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427.8 #420 Qual #332 10-10-13 3:12PM
#D23 Disneyland Off the Map Sweepstakes - A friend of mine was one of the lucky winners of the contest! He blogged about his experience, including pictures he took of the Dream Suite and Lilly Belle. The picture below is one of the great   More...

That is awesome! - erinten  424.8 #423 10-10-13 3:15PM Like  Reply
I am so jealous that I kinda hope he stubbed his toe getting in the tub ....I know mean right, guess i'll have to recreate this in my own bathroom someday when I don't rent - lorelaismom  13.4 #7320 10-10-13 3:23PM Like  Reply
(The guy just got a tour, he didn't stay in the Dream Suite.) - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  526.2 #307 10-10-13 3:29PM
LOL - I was quite jealous myself even though it was a tour. Just the experience alone - amazing! - EpicDio  427.8 #420 10-10-13 5:54PM
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662.3 #222 DL Qual #196 8-15-13 11:54AM
#D23...From Saturday's D23. An original production drawing from The Three Little Pigs. They had some from Snow White that were amazing. A little out of my price range.

Thanked by:   OhanaPhoto  
5352.5 #12 DL Qual #4 8-13-13 9:05PM
Alan Menken performing a medley from "Beauty and the Beast" #D23Expo
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I'm so glad you're sharing these. Thank you! - mini_MINNIE  852.6 #156 8-13-13 9:07PM Like  Reply
It was an awesome event!! - JediKitty  552.6 #281 8-13-13 9:30PM Like  Reply
got chills..... such great music and he just writes them effortlessly. - Plumiegirl  6802.5 #3 8-13-13 9:38PM Like  Reply
He actually wrote the score for this film and partnered with Howard Ashman with the lyrics - BaseballMickey_CM  5352.5 #12 8-13-13 9:46PM
bump for greatness - Dave  10505.7 #2 8-13-13 10:39PM Like  Reply
Dave    DM
10505.7 #2 DL Qual #7 8-12-13 9:31PM
#D23expo #RAK got this promo sticker for the new MU on DVD and this very cute Ariel 2013 D23 expo button.. Winner will be chosen at midnight this Thursday and winner must have enough points to DM---good luck

I passed out early and did not choose a winner so just did and congrats to Cyndaws to entered for Kaji for the button and lohofosho for the bumper sticker! Lohofosho please send me your address and I will get the sticker in the mail...Kaji I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!!!!! - Dave  10505.7 #2 8-16-13 9:52AM Like(1)  Reply
Too awesome!!! Please add me :) thanks! - ilovems  162.6 #2325 8-12-13 9:32PM Like  Reply
Please add me! I have a monster and the sticker would suit her perfectly! - bbngheartdisney  243.4 #1263 8-15-13 9:27AM Like  Reply
awesome!!! add me please! The monster sticker is awesome!!! - britanysaurus  17.9 #6341 8-15-13 11:51AM Like  Reply
5352.5 #12 DL Qual #4 8-12-13 11:41AM
Alan Menken performing his hits from "The Little Mermaid" #D23Expo
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That was awesome! Thank you for sharing! - CM_Tamstirr  528.7 #303 8-12-13 12:04PM Like  Reply
you're welcome! There's a lot more from this concert coming soon! - BaseballMickey_CM  5352.5 #12 8-12-13 12:09PM
Wow! What a special treat! Thanks for sharing. - MinnieMyLove  120.4 #2970 8-12-13 12:12PM Like  Reply
Awesome videos!! Thanks BBM!!! - MousekaNinja  414.7 #442 8-12-13 12:17PM Like  Reply
You're welcome! - BaseballMickey_CM  5352.5 #12 8-12-13 8:23PM
1372.7 #81 DL Qual #35 8-11-13 11:11PM
#D23 My splurge today is absolutely gorgeous. I bought the Sorcerer Mickey Gallery of Light and met Bob Olszewski who signed the piece. What an amazingly kind man. It was a joy and a privilege to talk with him.

