MouseWait was born in October 2009 out of a deep love and respect for Disneyland. My goal was to make the Magic of the Parks available to anyone 24/7 on any device. MouseWait allows you to connect with fellow Disney fans, make new friends, watch live videos and images streaming from the Parks, get inside information, and create memories that will last a lifetime. MouseWait is your Mobile Gateway to Disneyland and Disney World, and I hope you enjoy it.” -Kelly Johns, Founder of MouseWait


Q. What is this “vacation atmosphere” you keep talking about?

The Lounge is a getaway from the real world. It should make you feel like you’re on vacation. This means we don’t allow complaining about Disney, MouseWait, Cast Members, other MouseWaiters, or anything. If you have a problem with the way Disney is run, you can contact them directly. If you have a problem with how MouseWait is managed, send an email to support–but please don’t post these things in the Lounge. A vacation atmosphere also means that everyone is nice to each other. No profanity, hateful talk, flaming, badgering, bullying, or trolling. Your account will be banned if you insist on breaking these rules.

Q. Why was my post removed or moved to another Land?

MouseWait Moderators will remove anything that does not follow the rules of the Lounge. If your post has been moved/removed DO NOT repost it. Instead read this page and you’ll discover why it was removed. Having said that, our moderators are under no obligation to remove/move a post, even if you feel it is against the rules.

Q. If I don’t feel the moderators are doing a good job, can I enforce the rules myself?

NO. Your account will be banned if you attempt to enforce rules in the Lounge. Flag the post/comment instead (see below).

Q. I forgot my password and username.

You can reset your password, retrieve your username, and more right here.

Q. What if I want to block other users or customize what I see in the Lounge. 

You can do both. To block a user, press on their username and hit BLOCK. You won’t be able to see their posts, and they can’t see yours. Create your own feed by Following other MouseWaiters. Press the MyFEED button to see a stream of posts from people you follow.

Q. Is it crowded at Disneyland?

Please don’t post this question in the Lounge. There are several ways to tell how busy it is at Disneyland. Check the Dashboard on our iPhone and Android app to see what the current MouseWait Crowd Index is. Scan the wait time lists, and scroll through the posts in the Lounge to see what people are posting live from the Park. You can also check the unFORECAST for Disneyland Crowd Predictions.

Q. What are these Stickers that everyone is crazy about?

Stickers are virtual items that you can purchase in the MW Store with Credits. They can be used in the Lounge similar to how emojis are used. You can also Gift and Trade Stickers with other MouseWaiters. Every Tuesday night at 9pm Pacific Time we release new, limited edition Stickers.

Q. What are Credits?

Credits can be earned by submitting accurate wait times, or by contributing to the Lounge. You can also purchase Credits Packs through in-app purchases, or through the MW Store. Credits can be used to purchase Stickers, unlock new features, and more!

Q. What are the numbers next to my name in the Lounge?

The first number is your MouseRank, the second number is your rank among all MouseWaiters.

Q. Can I access MouseWait on my computer?

Yes, you can login to your account on the web. Your bookmarks, comments, likes, and more are synced across all devices. Login to the Disneyland Lounge here, and the Disney World Lounge here. You can also reach the web versions by going to

Q. How can I add value to MouseWait?

You can do a number of things to make MouseWait better. Post accurate wait times, help others in the Lounge with questions, post news, Disney events, share real-time info from the parks, post tips and other content that will help others, tell others about the app, support our advertisers, you can also donate via PayPal on the web version of MouseWait, oh and by giving us 5 STARS IN THE APP STORE with a written review, you help us to improve MouseWait.

Q. What kind of posts/comments should I flag?

You can help our moderators by Flagging posts/comments that appear to violate our guidelines. NO ONE but our moderators (who are not active members in the community) can see who flagged something. The moderators decide whether or not to take action.

Q. What is a RAK?

Random Act of Kindness, started by Dahulagirl, this is when generous MouseWaiters giveaway things in the Lounge.

Q. Is MouseWait on Facebook and Twitter?

Yes! Follow us on Facebook to get live updates in your Newsfeed – you can also follow us on Twitter


If MouseWait is down, or not responding, please go to our Disneyland Facebook Page for updates or Twitter.

If you’ve purchased MouseWait Platinum for Android and it has reverted back to the free version. Make sure you are using the same Google account that you bought the upgrade with and purchase it again (it will not charge you if you already purchased with that Google ID).

