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27.1 #5703 Qual #1667 3-31-15 3:33PM
Intsy winstsy #RAK: I have the King himself up for grabs today!  Any takers????
- valj84DisneyAddict   27.1 #5703 3-31-15 3:34PM Like  Reply
Me please? - AshleyRae-   123.1 #3028 3-31-15 3:52PM Like  Reply
Sent!  :) - valj84DisneyAddict  27.1 #5703 3-31-15 3:57PM
Intsy Winstsy   :) - valj84DisneyAddict   27.1 #5703 3-31-15 3:58PM Like  Reply
Thank you - AshleyRae-  123.1 #3028 3-31-15 9:22PM
You are welcome!  😘😘😘 - valj84DisneyAddict  27.1 #5703 3-31-15 10:26PM
2986.8 #39 DL Qual #20 3-31-15 3:22PM
#RAK: Another Sticker today. Anyone want a White Glove MJ Sticker? 25 points and just ask.
  This is the Sticker - Winnie111286   2986.8 #39 3-31-15 3:26PM Like  Reply
- AshleyRae-   123.1 #3028 3-31-15 3:54PM Like  Reply
It's yours. - Winnie111286  2986.8 #39 3-31-15 4:21PM
Sent it to you.  Enjoy - Winnie111286   2986.8 #39 3-31-15 4:24PM Like  Reply
Thank you. - AshleyRae-   123.1 #3028 3-31-15 9:11PM Like  Reply
You're very welcome - Winnie111286  2986.8 #39 3-31-15 9:33PM
1103.5 #2 DL Qual #115 3-31-15 10:42AM
#RAK 100 credits. I will be making my 2nd west coast trip this July , so to enter if you will please tell this fairly DL newbie just 1 must do , attraction, ride or eat what would it be , thank you & winner will be chosen tonight :)
I'd like a chance.  And here we go for the "must do":   Slow down.  Take time to sit and observe.  Watch a kid giggling.  See a dad with his kids having a great time.  Watch the duck ducks.   See a show.   It's not all about I gotta get on as many rides as I can.    - Butterlina   1506.7 #92 3-31-15 1:02PM Like(7)  Reply
good one! - MsTikiMermadam  151.2 #2588 3-31-15 9:55PM
, big thunder mountain during the fireworks. - Sleepingbeautysmom   302.5 #817 3-31-15 11:29AM Like(2)  Reply
That's one of our favorite things to do now. VERY hard to do with only a 5 minute show. Worth the wait if you can manage it. - DLKenCA  2029.1 #62 3-31-15 1:42PM
if you are staying at the DL hotel,  must do the monorail slides!   i recommend all of adventureland and new Orleans sq,  and carsland.  and take an afternoon break out of the heat.  and drink a lot of tall iced drinks.  bottled water doesn't cool you down.  have fun! - MsTikiMermadam   151.2 #2588 3-31-15 10:00PM Like  Reply
must try the lobster nachos!!!! - Mariela_ela_ela   133.1 #2879 3-31-15 11:50PM Like  Reply
2986.8 #39 DL Qual #20 3-31-15 9:55AM
#RAK: Tuesday morning Sticker time. How about an Isaac Love Boat Sticker? 25 Points and just ask.
  Here he is. - Winnie111286   2986.8 #39 3-31-15 9:57AM Like  Reply
May I please have Issac? Thank You! - sawman911   669.2 #257 3-31-15 1:16PM Like  Reply
Okee dokee. - Winnie111286  2986.8 #39 3-31-15 2:04PM
Thank you so much! - sawman911   669.2 #257 3-31-15 2:49PM Like  Reply
You are most welcome - Winnie111286  2986.8 #39 3-31-15 3:19PM
27.1 #5703 DL Qual #1667 3-29-15 11:38AM
Funday, Sunday. Itty Bitty #RAK. One of each shown is available. Have a great Disney Day!   More...
