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1808.5 #61 Qual #38 4-16-14 4:40PM
LE PIN Release: Tmrw, 4/17, you have the new Cinco de Mayo pin featuring Stitch $12.95, the April Eau de Magique pin featuring Belle for $15.95, and the It's A Small World 50th Anniversary hinged pin for $14.95. All prices before AP disc  More...

Thanks for always posting about the pin releases. I need all 3 - SafariSkewerJessica  918.9 #143 4-16-14 5:21PM Like(1)  Reply
I wonder how quick the Belle pin will sell - SafariSkewerJessica  918.9 #143 4-16-14 5:22PM
I appreciate the pin release pics as well. Especially, the POH pins. Wish I could by them all.  - Sugarbuzz  112.7 #3107 4-16-14 5:24PM
Yesss Belle! - missmimi90  1301.8 #85 4-16-14 4:41PM Like  Reply
@@@missmimi90 are you going to be there tomorrow morning? - nicealex77  445.1 #398 4-16-14 10:12PM
I wish. I have exams all day 😩 won't be around til Sunday probably - missmimi90  1301.8 #85 4-16-14 10:23PM
Will someone please do me the favor of buying me 38 of the Belle perfume bottle pins? LOL! 😜 - LaBelleParis  620.3 #241 4-17-14 1:07PM Like  Reply
Just kidding...just feeling giddy πŸ˜ƒ - LaBelleParis  620.3 #241 4-17-14 1:08PM
Awwww I already got them all. Lol - TheRetroNerd  65.4 #3824 4-17-14 3:08PM
Only a few stitchs left at Pin traders in DTD. LGM Is about half way through their belle and small world same with westward ho - TheRetroNerd  65.4 #3824 4-17-14 3:18PM Like  Reply
5314.2 #12 DL Qual #5 4-9-14 6:18PM
Special "it's a small world" 50th anniversary pin- $9.95. No discount apply because 100% of all proceeds will be donated to UNICEF. Only sold at the Main Street Emporium and Small World Toy Shoppe while supplies last. #pins

Thank you for the information!! πŸŒΊπŸ’œ - apesandmonkeys  550.3 #284 4-9-14 6:40PM Like  Reply
Oh!!!!! - MeridaFan  2818.9 #30 4-9-14 6:50PM Like  Reply
Sweet pin! I love it!  Can someone kindly pick one up for me and I'll reimburse the costs and shipping? Pretty please. - DisLUVney  510.0 #322 4-9-14 10:42PM Like  Reply
1808.5 #61 DL Qual #38 4-9-14 3:10PM
LE Pin Release: today 4/9, the Small World pin celebrating 50 years is released for $9.95, and is only available until Sunday 4/13. It's sold only in the Emporium and IASW shop. Released tmrw 4/10, will be the new POH pin featuring the  More...

Already got the IASW pin. Only available at the Emporium and Small world toys. No discounts on this pin because all profits go to UNICEFΒ  - BaseballMickey_CM  5314.2 #12 4-9-14 4:45PM Like(2)  Reply
Thanks! - Zendurella  323.2 #653 4-9-14 5:10PM
I wish!!!!! - TinkerSchelle  1035.4 #125 4-9-14 5:16PM
I think 100% of the sales of the IASW pin goes to UNICEF. Might have to get that one. Thx for posting! - goofymom2boys  1372.6 #81 4-9-14 3:15PM Like  Reply
By the time I got there at 1 pm, the IASW was out. Β If it wasn't for the kindness of Pikarich for selling me his extra, I'd had missed out. Β Again, I thought they were to be limited per person - Willierose  1808.5 #61 4-10-14 6:23PM Like  Reply
Your welcome, i sometimes do pick up an extra to either rak or help someone out, glad it worked out for you today and nice to see you again - pikarich  1850.1 #60 4-10-14 6:41PM
Disney hasn't been too consistent with their own policies lately - BeatleMike  478.2 #358 4-10-14 7:19PM
I hate that Rapunzel has crazy eyes in so many pins.  - LangdonAlger  231.2 #1416 4-11-14 5:52AM Like  Reply
Yeah the design of this one really almost turned me off to the pin... The ebayers however succeeded in that far more than the poor pin art - BeatleMike  478.2 #358 4-11-14 12:20PM
1808.5 #61 DL Qual #38 4-2-14 5:48PM
LE Pin Release: For tmrw 4/3/14, there is the new Earth Day Pin featuring Bears, the new Disney documentary for $12.95. The new quarterly Disney Animation cell pin featuring Minnie Mouse is released for $15.95. Lastly, the new hinged C  More...