Wow amazing! - RockieMouse  168.2 #2240 8-11-13 11:16PM Like  Reply
Beautiful!! I'm glad u had such an amazing day! - CinderellE-79  843.6 #159 8-11-13 11:16PM Like  Reply
congrats! I am sure you will cherish that memory for a lifetime - mcramos925  359.1 #531 8-12-13 11:18AM Like  Reply
oooh this one is amazing! Very cool memory. - Sarafina  421.8 #429 8-12-13 11:36AM Like  Reply
748.0 #190 DL Qual #115 8-11-13 10:47PM
Earlier today was the Disney Interactive panel where they showed many things, including Fantasia: Music Evolved, two new video series they are making, the new Animated app and a ton of new Disney Infinity information. #D23expo

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Some of it was cool, but it was waaaay too long. They should have cut 30 minutes and it would have been just right. I did love the bar (bottom middle picture) that has thumbnails for every Disney animated movie ever made. I'm going to put up that poster I got from D23 on my wall. - DLKenCA  1195.5 #97 8-11-13 10:51PM Like  Reply
Tyra the animated app ran kind of long but I enjoyed it a lot. - TheNewTrent  748.0 #190 8-11-13 10:58PM
5352.5 #12 DL Qual #4 8-11-13 9:22PM
Short video of the motions of the Hatbox Ghost Audio-Animatronic at the WDI Exhibit. If you listen closely, you can hear one of the Imagineers talk about the history of it and how this was just created for the #D23Expo. (filmed by MEHlani  More...
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We went to the Magic Castle last night in Hollywood and they had a hall way that had the Hatbox ghost and other Hauntd Mansion stuff. It was pretty cool! - emnldsmom  250.4 #1180 8-11-13 11:43PM Like  Reply
Cool! - princessb5  156.3 #2423 8-11-13 11:44PM Like  Reply
SO super cool! - Duchess_SMK  5090.2 #13 8-13-13 8:22AM Like  Reply
That thing freaked me out cuz I wasn't expecting it to move towards me. Very cool, though! - JediKitty  552.6 #281 8-15-13 12:16AM Like  Reply
1372.7 #81 DL Qual #35 8-11-13 8:15PM
#D23 Some of the many characters I saw today. Had a wonderful time. Enjoyed every minute!

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I found out where that Parrot came from since I think most of us thought it was from Pirates...It was from the POTC Pre show they did a couple years ago that was back in the Big Thunder festival area previewing the upcoming movie...Oh and I love Figment and that is all - Dave  10505.7 #2 8-11-13 8:25PM Like  Reply
Cool, thank you! Yeah, Figment doesn't get enough love 😢 - goofymom2boys  1372.7 #81 8-11-13 8:28PM
Did you see that Dreamfinder and Figment came out during the Legends Ceremony? - BaseballMickey_CM  5352.5 #12 8-11-13 8:57PM Like  Reply
yea then he came out for about 30 mins and took pics with people, I nearly fainted when I heard about it..I missed that and probably would have FREAKED out like no other if I was able to get a pic...I would have made him take at least 50 pics with me hahaha - Dave   10505.7 #2 8-11-13 9:18PM
I heard they were in the WDI exhibit for photos. But the wait for that was long for most of the day. - BaseballMickey_CM  5352.5 #12 8-11-13 9:24PM
I liked the guy with the Jack Skellington costume. It was pretty neat to see in person. - JediKitty  552.6 #281 8-15-13 12:18AM Like  Reply
1372.7 #81 DL Qual #35 8-11-13 8:11PM
#D23 Pixie Pirate area

That would like nice in my room - Philliprocks  670.1 #220 8-11-13 8:18PM Like  Reply
Oh die😍😍😍😍😍 - PixiePirateMaid  280.9 #889 8-11-13 8:27PM Like  Reply
1372.7 #81 DL Qual #35 8-11-13 8:05PM
#D23 We closed down the Expo. Thank you for hanging out with me for the last few hours Willierose! We went to Neverland, got my Ariel makeover, attended the raffle that NEVER ended and no one won and had a great time! I appreciate you tak  More...

