be providing MWCI forecasts to the public as well. This will help you plan your trips and it will help annual passholders decide whether it is worth it or not to head down to Disneyland.

How is this number accurate? MouseWait has the most real-time wait time submissions in the world and we have designed our advanced algorithm to select the most accurate times, mixed with several other factors, to generate the MWCI real-time. We also have a large amount of MouseWaiters in the park at any given time.

Below is a graph that shows you the benchmarks the MouseWait Crowd Index so it is easy to decipher the current MWCI. For example, if we post a 85 MWCI – based on the benchmarks below, you can see that 85 represents a typical, busy summer day at the parks. If you have ever been to Disneyland in the summer, you know that it is crowded, but they are usually running more trains/cars than a slower Fall day.

*MouseWait graphs, MWCI, and benchmarks are Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

100 Capacity – not letting people in the park
95 Near capacity – requiring hand stamps and rumors of blocking people out (ie Christmas vacation, New Years)
90 4th of July/Thanksgiving and other major holidays packed but no rumors of reaching capacity
80 Summer, spring break high crowds but they are also running a lot of trains/cars for everything
70 Feb-March – not busy but starting to pickup
60 Jan after the holiday and everyone is back to work/school
50 Sept-Oct after kids are back to school

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for MWCI Reports – also if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch download the best Disneyland iPhone app in the world and get crowd updates real-time in the Lounge. MouseWait will soon be available on more platforms! Stay tuned for details.

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