Thank you Willierose! Going for the Capt America pin. See you tomorrow? - hippoluver  279.4 #899 4-2-14 5:59PM Like  Reply
Does anyone know if this release requires a wristband? We will be going for the Captain America pin, but won't be there until about 9am. Thx! - goofymom2boys  1372.6 #81 4-2-14 7:01PM Like  Reply
The Thor pin didn't, so I assume this won't either. But, you never know! - Atora  1557.5 #70 4-2-14 7:11PM
Yeah, I didn't think so, but knowing my luck...thank you! My youngest LOVES Captain America and so I'm hoping we get one. Would be great for his collection.  - goofymom2boys  1372.6 #81 4-2-14 7:34PM
Ohhh I have the Mickey one, now I need to get this matching Minnie one!! - HauntedMansionDiva  37.3 #4650 4-2-14 7:35PM Like  Reply
I need that Captain America pin! for the love of my country  - FrankenweenieVelinee  612.8 #248 4-2-14 9:38PM Like  Reply
1808.5 #61 DL Qual #38 3-26-14 4:56PM
LE Pin Release: It's going to be an Oswald Easter. Oswald will be featured on the LE Easter pin released tmrw 3/27. For vinyl fans, Oswald will be the Easter blind box released 3/28. 9/10 chances you will get the colorful Oswald whil  More...

Just FYI: the Anna and Chesire Cat Pin Trading night pins will be released Friday morning only at Pin Traders in DTD. Going to assume there's going to be a large crowd and it's going to be a wristband only type of thing. Doubt any will be left for the Pin Trading Night in the evening, so if you want either of them, you'll have to get to DTD very early Friday morning.  - BaseballMickey_CM  5314.2 #12 3-26-14 5:05PM Like(1)  Reply
You had me at wristband! ;0) - Zendurella  323.2 #653 3-26-14 5:07PM
Just to verify, the pin trader shop is the one by the Monorail stop, yes? - X-WingNikki  793.5 #171 3-26-14 11:48PM
Thanks for the info! - Zendurella  323.2 #653 3-26-14 5:08PM Like  Reply
*predicts eBay price for Anna pin* - missmimi90  1301.8 #85 3-27-14 11:05AM Like  Reply
120$ lol - princessb5  156.3 #2420 3-27-14 1:11PM
Yeah I see around $100+ - missmimi90  1301.8 #85 3-27-14 1:51PM
I was able to get the Oswald pin at Westward Ho yesterday without a fuss. - JoshTheJunkyardJamboreer  289.9 #829 3-28-14 2:54PM Like  Reply
5314.2 #12 DL Qual #5 3-20-14 2:47PM
New pins released today- Disney Piece of History from Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin and Funny Business for Alice in Wonderland. Both are $15.95 #pins

I really enjoy the Funny business ones. Thanks for posting the pic BBM! - BeatleMike  478.2 #358 3-20-14 2:53PM Like  Reply
Thats the one my sister got Lol - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY  493.3 #340 3-20-14 4:56PM
I know! :) - BeatleMike  478.2 #358 3-20-14 5:14PM
Love the Funny Business one! - Dopeygirl78  73.2 #3669 3-20-14 2:57PM Like  Reply
Just got the Alice one and they had plenty at Westward Ho. - Darlingwendi  897.6 #148 3-20-14 4:20PM Like  Reply
The Roger Rabbit pin!! Gaaahh! I need that pin...........  - PixiePirateMaid  280.2 #893 3-20-14 4:58PM Like  Reply
1808.5 #61 DL Qual #38 3-19-14 4:00PM
LE Pin Release: For 3/20/2014, the third Funny Business series pin is released featuring Alice with the inside message "we're all mad about tea". Pin is $14.95 before AP disc. The new POH pin featuring Jessica Rabbit will be released f  More...

Love the Alice one! - Dopeygirl78  73.2 #3669 3-19-14 4:03PM Like  Reply
Oh I really want the Alice but I have school all day tomorrow Ugh! - TrampsLady  1488.2 #74 3-19-14 4:07PM Like  Reply
I'm not a pin collector, but I really like the Alice!  Thanks for posting this! - Zendurella  323.2 #653 3-19-14 5:38PM Like  Reply
Well my sisters says we going tomm morning to get her Alice pin Lol - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY  493.3 #340 3-19-14 5:58PM Like  Reply
1035.4 #125 DL Qual #79 3-17-14 1:02PM
#pins Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone! Hope you can still find today's pin! California Adventure seemed to have some at last check! I got the last one at Emporium...but I AM wearing my Disneyland Always Lucky shirt!!!πŸ€ #StPatricksDa  More...

πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ˜˜ - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  714.8 #194 3-17-14 1:24PM Like  Reply
Cute! - Dopeygirl78  73.2 #3669 3-17-14 1:26PM Like  Reply
πŸ€CuteπŸ€ - Apples2  514.7 #315 3-17-14 9:40PM Like  Reply
πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ‘πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ - apesandmonkeys  550.3 #284 3-17-14 10:29PM Like  Reply
550.3 #284 DL Qual #91 3-13-14 12:39PM
For Philliprocks 😎 We have a video that we will post later when there's better reception to download it. #Pinocchio #PennyArcade #live

Thank you! This little guy is cool. Did you give him a quarter? - Philliprocks  616.9 #242 3-13-14 2:13PM Like  Reply
My son just found him and played it last trip. So cute. - keepmovingforward  45.5 #4323 3-13-14 2:28PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   DisneyGrandma   Philliprocks  
5314.2 #12 DL Qual #5 3-6-14 4:55PM
Pin Trading locations in Disney California Adventure Park Here is an unofficial list of  More...

I like that the CMs at Star Traders is trying to bring back Vinylmation trading back into the parks. That have little side pouches with vinylmations on them to trade (like the pin ones). - Chumash28  909.3 #146 3-6-14 5:15PM Like  Reply
Thanks BaseballMickey_ CM!  We've completely missed a few of these on our last few trips!  Excited to check them out next time.   - TiggersAndTinks  17.8 #6354 3-6-14 6:42PM Like  Reply
Some of these boards were just added after this summer. It was fun finding places that now offer trading!  - BaseballMickey_CM  5314.2 #12 3-6-14 6:52PM
Thank u for the great info :) - CinderellE-79  842.7 #159 3-6-14 7:40PM Like  Reply
1808.5 #61 DL Qual #38 3-5-14 3:27PM
LE Pin Release: Tmrw 3/6/2014 the second AP Passholder collection pin will be released featuring Mickey Mouse as a DL railroad conductor. It is $14.95. The third Eau de Magic perfume series pin featuring Aurora is released for $15.95.   More...

I want that Aurora pin... ugh... I hate pins - BeatleMike  478.2 #358 3-5-14 3:37PM Like  Reply
You're the first MWer I think of now with Aurora :) - Willierose  1808.5 #61 3-5-14 3:39PM
I didn't want this pin at first, because I mean look at it, it's a perfume bottle, and it's scented, that's so girlie. But look at it, it's a stylized version of her (I love good stylized versions of the princesses) and she's got the whole new park hair going on... Still kicking myself for missing the Window to the Magic pin, and the surprise Soda Fountain pin was like salt in the wound. That's so cool you think of me when you see Aurora stuff. I think of you and your sister with Frozen and new Disney animation. Funny how that all works - BeatleMike  478.2 #358 3-5-14 4:05PM
love the aurora pin!!!!   - Aurora1111  94.9 #3382 3-5-14 3:43PM Like  Reply
I plan to do a little pin shopping on Saturday! - MeridaFan  2818.9 #30 3-5-14 5:46PM Like  Reply
This week and like the 20th, I think, are the best pins this monthΒ  - BeatleMike  478.2 #358 3-5-14 6:54PM
thank you karen! these are cute! - OhanaPhoto  2904.9 #29 3-6-14 10:06AM Like  Reply
550.3 #284 DL Qual #91 2-21-14 9:57AM
Happy Friday! I'm so grateful for the #DisneyMemories at the Happiest Place on Earth 😎 My mom & I, in #1984, with #Pinocchio & the backside of #Pluto, too πŸ˜‚ #Disneyland #Characters #fbf