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Sounds like a perfect day! Thanks for sharing your pics! - RCmom  4633.2 #15 8-11-13 9:02PM Like  Reply
So sorry I couldn't get the hair clips. I would have bought something if needed, but they were all gone even early this morning 😢 - goofymom2boys  1372.7 #81 8-11-13 10:51PM
I enjoyed your pics all day. - Midasgold  481.8 #353 8-11-13 9:19PM Like  Reply
Haha!! So cute!!! I had a great time too!!! Ariel's colors looked pretty on you!! 2015 here we come!!! :) - Willierose  1813.5 #61 8-12-13 1:52PM Like  Reply
Once the "wonky" eye issue was resolved! I forgot to get a pic. Guess it's because my eye was watering so bad. Hope to see you again soon...we had so much fun and oh, that crazy raffle 😂😂😂 - goofymom2boys  1372.7 #81 8-12-13 2:07PM
Ariel makeover? Pics please? 😉 - SPandEvLover  2332.1 #41 8-12-13 1:55PM Like  Reply
5352.5 #12 DL Qual #4 8-11-13 8:03PM
Richard Sherman performing what was Walt's favorite song, "Feed the Birds". #D23Expo
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dude you disabled the embedding - Dave  10505.7 #2 8-11-13 8:11PM Like  Reply
Thank you that was wonderful - kskating  529.4 #302 8-11-13 8:15PM Like  Reply
That made me cry. - Mrs.mouse  513.8 #318 8-12-13 1:32AM Like  Reply
Oh, hubby and I were a wreck! LOL So beautiful! - MrsSchnooks  2564.1 #34 8-12-13 1:37AM
6208.6 #7 DL Qual #2 8-11-13 8:02PM
#D23Expo...Pretty cool Sofia the First Costume :-)

cute! - lorelaismom  13.4 #7320 8-14-13 11:42AM Like  Reply
650.2 #227 DL Qual #75 8-11-13 7:04PM
#D23Expo artist Kristen Cumings made this out of jelly belly jelly beans

Wow - that takes some time and planning! - rdaann  396.5 #468 8-11-13 7:39PM Like  Reply
Yay!! She is almost done. I enjoyed seeing her progress when I was there. - CinderellE-79  843.6 #159 8-11-13 7:43PM Like  Reply
Very cool but I don't have patience for that. - Dizkid  305.7 #743 8-11-13 7:46PM Like  Reply
I wonder how many she ate while making this - Philliprocks  670.1 #220 8-11-13 7:49PM Like  Reply
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158.2 #2392 DL Qual #428 8-11-13 5:18PM
#D23Expo - I'm not sure what was going on here but Cinderella got in and wouldn't let Belle join her. It was funny. That's a princess for you.

Ha! I love it! - Zippitydoodani  260.3 #1093 8-11-13 5:23PM Like  Reply
😂😂 - Bo22  375.7 #496 8-11-13 5:24PM Like  Reply
This literally made or LOL! Josh is like "what's so funny?" Thanks for sharing! 😂 - SarahJoshDisney  77.8 #3614 8-11-13 8:11PM Like  Reply
Beat it, belle! Scram! - Philliprocks  670.1 #220 8-11-13 8:20PM Like  Reply
158.2 #2392 DL Qual #428 8-11-13 5:11PM
#D23Expo - The Redhead! Great costumes from the women yesterday. They brought their 'A game', the men...well not so much. :)