If you cannot create a new account in the app, please go here to create the account

Most problems (ie cannot connect, etc) can be fixed with a reboot of your phone in the Park, this helps your phone track the nearest towers and solves most problems.

If you are experiencing any problems, Reboot MouseWait–double click your home button to bring up multitasking view. Swipe up on the screenshot of MouseWait. The app will fly off the screen and then when you launch it again it will start from scratch. IF THAT DOESN’T FIX THE PROBLEM then delete the app and reinstall. You will NOT have to pay for the app again. Thanks!

For some reason, our emails will not go through to,, or email addresses. It would be best to change your email in your profile to a different address so you can receive future emails from us.

Please check Admin’s updates to see if your question has been addressed.

On this page you can get a new password and retrieve your username.

CONNECTIVITY TIPS AT DISNEYLAND: When it’s crowded, connectivity becomes a problem. Here are some things that work: Turn off AT&T’s LTE, do a hard reboot of your phone, switch Airplane Mode off and on. Use AT&T’s Mark the Spot app to report poor coverage. For more tips see this post.

If your problem was solved, can you please give MouseWait 5 Stars in the App Store? You can leave a review for the free iOS version here, Platinum, and Android . THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Thank you for being willing to post and share great content from the Parks! MouseWait is a large online community of Disney fans, there is nothing else quite like it. Because of this, we’ve created MouseWait Etiquette to ensure that the Lounge is a great place to hang out and experience the magic of Disneyland and Disney World from anywhere in the world. Lifelong friends have been made through MouseWait, and if you read the guidelines below, you will have the best possible experience.