You always have cool pictures from the 80s. I don't have that many. I think we might be around the same age so go ahead and look through all your pictures and look for a little kid with a big bowl hair cut and bushy eye brows.  - Philliprocks  616.9 #242 2-22-14 8:23AM Like(1)  Reply
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - ShariRenee  3415.1 #24 2-22-14 8:32AM
Born in 1980 so yes 😎 I will have to thoroughly examine these photos now πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ - apesandmonkeys  550.3 #284 2-22-14 10:15AM
Teddy bears were a huge deal back then. Whole shops of just bears🐻🐨🐻🐻 Love the scrunchie lil face you are making and mom's glasses - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3133.9 #26 2-22-14 10:23AM Like(1)  Reply
Yes!!! I remember those shops, had a couple favorites. There used to be one called The Bear Tree, not too far from Knotts Berry Farm. At least I think that it was near there. I miss those types of shops. :( - apesandmonkeys  550.3 #284 2-22-14 1:42PM
Our fav was called Bears In The Woods😍 even though the shop closeed years ago, when I pass the storefront, I still see it as that shop🐻🐻🐨🐻 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3133.9 #26 2-22-14 1:49PM
That is a wonderful Kodak moment. πŸ˜ƒβœ¨πŸ‘ - E-Ticket  958.1 #134 2-22-14 6:46AM Like  Reply
Too funny Philliprocks!!! 8⃣0⃣'S were the best!! I'm happy to see that apesandmonkeys mom didn't part her hair in the middle and add two side pony tails like my mom.. Lol thanks for always sharing your retro pics!πŸ“· - MinnieMyLove  120.2 #2975 2-22-14 8:32AM Like  Reply
Ah the classic 70s & 80s styles πŸ˜‚ - apesandmonkeys  550.3 #284 2-22-14 10:16AM
5314.2 #12 DL Qual #5 2-13-14 10:25PM
New Limited Edition #pins released today- St. Patricks Day 2014, $14.95 LE 2500, Chip and Dale Funny Business (monthly set), $14.95 LE 1000.

Beatlemike wants that chip and dale one so badly - missmimi90  1301.8 #85 2-13-14 10:26PM Like  Reply
Love that St.Paddy's Day one !  - Irisheyes  266.3 #1032 2-14-14 12:25AM Like  Reply
This pin just became more if a collectible item.  Word has it these pins have been pulled due to the incorrect spelling of genealogy.  - SDKimble  139.3 #2684 2-17-14 11:26AM Like  Reply
1808.5 #61 DL Qual #38 2-5-14 12:17PM
LE Pin Release: Tmrw February 6, new releases include the 2014 Mardi Gras Stitch pin, the Eau de Magique pin featuring Cinderella, the new AP Hanging Collection pin featuring Chip & Dale. It is the first of 6 in this series. And finall  More...

I don't buy stickers that much but both splash and the hanging one really make me want to find a reason to have to drive over to the park tomorrow!!!  was hoping for a friday or sunday visit, but figure they will be gone by then! - secretagentangel  1160.2 #100 2-5-14 12:39PM Like  Reply
While the POH is a LE1500, the hanging one is LE 3000 and you must be an AP holder.   - Willierose  1808.5 #61 2-5-14 12:47PM
I want Splash soooo bad! Why don't I live closer?!!! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  525.0 #307 2-5-14 12:53PM
If anyone is at the parks tomorrow can you please get me the Cinderella and Stitch pins? I will pay you back. Please DM me if you can. Thank you! - nicealex77  445.1 #398 2-5-14 12:42PM Like  Reply
My mini really wants to collect the perfume bottles but not sure if the Mulan is sold out yet? - TrampsLady  1488.2 #74 2-5-14 11:54PM Like  Reply
When I was there on Monday they still had them at one of the stores - missmimi90  1301.8 #85 2-5-14 11:58PM
Omigawd!  Picked up the Stitch pin last night!  I love it soooo much!!! - X-WingNikki  793.5 #171 2-20-14 10:15PM Like  Reply
5314.2 #12 DL Qual #5 1-27-14 11:45AM
FYI- New Hidden Mickey Wave A pins just announced for 2014, which includes Oswald, Mater's Junkyard Jamboree and mosaic tiles from DCA! #pins

Those are awesome!! - CinderellE-79  842.7 #159 1-27-14 11:52AM Like  Reply
Yes!! 😍😍😍😍😍 - TheNewTrent  748.0 #190 1-27-14 12:16PM Like  Reply
i am loving the its a small world pins!!!  - mcramos925  359.0 #532 1-27-14 2:19PM Like  Reply
Thank you for sharing! Can't wait to start looking for the Oswald pins! - KladiaDisneyNinja  257.3 #1116 1-27-14 2:20PM Like  Reply
1808.5 #61 DL Qual #38 1-22-14 4:23PM
LE Pin Release: tmrw Jan 23, the LE 2014 President's Day pin featuring Chip n Dale is released. Also, the 20th Anniversary pin of Roger Rabbits Car Toon Spin is released. Both are LE 1500 and are $12.95 before AP disc. Still keep an e  More...