Eeep that's me!  I know this is an old post (I just now stumbled on it). I'm glad people liked the costume. It was fun to make and wear it to a convention where people actually knew what it was! More so than wearing it to Mickey's Halloween Party believe it or not. There, it's mostly just cast members who know the character. - kay_dee  3.1 #32507 2-3-14 1:41PM Like(1)  Reply
That is awesome. - antetr95  1286.2 #88 8-11-13 5:13PM Like  Reply
So pretty...and so petite, too! 😀 - LaBelleParis  640.3 #230 8-11-13 11:15PM Like  Reply
So true! I was way more impressed with the costumes the women were wearing. - JediKitty  552.6 #281 8-15-13 12:19AM Like  Reply
Dave    DM
10505.7 #2 DL Qual #7 8-11-13 4:52PM
Model of the Yeti from Expedition Everest at WDI area #D23expo

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Thanks for all the great D23 coverage, Dave. - CobbPR  6337.9 #5 8-11-13 6:01PM Like(4)  Reply
thank you sir, I had fun sharing with everyone what was going on at the expo - Dave   10505.7 #2 8-11-13 7:49PM
Yes^^^^ So GR8!!!! - robmurow  2752.5 #31 8-11-13 8:00PM
Thanks for the coverage I felt like I was there! - RanchoDeluxe  1367.8 #82 8-11-13 7:54PM Like  Reply
I agree, thanks very much Dave!! - MinnieMousewife  714.6 #195 8-11-13 8:54PM
This looks huge, like you can walk through it. But then again it looks like its on a table - Philliprocks  670.1 #220 8-11-13 8:21PM Like  Reply
its actually on a shelf, just the angle that makes it look that way - Dave   10505.7 #2 8-11-13 8:53PM
1746.3 #63 DL Qual #39 8-11-13 4:20PM
i just met Bob Gurr at the MiceChat booth. there's virtually no line to meet him which is a shame! he's such a sweetheart! go visit him if you can! #d23expo

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Hold up! MiceChat has a booth? Where's the MW booth? 😜 *new goal* - SPandEvLover  2332.1 #41 8-11-13 5:18PM Like(1)  Reply
Yessss! - Linzee  771.6 #182 8-11-13 5:20PM
We talked about having one and it came down to either having a place for the Reunion/Birthday events or a D23 booth... - BaseballMickey_CM  5352.5 #12 8-11-13 5:21PM
Awesome, I just left unfortunately. It must have been great to meet him . Thanks for sharing. - KennyV  35.3 #4747 8-11-13 4:28PM Like  Reply
I got to tour imagination pavilion with his group yesterday. He invited me, a friend and 3 others in line to go in with his group and added commentary to the things the CMs were telling. He pointed out that Walt had envisioned the monorail and had it drawn on the original concept art for Disneyland (it's going around the Moon liner and is a gondola style thing on the map). - CM_Shadowgamer  2256.2 #43 8-11-13 5:20PM Like  Reply
Wow--what an awesome experience that must have been. Lucky you! - JediKitty  552.6 #281 8-15-13 12:20AM
Completely off topic here, but I heard you are part if the amazing family that owns Manuel's...aka, my favourite food on the planet! Like, you don't even know favourite food! - X-WingNikki  798.9 #171 8-15-13 1:45AM Like  Reply
1372.7 #81 DL Qual #35 8-11-13 3:56PM
#D23 Limited Edition Lithograph for a never before seen short starring Mickey Mouse in "Get a Horse". Black & White hand drawn short features Walt Disney as the voice of Mickey! It will appear before Frozen!!!!

I got that too!!! Plus three buttons from the short as well :-) - uscdisneyteacher  6208.6 #7 8-11-13 3:58PM Like  Reply
Ah, didn't the the buttons, but the litho is awesome! - goofymom2boys  1372.7 #81 8-11-13 4:00PM
That was the 3pm giveaway :-) - uscdisneyteacher  6208.6 #7 8-11-13 4:03PM
Can't wait to see it! - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1024.8 #128 8-11-13 4:04PM Like  Reply