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THE BEST WAY to get your business, product, or charity in front of Disney fans!

Increase your sales.

No matter what the size of your business, we can help you increase sales and awareness through an instant presense in all of our iOS and Android apps. But our network extends far beyond our popular apps.

Make your brand famous with Disney fans.

We will work with you to get your product or service noticed by the right audience.

Reach the largest mobile Disneyland community in the world.

THERE IS NO OTHER ADVERTISING PROGRAM LIKE THIS FOR DISNEY FANS! Our audience is 66% female, 25-44 years old, $50-$100k per year.

Become a part of the family.

Our one-of-a-kind advertising partnerships are so much more than just banner ads. We make you part of the family!

This is your chance to partner with the #1 fan-favorite Disneyland App and the largest mobile Disneyland community in the world.


We want to partner with you.

This isn’t advertising as usual. We will partner with a limited number of businesses/individuals to help their business grow, while at the same time making MosueWait better. 


#shopsmall and local with fellow MouseWaiters

Our new directory, The MouseWait Parnter Emporium, allows you to shop with and support other MouseWaiters.


No contracts. Limited Availability.

Go month-to-month and stop at any time. This is a no-hassle advertising partnership with the fan-favorite Disneyland App since 2009.

Over 3 million downloads

MouseWait is the most popular third-party Disneyland App of all time. NO OTHER DISNEYLAND APP can reach people like we do. 

13 million page views per month.

We not only get strong traffic to all of our mobile apps, but we also get strong traffic to our web site that has almost 1 million pages of original content.

55,000 opt-in email subscribers

Our curated list of opt-in email subscribers are emailed several times per month through our professional email system.

150,000+ social media followers.

We are the most followed third-party Disney app of all-time.

Major media praise for MouseWait

When MouseWait is covered by the media, so are you. No Disneyland App has received this level of praise from major media outlets.

One of the three Disneyland musts you shouldn’t be without.


“One of the 26 apps you need to survive in Los Angeles.”


If you have plans to visit the Disneyland Resort or are an Annual Passholder, this app is an absolute must.


One of the OC’s best apps


How is this different than traditional advertising?

Your ads will appear naturally across all of our platforms.

You will have an instant presence in all of our iOS and Android Apps, as well as our online web version for PC and Mac. As we expand our network, your visibility will increase.

Welcome to the family!

We make you a part of the community. We naturally recommend you in the right places at the right time, giving you organic visibility. 

The Lounge

We integrate you into our popular social Lounge. MouseWait will become the default social media network for Disney fans in 2017, so this is your opportunity to grow with us while you still can.

55,000 person weekly email

We will promote you in our popular Disneyland Newsletter (PLATINUM ONLY).

Social Network mentions

We will do everything we can to properly promote you through our massive social media platform (PLATINUM ONLY).

Weekly event mentions

We have weekly Sticker Nights, virtual, and in-Park meetups. Our MouseWait Partner Emporium (and you) will be promoted every step of the way.

Get your own Sticker

You will get your own custom Sticker that people can use in the Lounge (PLATINUM ONLY), which allows for more organic growth and visibility. Your product or business could be a part of normal conversation in the largest Disneyland discussion in the world. 

A social media army on your side

Being part of a family is beneficial, especially if your product or service is excellent. Our community stands behind people who help MouseWait. 

Reach Authority Disney users

MouseWaiters are an authority about all things Disneylands to their sphere of influence. Their friends and social circles respect their opinons on all things Disney. This is your chance to reach those authority users who have wide-ranging social influence.  

Limited Availability

We will only accept a limited number of partners, so join us today at the best price + the most MouseWait Credits. 

Here’s what you’ll get:

Your ads shown across all platforms.

We will promote you across all of our apps on iOS and Android + our PC and Mac versions.

MouseWait Partner Emporium Listing

Our one-of-a-kind directory will be promoted throughout all of our social networks and platforms.