BBMCM said January 30th for the POH one - lohofosho  777.8 #180 1-23-14 4:39PM Like  Reply
Thank you for that info!  That'll make back to back POH pins since the Splash Mtn Brer Fox POH is out Feb 6.   - Willierose  1808.5 #61 1-23-14 4:44PM
After a year of collecting these, Feb 6th will be the first time I will actually be at the park and able to buy it for myself haha! Excited for my first pin release day :D - lohofosho  777.8 #180 1-23-14 4:53PM
Thanked by:   RadiatorSprings4Ever   apesandmonkeys   dumbbunny  
1808.5 #61 DL Qual #38 1-7-14 10:34PM
LE Pin Release: Due out this Thursday 1/9/14 is the 2014 Year of the Horse pin featuring Bullseye for $12.95, the Valentine's Day pin with Wall-E and Eve for $14.95, and the Quarterly Pixar Puzzle collection with ten pins and two chaser  More...

Pins!!!!!! - GrumpyPirateDad  1549.5 #72 1-7-14 10:38PM Like  Reply
Awh I'd love the year of te horse pin since the horse is my Chinese animal... Probably won't happen this month though. Cute new pins - missmimi90  1301.8 #85 1-7-14 10:38PM Like  Reply
Mine too! I'm bummed I'm going to miss that pin. I'm sure it will sell out before I'm back to visit. - JustCantWait  1109.3 #110 1-8-14 2:57AM
I love that wall-e pin and I love valentines day! Hope there are still some there Friday! - sleepyhead_CM  531.2 #300 1-8-14 3:23PM Like  Reply
I believe its an edition of 5000.  I'm pretty sure it will be there friday - Willierose  1808.5 #61 1-8-14 3:26PM
Oh yay! Thank you for the info - sleepyhead_CM  531.2 #300 1-8-14 3:39PM
😩 - dumbbunny  601.7 #254 1-8-14 8:10PM Like  Reply
777.8 #180 DL Qual #90 12-28-13 8:29PM
#PINS Looks like our beloved Piece of Disneyland History pins will be continued on through 2014. Rejoice (as our wallets cry!! haha). It looks like they will also be heading to Walt Disneyworld as well this year. Here is a look at the Jan  More...

Jan 30 is the release date for the Roger Rabbit one - BaseballMickey_CM  5314.2 #12 1-7-14 10:21PM Like(2)  Reply
I want the Mickey one - momaloho  11.3 #8020 1-7-14 8:41PM Like  Reply
I want the next Splash one! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  525.0 #307 1-7-14 9:10PM Like  Reply
I'm kinda freaking out over it! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  525.0 #307 1-7-14 9:11PM
777.8 #180 DL Qual #90 12-27-13 10:08PM
#PINS The new Annual Passholder pin series for 2014 has been revealed. The series will be entitled "Hanging out at Disneyland" and will have a total of 6 pins in the series to be released throughout 2014. Shown here is the first pin in th  More...

Love it!!!   - DisneyDavidEMT  1197.5 #95 12-27-13 10:19PM Like  Reply
The link isn't working to see the next two  - SPandEvLover  2294.3 #42 12-27-13 10:34PM Like  Reply
Should be fixed now :) Thanks! - lohofosho  777.8 #180 12-27-13 10:45PM
Yay! It worked! And those are stinkin' CUTE!!! <3 - SPandEvLover  2294.3 #42 12-27-13 10:47PM
Very cool thank you! - goofydad909  1406.3 #79 12-27-13 11:57PM Like  Reply
To cool - momaloho  11.3 #8020 1-7-14 8:42PM Like  Reply
5314.2 #12 DL Qual #5 11-22-13 2:32PM
FYI: the Veterans Day pin is now available #pins

So bummed I missed it 😒 - goofymom2boys  1372.6 #81 11-22-13 2:59PM Like  Reply
Awesome. They'll be gone by the time I'm back - missmimi90  1301.8 #85 11-22-13 4:19PM Like  Reply
We'll be there Dec. 2nd . I totally hope they still have them . - dlcowboyfan  283.4 #864 11-22-13 5:58PM Like  Reply
Wow thats is great, why was it late? - TrampsLady  1488.2 #74 11-22-13 6:10PM Like  Reply
For some reason, the chains were forgotten on the dog tag! - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1021.1 #129 11-22-13 7:05PM