May I please have splash mountain? Thank you! - BibbidiBobbidiMe   155.8 #2531 3-29-15 11:41AM Like  Reply
Sent. :) - valj84DisneyAddict  27.1 #5703 3-29-15 11:58AM
Thank you @valj84DisneyAddict - BibbidiBobbidiMe  155.8 #2531 3-29-15 5:57PM
May I please have welcome? Thank you :)  - ekwhite   472.3 #403 3-29-15 11:45AM Like  Reply
Sent. :) - valj84DisneyAddict  27.1 #5703 3-29-15 11:58AM
Thank you!!! - ekwhite  472.3 #403 3-29-15 12:35PM
Thanks for playing. 😘 - valj84DisneyAddict   27.1 #5703 3-29-15 12:44PM Like  Reply
1795.3 #77 DL Qual #36 3-29-15 10:27AM
In Park #RAK. DVD copy of Peter Cottontail. Find us in DCA this morning. We'll be on an egg-hunting adventure.
We're coming up soon to go on a @FrankenweenieVelinee hunt! Hope to see you soon. - DLKenCA   2029.1 #62 3-29-15 10:45AM Like  Reply
We did the egg hunt yesterday in both parks. It was a lot of fun. Have a good time! - WhatTiggersDoBest   414.3 #483 3-29-15 10:48AM Like  Reply
It's in both parks!?!  - JenGwen323  1484.9 #94 3-29-15 12:10PM
@JenGwen323. Yes they are two different egg hunts.  - WhatTiggersDoBest  414.3 #483 3-29-15 10:23PM
Any hints to your location? - DLKenCA   2029.1 #62 3-29-15 1:04PM Like  Reply
Heading to DL! - FrankenweenieVelinee  1795.3 #77 3-29-15 2:18PM
We are getting our map in DL now - DLKenCA  2029.1 #62 3-29-15 2:33PM
is that the special where the mean bunny was named iron tail? - MsTikiMermadam   151.2 #2588 3-30-15 4:25AM Like  Reply
just mentioning iron tail brought the entire movie back.  - Sugarbuzz  183.3 #2109 3-30-15 8:21AM
1094.6 #144 DL Qual #76 3-29-15 8:18AM
#RAK In 12 more days I will be home!!!!!🙀 I would like to offer a surprise RAK to those of you that won't be able to make the reunion this year😔. Rules- US only please. Must be able to DM 😊Tell me the first MW'er you met in perso  More...
Please add me for @@@@brodysmommy so she has another chance to win.  I have not met any MW 'rs yet.  I would love to be able to go to a met up.  We only get to the parks once every few years or so. - DisneyVacationLover   461.2 #419 3-29-15 8:37AM Like(1)  Reply
thank you!! - brodysmommy  399.0 #512 3-29-15 8:45AM
Oh you know I love mystery raks!!! The first MWers I met- August 2013 - @mickeyat78, @@lohofosho, @SpiritOfAdventure, @lotusflow3r, @missariel33 -- we were all celebrating Amy's return to Disneyland after her Kidney transplant! What a wonderful group of people whom I talk with everyday even almost two years later!!! Please add me as I will not be able to go to the reunion this year for obvious reasons!!! Baby Bronson will be here in five weeks! Thanks for an exciting rak!  - HiddenMickeyFanatic   1150.5 #132 3-29-15 8:41AM Like(1)  Reply
😘😘 - missariel33  1887.5 #73 3-29-15 8:47AM
Love U B!!  - mickeyat78  1655.7 #84 3-30-15 8:09AM
Please add me 😊 I'm fairly new to this MW & haven't met anyone yet. I won't be able to attend the reunion my hubby has to work :/ & the person I'd like to meet is you and @@@@@Sweet_Irish_Cream - mandas1989   53.7 #4344 3-30-15 10:13AM Like  Reply