  • You are our guest: MouseWait is a privately owned company, and you are here as our guest. Your posts, and/or account will be deleted without notice if you choose to violate the ground rules, or if your actions are detrimental to the MouseWait network of sites/apps. If you choose to violate our rules, your access to the app (and all of our properties) will be removed.
  • UPLOAD A PROFILE PIC: On iPhone and Android, go to the MouseRank tab and scroll down until you see the Camera icon which allows you to upload a profile picture. On the web version, go to your Profile page, (while you are logged in), here you can upload a pic directly from your computer. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for your new pic to appear.
  • DISNEYLAND TALK: We strive for a VACATION atmosphere in the Disneyland Talk area. Please do not use MouseWait to vent your frustrations about Disney, Cast Members, or your bad experience in the Park. The Lounge is an escape from reality with a positive and uplifting atmosphere. Non-Disney talk can be posted in The Hub.
  • WHAT KIND OF PICTURES SHOULD I POST? Disney related pictures ONLY. If you are posting in Disneyland Talk, the pictures should be live pictures from the Disneyland Resort or Disney World. We love to see live pictures in the Lounge. You can also post quality non-live pictures as well. Please do not post pictures that you do not own, unless you have express permission from the owner, or if the picture is being used for a news story. Also, please refrain from posting pictures of finger nails, art, or anything else of that nature. If those pictures are Disney related you can post them to The Hub.
  • YOUR FIRST POST SHOULD INTRODUCE YOURSELF: If you are thinking about opening up with something controversial, THINK AGAIN! We don’t want to hear your rant, political opinions, or anything along those lines. Simply tell us a little about yourself and why you love Disney. We quickly ban and remove accounts that are created solely for causing problems.
  • WHAT ARE THE BEST THINGS TO POST TO DISNEYLAND TALK? Live pictures from the Parks, breaking news, MouseWait events, tips, quality Disneyland content (pictures that you own, or articles that you’ve written). You can also use Disneyland Talk to let the community learn more about you, and for other community building activities (please keep it Disney related).
  • WHAT ABOUT THE HUB? The Hub is the place where you can talk about non-Disney things, but it still follows the same general rules of the Lounge. Disney related pictures are a must.
  • DISNEYLAND REAL-TIME LAND: This area is reserved for live posts from the Park only.
  • WHAT SHOULD I NOT POST IN THE LOUNGE? Do not create an account to ask for free things. Do not ask someone to get you into Club 33. Do not try to sell your products in the Lounge. Do not tell people you are lonely and need a date. Do not post your personal information (remember this is a public forum). Do not promote other websites. Do not post “Hidden Mickeys” unless they are true Hidden Mickey’s from Disney’s properties (the hidden Mickey in your bowl of Cheerios this morning is NOT an official Hidden Mickey). Do not post anything about politics. Do not jump in on your first post and demand answers to your questions – the Lounge is the most popular real-time Disneyland feed and discussion in the world because there are so many great people who CONTRIBUTE to it. You will experience ALL the benefits of the Lounge when you focus on contributing instead of trying to “extract” things.
  • A WELCOMING ATTITUDE: We want to welcome everyone into the MouseWait family. There have been many lifelong friendships created through MouseWait, and they all began with someone who welcomed them into the Lounge.
  • USE THE SEARCH FEATURE: Before asking a question, do a quick search first to see if it’s already been answered (it probably has). Also, check the News page for Disneyland News to see if something has already been talked about.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO PROFANITY (this includes references to profanity like abbreviations, etc.). Sexual references and innuendos are not allowed. There are kids who use MouseWait that are 13 years old and up, and they know how to use Google to search for terms they don’t understand.
  • 13 and up only – you need to be at least 13 years old to participate in the Lounge – please ask your parents for permission if you are a minor who is over 13 years old.
  • Hateful talk towards any user is not permitted. This includes racism, harmful speech, threatening (on or off MouseWait), hate language toward any person or group of people, impersonating, or making fun of tragedies. This is a family community and users who violate this could be banned without notice. This also includes personally attacking/harassing someone outside of MouseWait (via Facebook, Instagram, email, phone, in person, or via the DM feature in MouseWait)
