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Whatever you do, don’t bring an umbrella! See our Disneyland Rainy Day Tips post for the reason why. If you are like me, Disneyland somehow makes you want to eat everything in sight — from fresh popcorn, to a chocolate dipped pineapple spear, it’s difficult to eat healthy at the Resort. Now there’s a way to have fun and detox your body at the same time (you need around 3000 ORAC units per day to properly detox). Just pack some Amazon Thunder Acai Juice, which has over 20,000 ORAC units in one fluid ounce of great tasting juice that your kids will love! This gives you the ORAC units you need, while fulfilling your daily fruit requirement with just one ounce!

Official Health Supplements of MouseWait

Official Health Supplements of MouseWait

10. Make sure you bring these things:

  • Get a poncho from Walmart or Target on your way to the Parks. Preferably with a hood (no umbrellas, remember?)
  • Rain Boots
  • Rain Jacket
  • Flip-flops in lieu of rain boots
  • Extra socks
  • Waterproof bags. Ziplocs work great.
  • Sham-wow or something to keep things dry
  • Plastic cover for your stroller (painting tarps work great).
  • Puppy spill pad – sit on the non absorbent side, and your bottom stays dry.
  • Get a locker.
  • Check our Disneyland iPhone app or our new MagicFeed for real-time Disneyland weather reports.

9. What NOT to go on

Unless you like the feeling of being shot in the face with plastic BBs, I would not recommend California Screamin’ in the rain. That’s what the rain will feel like on your face. However, if you are a fan of travelling at high speeds while getting hammered by rain drops at 50mph, then you might actually like this. If you like spinning around in circles while getting soaked, then you might want to try the Silly Symphony Swings in the rain.

8. The Bakery Tour

Who doesn’t like to eat freshly baked Boudin’s Sourdough Bread, for FREE, while staying dry and warm? It’s fun and educational to show the kids how the bread is made. The tour doesn’t last very long, but you can hang out in there for as long as you want until the rain subsides.

7. Muppet 3D Theater

This show is entertaining for kids and is often overlooked on normal days when you are running for the main attractions. It will keep you out of the rain for 30 minutes or more as you relax in movie theater style seats.

Muppet Vision 3D by ScooterMike

6. Monster’s Inc

Great for the little ones. Most of the queue is inside so you can stay dry even if you have to wait in line. Since the crowds are light on rainy days, there’s a good chance the wait will be under five minutes, and you can ride it several times in a row.

5. Grizzly River Run

You’re already soaked anyway, right? If you’ve come prepared, you already have what you need to stay dry, so going on Grizzly isn’t going to hurt you one bit. Not to mention it is one of the most scenic and beautiful attractions ever built — even in the rain.

4. Grand Californian Fireplace

Use the Grand Californian exit near Condor Flats, and head over to the Grand Californian lobby where you can sit in front of the massive fireplace. This is a perfect place to relax and stay dry as you take in the elegant setting.

Grand Californian Fireplace by mia

3. Soarin’ Over California

On rainy days, the line is usually short, and for the most part you are indoors. Soarin’ is an attraction for the entire family (40″ and above) and you can stay dry and have fun.

2. Disney’s Aladdin — A Musical Spectacular 

If you haven’t seen this show, then you need to put it on your MouseWait To Do List. This Broadway quality show resides in the beautiful Hyperion Theater in Hollywood Land, and it will entertain the entire family. You’ll forget that it is pouring outside.

1. Food

Ok, maybe food shouldn’t be the #1 thing to do at California Adventure on a rainy day, but let’s face it — food is pretty important, especially for adults. There aren’t a lot of restaurants in DCA that have indoor seating. Flo’s V8 Cafe has a good sized dining room with decent food and a phenomenal view of Ornament Valley. Taste Pilot’s Grill (next to Soarin’) also has a good sized dining room with ok food. Other than those places, you either need to head into the Grand Californian for White Water Snacks, Storytellers Cafe, or the Napa Rose — or visit one of the upscale restaurants inside the Park like Ariel’s Grotto, the Wine Country Trattoria, or the Carthay Circle Restaurant.

View from Flo’s V8 Cafe by JollyRoger5

Check out our Disneyland Resort Rainy Day Post on MouseWait for more ideas. You can also post a comment below if you have suggestions for DCA in the rain.

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The Official Health Supplements of MouseWait

The Official Health Supplements of MouseWait

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