please add me :) I have only been able to go to one MW event due to school and work, it was a birthday party a few years ago in the Grand CA ballrooms (I forgot the number)... The first MWers I got to meet were @@Mrsblue and @Dahulagirl :) I have some great memories from that party!! - ekwhite   472.3 #403 3-30-15 11:29AM Like  Reply
119.5 #3107 DL Qual #578 3-29-15 7:49AM
#RAK. Elsa and Anna small plastic toys. Open to all MWers with 25 or more points. Please share your favorite in park snack. I'm feeling hungry today. Will close on Friday, April 3 around 3 PM PD
🙀me please!!! My favorite snack is beignets!!! Now I'm hungry too and I'm going to have to go buy some donuts🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩😂😂😂thank you! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet   1094.6 #144 3-29-15 8:10AM Like(1)  Reply
Add me please! My fav snack is a churro. Thanks - katiesarahmommy   233.3 #1470 3-29-15 8:11AM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me. My favorite snack is the jalapeño cream cheese pretzel. Thank you! - BibbidiBobbidiMe   155.8 #2531 3-30-15 5:58AM Like  Reply
omg my daughter would love them :) my fave snack is the honey put caramel apple at Poohs corner :) thanks  - Disney4life   59.4 #4178 3-30-15 11:23PM Like  Reply
3859.1 #26 DL Qual #131 3-27-15 7:14AM
#RAK Ended - 5 winners! @Xmalisa, @MsTikiMermadam, @MinnieMyLove, @DisneyDavidEMT, @BibbidiBobbidiMe. Thank you everyone for your wonderful responses and birthday wishes. Mouse People are the best! To celebrate my birthday today...100 cre  More...
Thank you for the generous RAK!What I love most about Disneyland is that once I walk through the tunnel all my worries wash away! For me Disneyland offers me a love like no other! It's like I take a step back in time and relive memories of my childhood, my mother, my kids throughout their lives and brings me new memories as well. What I appreciate most about this app is Our MW family I have met some amazing MWaiters and look forward to many more😘 Thank you again for sharing and Happy Birthday to you! - MinnieMyLove   169.9 #2309 3-27-15 8:03AM Like(1)  Reply
 For this awesome ! 1. I love the nostalgia of DISNEYLAND, particularly when it comes to family. I get this overwhelming sense of love and bonding with the park and my family the minute we walk through those gates. It's nothing short of ! 2. I appreciate learning things about my favourite place that I never knew before, and sharing everything with people who feel the same way that I do about DISNEYLAND! I get little jokes and comments about my love for Disney from other people, but I just smile because they don't get it. The people on here do 😊 I'm free to let my Disney Freak Flag fly! 😁 - ames013   90.9 #3559 3-27-15 8:56AM Like(1)  Reply
Oh goodness!   And please do add me for your RAK. Haha. And thanks again! - ames013  90.9 #3559 3-27-15 8:57AM
  - Lilogirl1   64.5 #4053 3-29-15 8:51AM Like  Reply
Thank you so much for the credits!  That was so nice of you!   - MsTikiMermadam   151.2 #2588 3-30-15 4:38AM Like  Reply
40.0 #4854 DL Qual #1851 3-26-15 9:30PM
#RAK In honor of my birthday weekend, I will be raking a $25 Disney Gift Card. Add for yourself only. Rules: 1. Must be able to DM and 2. Tell me which character in the park you would take a birthday photo with. Ends Sunday, March 29 @  More...