  • NO Flaming or Badgering: No one is allowed to write hostile or insulting messages aimed at other users for their views, comments, status as a user, or any other reason. You can disagree with someone’s views and still be extremely polite about it. This includes subtle “hidden” attacks on other users in the Lounge.
  • No Trolling: No one is allowed to post controversial, off-topic messages with the intent of baiting other users to reply.
  • No discussions of software piracy, hacking, illegal material, or linking to any source that promotes this. Also do not post attraction pictures from the Park that violate Disney rules.
  • No polling unless you are given written permission from management. (Polling is taking a survey of people in the community).
  • Do not hijack a post by trying to change the subject in the comments.
  • Your posts and comments can only be removed by a staff member, if your post is removed do not complain about it, don’t cry about it, and DO NOT re-post it.
  • Do not copy or plagiarize comments.
  • NO SPOILERS – do not post any scores, results of TV shows, or anything that could ruin it for someone who is at the park recording something.
  • NO COMPLAINING: There are a lot of places you can go to complain about Disney. MouseWait is not the place for this. If you have an issue about how MouseWait is run or anything of that nature, send a support request to us instead of voicing your concern in the Lounge. People use the Lounge as a “getaway” and that’s why our goal is to keep the Lounge in a positive, vacation style atmosphere.
  • GETTING BANNED: Users that violate rules will be banned. We are not required to ban anyone, this decision is solely at our discretion. We are not required to give reasons or explanations for why someone was banned. MouseWait is a privately owned company and you are here as our guest, you are not allowed to say or do whatever you want while using our sites/properties and your posts and account could be deleted without notice if your actions are detrimental to the site.
  • NO COMMERCIAL POSTS: Please do not post anything in the Lounge that directs people to an outside website in an effort to sell your own merchandise unless you have written permission from MouseWait. However, you can post a link to your website from your Profile page (HOWEVER DO NOT POST A LINK TO A WEB PAGE SELLING UNLICENSED MERCHANDISE). If you post quality content in the Lounge (THIS DOES NOT MEAN POSTING ADS IN THE MAIN LOUNGE TELLING PEOPLE TO GO TO YOUR PROFILE PAGE), people will follow you and click on your Profile page, which will then give your site more visibility. You are not allowed to offer any merchandise that contains any trademarks owned by Disney or any other company.
  • No harsh criticizing or belittling. As a community, we want to promote and encourage people to post live pictures from Disneyland, and other quality content. Criticizing pictures or posts for quality is not permitted, this includes criticizing someone for grammar or spelling. If you don’t like a post, use the Remove feature and it will be removed your feed. There is no reason to criticize someone for posting too many live pictures from the Park, the MouseWait Staff will take care of this if we think it’s a problem. We want to encourage newer users to participate. If someone is abusing the Lounge, Flag their post with the reason as to why you think they are violating the rules. DO NOT take matters in your own hands, and DO NOT coordinate attacks against others on Instagram, Facebook, or anywhere else and bring that negativity into the Lounge.
  • No “Public Service Announcements” – the MouseWait Staff will make official announcements. Please do not post rules for others on their posts, instead flag the post, and if we deem it to be inappropriate then we will remove it.
  • FACEBOOK GROUPS: MouseWait does not approve or endorse any Facebook Group. Only our official Facebook Page. When these types of groups turn negative, they predominantly resort to gossiping and spreading rumors. This ruins relationships and affects the Lounge and MouseWait in a negative way. If we see proof of things happening on Facebook (or any group) that have a DIRECT negative impact on the Lounge, your account could be banned.
  • VIDEO POSTING: Please only post videos that were taken inside the Disneyland Resort or Disney World.
  • FLAGGING POSTS: You can Flag a post, reply, or comment if you believe it is inappropriate, or if it breaks the rules that are outlined here. When you Flag something, it is NOT removed from the Lounge — it’s sent to a MouseWait Staff Member (who is not a member of the Lounge). We decide what gets removed. Only MouseWait employees know who Flagged something. When you Flag an item, put the reason why you think it should be removed, or if you think the post should be moved to a different Land. The final decision to remove something is ours, so please don’t get upset if you disagree with our decision.

