Please read the Ground Rules below so we can all have a great experience with MouseWait. This was updated on 11-10-2010



  • Absolutely no profanity (this includes references to profanity like abbreviations, etc). No sexual references, racism, harmful speech, threatening (on or off MouseWait), hate language toward any person or group of people, impersonating, or making fun of tragedies. This is a family community and users who violate this will be banned without notice.
  • VACATION/DISNEY ATMOSPHERE: The Lounge should be a place to get away from reality and experience the Magic of Disneyland, the overall tone should be on a positive note and it should emulate the attitude and mood of someone who is on vacation at the resort. The Lounge is your mobile gateway to Disneyland – it should be a getaway from reality, which is why we don’t like bad news posted in there either since people can turn on their TV for that. However, since this is a family community, if you need support or prayer for something then it is definitely ok to ask.
  • PICTURE POSTING: The primary purpose for this feature is to display real-time images from the parks. However, you can also post Disney/MouseWait related pictures as well IF IT IS IN THE INTEREST OF ADDING QUALITY CONTENT TO THE LOUNGE. For example, pictures of unofficial “Hidden Mickeys” outside of the park should be posted on Flickr instead of inside the Lounge. A picture of you at Knotts should – well that shouldn’t even be on Flickr! A good rule to go by is that if the picture is Disney or MouseWait related and it is in the interest of adding value, reporting news, or to tell us more about yourself then it is ok to post.
  • ONE PROFILE ONLY: You are NOT allowed to create and post under multiple identities – anyone caught violating this could be banned with out notice.
  • REPORT FEATURE: Reporting can be done by MWs with a certain minimum MouseRank. If your post is reported, DO NOT REPOST IT, you can email the Admins and they can restore the post if it is necessary. Also, please don’t start a new post asking why your post was reported – and definitely don’t try to ask who reported it. There is nothing to get excited about if your post gets reported, it is still in the system and viewable from your MyMW page, it is just not viewable in the main Lounge. People who abuse the Report button will be penalized – also if a post is restored by the Admins, DO NOT Report it again.
  • Disneyland Talk – this Land is reserved for Disney/MouseWait talk ONLY – everything else will be reported/deleted.
  • The Hub is where you can post non-Disney related items (but please do not post non-Disney pictures).
  • Disneyland Real-Time Land: This is ONLY for people who are at the park, posting real-time updates
  • NO SPOILERS – do not post any scores, results of TV shows, or anything that could ruin it for someone who is at the park recording something. Also, please do not start posts about politics.
  • TIPS: You can click on the Admin link to see the latest updates. You can use the search feature to find almost any subject imaginable. When you Like a post, it is saved to your Favorites for quick access later from your MyMW page. You can find the most popular and highest rated posts by going to Most Popular and Best of the Day. If you haven’t done the food reviews yet, please go to Food Land and post your review on the restaurant. WE LOVE REAL-TIME DISNEYLAND OR DISNEY NEWS – so if you have breaking news please post it. We also love real-time updates from the park, we have people in the Lounge from around the world and you would be surprised how much joy they get from this. Remember, your experience in the Lounge can be enhanced if you add value to the community. If you are here purely to take and not give – then you won’t get much out of it.


  • When you enter wait times, it helps the real-time displays as well as helping future predictions. Please only post a wait time only if you are physically at the attraction – do not guess or enter times without physically being there.
  • Piggybacking times is not allowed. This is simply entering times that are already posted – our system will automatically detect this and ban you from our system. There is a possibility that you could be banned from seeing the entire app on your phone for abusing our system (THIS COMPLETE BAN PREVENTS YOU FROM ACCESSING MOUSEWAIT PERMANENTLY)
  • Efforts to artificially boost your MouseRank through wait times will be penalized.
  • It is ok to enter the time posted on the sign in front of the attraction. Then, if you want, you can time the actual line, and enter that time.


  • There are numerous ways to properly increase your MouseRank listed below. Please don’t try to artificially raise your MouseRank because MouseRank will be taken away for attempts to abuse the system.
  • WAIT TIMES – this is the #1 way to increase MouseRank – enter accurate wait times and fastpass times.
  • ADD QUALITY CONTENT TO THE LOUNGE: The important word there is “quality” – spamming the Lounge will not earn you more MouseRank – but adding great content, interacting and commenting on other’s posts, will all build MouseRank. When people Like your posts, you gain a lot of MouseRank points – but asking for people to Like your post in an effort to build your rank is not acceptable and will be penalized.
  • BEING GENEROUS: If you are giving away things in the Lounge, this will be rewarded, email us and let us know what you are giving away and we will give you a MouseRank boost
  • CHUB33 Circuit: We will give you a bonus boost if you complete the entire circuit which is all of the times entered for Disneyland AND DCA consecutively. Just email us and we will give you your MouseRank boost
  • HELPING OTHERS: If we notice that you are commenting on posts in an effort to help people find answers to your questions, we will also boost your MouseRank.
  • HOSTING EVENTS: If you are hosting approved events in the Lounge in an effort to build the community, you will get a MouseRank boost as well.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Extra points will be awarded for being the first to break news in the Lounge.

Q. What are the numbers next to my name in the Lounge?

A. The first number is your MouseRank, the second number is your rank among all MouseWaiters.

Q. How do I post a picture to the Lounge?

A. You need an iPhone – go to Post to the Lounge, and then click the camera button to add a picture or take a picture. Please read our picture posting rules above first.

Q. How do I post a profile picture?

A. Go to the MouseRank tab on the iPhone and scroll down until you see the option to add a profile picture

Q. Why can’t I post wait times?

A. It could be that your UDID did not register on our server, please email us with your UDID HOW TO FIND YOUR UDID: The way to find your UDID is go to the app store and download the free UDID app (usually the first one that comes up), it will let you easily email your UDID to us from your phone. IT IS FASTER if you enter your own UDID in your Profile page when you are logged into the Lounge.

Q. I am getting a white screen when trying to get into the Lounge or other things aren’t working with MouseWait?

A. Rebooting MouseWait will solve most problems, please do this first before trying to troubleshoot further – HOW TO REBOOT MOUSEWAIT (iOS4) If you are having issues with 2.0 at any time – click the Home button, then double click the Home button to show the multitasking bar (4.0), then press and hold the MouseWait icon and close it. Then when you relaunch MouseWait, it starts up from scratch, this “reboots” it.

Q. Can I change my username?

A. We do not recommend this at this time and we do not support issues that arise from username changes

Q. Is it crowded at Disneyland right now?

A. The best thing to do is to check the wait times, this gives you a very good indication. Also look at the MouseRank Crowd Index on the wait time pages (2.1). You can also go to the Disneyland Real-Time Land to see what people are talking about right now in the park. It is best to not ask the question in the Lounge because it gets to be too much if everyone is asking that.

Q. Can I access MouseWait on my BlackBerry or other smartphone?

A. Yes – we have a mobile version (not an app) called MouseWait M – it is optimized for the Opera Mini 5 Browser and you can get to it on your phone by going to

Q. Can I access MouseWait on my computer?

A. Yes – go to

Q. Can I block a user from appearing in my view of the Lounge?

A. Yes. Click on their username and select Block and you won’t see their posts anymore

Q. What is the MouseWait Crowd Index?

A. This is a real-time gauge of how crowded the parks are – you can get the full explanation here – MouseWait Crowd Index


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