Social Media Promotion

We will promote you to our 150,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more (PLATINUM ONLY).

Email marketing

Our curated opt-in email list is 55,000 people strong. We will promote our PLATINUM Partners in each email that goes out (usually once per week)

Natural exposure in The Lounge.

We will advertise you throughout the Lounge, naturally, the way we have always done. We only want to show things to our members that are beneficial to them–which will inspire an organic following for you. 

MouseWait Credits + Community Recognition

We give you MouseWait Credits for each month you’re a partner. You will also get a special Partner badge and Sticker so everyone knows that you are at the HIGHEST level of support for MouseWait.

Incentives for people to buy your products/services.

We incentivate our audience for spending money with you (PLATINUM ONLY). They will get MouseWait Credits for purchasing your products/services.

App Store Exposure.

Getting App Store exposure is almost impossible–unless you are partners with an App that gets massive App Store exposure. MouseWait is one of the most popular Travel Apps of all-time, and we will use this popularity to benefit you.

Who can benefit from a MouseWait Partnership?

Businesses of any size.

Whether you have a restaurant, entertainment company, or you’re a crafter–a MouseWait Partnership will help you grow your business.

Promoting a cause that is dear to you.

Do you have a charity or fundraiser that ‘s dear to your heart? Run a short or long term campaign with us to get results. 

Someone who wants to support MouseWait.

If you would like to help Mousewait get better, your sponsorship will help us a lot. Becoming a MouseWait Parnter will recognize you at the highest level  (and you’ll still get Credits)!

Looking for a tax write off?

Please consult your accountant. A monthly (especially our 3-month special) could be a significant tax write off for you.

Plans and Pricing

It’s easy and affordable to partner with MouseWait! AVAILABILITY IS LIMITED.

Bronze Partner

  • Promotion throughout our entire App Network
  • Native ads in our popular Lounge (social network)
  • MouseWait Partner Emporium Listing
  • 15,000 MouseWait Credits (Triple Credits!)
  • MouseWait Partner recognition badge
  • LOCK IN OUR INTRODUCTORY PRICING/CREDITS for as long as you’re a recurring Partner. 
  • Availability is limited
Join us today!

Platinum Partner (3 months)

  • 3 months of the Platinum Partner level for only $333 per month.
  • You get everything included with Bronze and Platinum.
  • 135,000 MouseWait Credits per quarter (Triple Credits!)
  • LOCK IN OUR INTRODUCTORY PRICING/CREDITS for as long as you’re a recurring Partner. 
Join us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main advantage at the Platinum level?

Platinum Partners get to “own” their category. If you own a restaurant, and sign up at the Platinum level, you will be the only Platinum level restaurant. This gives you an exclusive advantage over your competitors and is your chance to LOCK in a category at the Platinum level. Platinum Partners also get a higher level of exposure through our weekly emails, our social platform, incentivized purchases, weekly promotions, and other creative ways of marketing your business. Bottom line is that if you’re serious about your business, Platinum is the way to go, because we put all of our resources into your campaign. 

How many Credits do I get?

We are currently running a TRIPLE CREDITS special for all MouseWait Partners. Please see our price chart above. 

I have a very small business with products that Disney fans will probably love...

MouseWait is the perfect place to test your products, see what kind of response you get, and then fine tune your offerings.

Do I have to commit long-term?

No, our partnerships are month-to-month with no long-term commitments. Cancel anytime.

Can't I just buy traditional ads and get the same results?

Maybe, but with a MouseWait Partnership you get so much more than just banner ads. We make you part of the family and you become part of our community.

Are there are any prohibited items?

We can’t advertise anything that would infringe on anyone’s trademark or copyright. Also, we do reserve the right to disallow any controversial items or topics (politics, religion, etc) that might take away from the family-friendly vacation atmospere of the Lounge. 

How do I lock in these introductory rates?

Join us today, and for as long as you consecutively remain a Partner with us, you will get the price you signed up with (and the level of Credits–or higher). 

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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