By accessing or using MouseWait IN ANY FORM, you are bound by the terms and conditions set forth here: Terms and Conditions and the rules below. This was updated on 8-28-12


  • When you enter wait times, it helps the real-time displays as well as helping our algorithm make future predictions – thank you for entering accurate times, it really helps us out and you get MouseRank points for doing it! Please only post a wait time only if you have observed the time FIRST HAND – do not guess or enter times without first hand knowledge.
  • Piggybacking times is not allowed. This is simply going down the list and entering several times that are already posted – without actually verifying the wait time at the attraction – our system will automatically detect this and ban you from the app. It is definitely ok to enter a time that is the same as what is already posted if that is the current wait time for the attraction. This updates our time stamp. So if Space Mountain is showing CL at 2:31pm and it is still closed when you get there at 4pm, then mark it closed again.
  • DO NOT ENTER WAIT TIMES FROM THE WAIT BOARD ON MAIN STREET – These times are not always accurate and they are not real-time wait times.
  • If an attraction is a “walk-on” (no wait) then post 1 minute
  • Efforts to artificially boost your MouseRank through wait times will be penalized.
  • It is ok to enter the time posted on the sign in front of the attraction. Then, if you want, you can time the actual line, and enter that time after.


  • There are numerous ways to properly increase your MouseRank listed below. Please don’t try to artificially raise your MouseRank because MouseRank will be taken away for attempts to abuse the system. We frequently change the values of different items in an effort to fine-tune our system.
  • WAIT TIMES – Enter accurate wait times and Fastpass times.
  • ADD QUALITY CONTENT TO THE LOUNGE: The important word there is “quality” – spamming the Lounge will not earn you more MouseRank – but adding great content, interacting and commenting on other’s posts, creating friendships with others, will all build MouseRank. When people Like your posts, you gain a lot of MouseRank points – but asking for people to Like your post in an effort to build your rank is not acceptable and will be penalized.
  • VERIFY YOUR EMAIL AND GET 3 MouseRank Points!: Go to your profile page and next to your email click on Verify Email. Make sure you have your best email entered. You will then receive an email with a verification link in it, click that and you are done – and you get 3 MR points (PLEASE NOTE that the points might not show on your account for 30min or more).
  • BEING GENEROUS: If you give away things in the Lounge, post great news, tips, or info, you will be naturally awarded points by other members. NOTE: We are not doing manual rank boosts for RAKs anymore due to the time it takes to do this.
  • CHUB33 Circuit: We will give you a bonus boost if you complete the entire circuit which is all of the times entered for Disneyland AND DCA consecutively. Just email us and we will give you your MouseRank boost
  • HELPING OTHERS: If we notice that you are commenting on posts in an effort to help people find answers to your questions, we will also boost your MouseRank.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Extra points will be awarded for being the first to break news in the Lounge.
  • MouseWait Facebook Trivia Challenge! Play our trivia game on Facebook and earn MouseRank points fast! Make sure you login to your MW account from inside the Facebook game and make sure your Facebook email is the same as your MouseWait email – if so, points will sync to your account automatically.
  • ADMIN LINK: Click on this to see the latest news and updates from Admin PLEASE GO HERE FIRST BEFORE SUBMITTING A SUPPORT REQUEST- you can also visit our new Support section in the Lounge. NEW: You can subscribe to Admin’s posts via email, this lets you stay on top of upgrades and breaking news. Go to the Admin page and click Subscribe to Admin.
  • MyFEED: Create your own custom Lounge. Click on a user’s MyMW page, and then press Follow. Then, when you click on MyFEED, only the people you are following will show in that feed. Watch this video to see how it works. Also check out the MouseWait Quality top 100 for great people to follow!
  • Remove Post Feature: Click RP or Remove Post to remove a post permanently from your Lounge view. This makes it so the post will not appear anymore in your Lounge stream, however you can still find it via Search and on the user’s page who posted it. This feature works great for removing clutter from the Lounge without permanently blocking a user.
  • The BLOCK Feature: This allows you to block a user from appearing in your view of the Lounge. Just click on the user’s MyMW page that you want to block and click Block and they will no Longer appear in your Lounge – ALSO the user you blocked will not be able to see your posts either. User’s who are receiving a large number of Blocks will be analyzed.
  • Sort by Time feature – this allows you to read posts in the order they were posted. You can switch back to Default view at any time.
  • ONE PROFILE ONLY: NO ONE is allowed to create and post under multiple identities – anyone caught violating this could be banned without notice.
  • SUBSCRIBE TO POST: By clicking this you will receive email notifications of new comments on this post only. You can unsubscribe at any time from your MyMW-Subscriptions tab. You need to Verify your email from the Profile page to activate this feature.
  • EDIT AND DELETE POSTS: You can edit and delete your posts on your MyMW page, look for the Edit and Del buttons. This is a great way to keep your MyMW page clean of broken image posts and other things.
  • SEARCH FEATURE: Lots of questions can be answered by using our Search feature. Please search before asking a question in the Lounge. The search function works best when you use shorter keywords.
  • FAVORITES: When you Like a post, that post will appear in your My Favorites page in your MyMW. This lets you access the post again quickly from your mobile device or the web.
  • PROFILE PAGE: This is where you can control things like your username, your email, your About text for your MyMW page, your UDID, your default Land, and your default park (Disneyland or Disney World)
  • WEB VERSION: You can access your account via your mobile device OR you can login to your account via our web version at
  • TIPS: You can use the search feature (we are working to improve search) to find almost any subject imaginable. When you Like a post, it is saved to your Favorites for quick access later from your MyMW page. You can find the most popular and highest rated posts by going to Most Popular and Best of the Day. If you haven’t done the food reviews yet, please go to the Food tab in the mobile versions and make your voice heard. WE LOVE REAL-TIME DISNEYLAND OR DISNEY NEWS – so if you have breaking news please post it. We also love real-time updates from the park, we have people in the Lounge from around the world and you would be surprised how much joy they get from this. Remember, your experience in the Lounge can be enhanced if you add value to the community. If you are here purely to take and not give – then you won’t get much out of it.
  • mousetopia: This is a version of the Lounge that lets you share things with only the people you choose. It is built into your existing account. Go to for more info.
  • MouseWait or any of its affiliates are NOT responsible for the behavior of any individual or group of users. Each user, according to our Terms and Conditions, is individually responsible for his or her comments, posts, or content. MouseWait does not assume responsibility for the actions of its members, nor do we endorse the views or opinions of any user.

EMAIL VERIFICATION NECESSARY TO POST IN THE LOUNGE: You must verify your email before posting – when you create your account, we will send you an email with an activation link in it, click that and you are done (and you get 3 MouseRank points. If you are an existing user, go to your Profile (in the Lounge), make sure your email is correctly entered in the Email box, then click Verify Email. You should receive an email with the activation link in it. Make sure you add info [at] and support [at] to your email contacts and watch your spam folder.

NOTE TO USERS ON OLDER iPhone iOS platforms – it is recommended that you use the latest iPhone operating system, iOS 4.2.1 or above to avoid any problems with the app. Also our current iPhone version is having problems on 3G and older devices, we are trying to push an update to resolve this.

Q. What is the MouseWait Crowd Index?

A. This is a real-time gauge of how crowded the parks are – you can get the full explanation here – MouseWait Crowd Index

The MouseWait Crowd Index is Based on These Benchmarks

100 Capacity – not letting people in the park

95 Near capacity – requiring hand stamps and rumors of blocking people out (ie Christmas vacation, New Years)

90 4th of July/Thanksgiving and other major holidays packed but no rumors of reaching capacity

80 Summer, spring break high crowds but they are also running a lot of trains/cars for everything

70 Feb-March – not busy but starting to pickup

60 Jan after the holiday and everyone is back to work/school

50 Sept-Oct after kids are back to school

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