No need to add me just wanted to say how generous it is of you to do this!!!! My birthday character is fairly obvious by the amount of times I post of him....Mickey!!!!! Lol and Happy Birthday! - thatgirljenn   1299.6 #110 3-26-15 9:35PM Like(1)  Reply
Do you have a favorite "Mickey"? Mine is "viva la navidad" Mickey. - PixiePrincessPolly  40.0 #4854 3-26-15 9:51PM
Oh I've seen so many different outfits it's hard to pick just one but I love  Buena Vista Mickey,  but especially during Christmas. - thatgirljenn  1299.6 #110 3-26-15 10:02PM
So generous!!!! Happy Birthday!!! I love to give gifts too! Can you please add me for @LuvsTigger's mini- she's such a sweet little girl, and she's been having such a hard time. Thank you so much!! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet   1094.6 #144 3-27-15 7:08AM Like(1)  Reply
You're a sweetheart! Thank you for the add. @2BeignetOrNot2Beignet 😘 - LuvsTigger  1134.5 #136 3-27-15 8:05AM
So nice of you! I would take a picture with sleeping beauty! - sheraemccoy   6.2 #0 3-29-15 9:04AM Like  Reply
 Will announce winner sometime tomorrow.  Good luck everyone! - PixiePrincessPolly   40.0 #4854 3-29-15 9:22PM Like  Reply
1134.5 #136 DL Qual #72 3-26-15 4:20PM
Thank you anaggarciam for the #rak! My mini was surprised and excited for our day at the Aquarium of the Pacific and the adorable Stitch drawing! I love my Tigger! Thank you so much!!
Yey!! Im glad it got there fast! And have a wonderful day at the aquarium!! I had fun drawing those for you and cassidy!! 😊 - anaggarciam   201.6 #1874 3-26-15 5:22PM Like(1)  Reply
Wow bonus  nice raks - pikarich   3633.1 #28 3-26-15 4:57PM Like  Reply
- conant4   11.8 #8829 3-27-15 4:39AM Like  Reply
congrats!!!! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet   1094.6 #144 3-27-15 12:39PM Like  Reply
1718.8 #81 DL Qual #41 3-24-15 7:38PM
About time for another #RAK! I create graphic design interpretations of certain beloved Disney characters for fun and make the art into jewelry. I do have an Etsy store but it's currently on vacation because I have other things I need to   More...
That is gorgeous and I'd like Up to be represented more.  - TrueFromOzLovesDisney   459.8 #422 3-24-15 7:49PM Like(1)  Reply
Up is definitely underrepresented! - missmimi90  1718.8 #81 3-26-15 12:49PM
Please add me - that's a wonderful piece!  I've always thought that "Meet the Robinsons" should have a place in Tomorrowland.  Thanks for the cute RAK! - montanapixies   44.2 #4660 3-24-15 7:55PM Like(1)  Reply
i have only seen meet the robinsons characters once at a DCA event and their costumes smelled funky because they'd been sitting in storage - missmimi90  1718.8 #81 3-26-15 12:49PM
Last call - missmimi90   1718.8 #81 3-30-15 5:07PM Like  Reply
- missmimi90   1718.8 #81 3-30-15 5:41PM Like  Reply
2986.8 #39 DL Qual #20 3-24-15 2:47PM
#RAK: Let's do another Sticker today. How about City Hall. 25 Points and just ask
 City Hall Sticker - Winnie111286   2986.8 #39 3-24-15 2:48PM Like  Reply
Ill take a city hall sticker!! Thanks 😄 - azdisneygirl   177.2 #2189 3-24-15 2:53PM Like  Reply
Ok, it's yours. - Winnie111286  2986.8 #39 3-24-15 3:32PM
Sent it to you. Enjoy - Winnie111286  2986.8 #39 3-24-15 4:08PM
2986.8 #39 DL Qual #20 3-24-15 1:26PM
#RAK: How about another Sticker? It's "To Infinity and Beyond". 25 Points and just ask.
- Winnie111286   2986.8 #39 3-24-15 1:26PM Like  Reply
I'd love to have it please and thanks  - mickeyat78   1655.7 #84 3-24-15 1:27PM Like  Reply
Okee dokee - Winnie111286  2986.8 #39 3-24-15 1:29PM
Sent it to you. - Winnie111286  2986.8 #39 3-24-15 2:04PM
Please can I have one? - Disneyrockstar   168.5 #2325 3-24-15 4:42PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   conant4  chads018 
90.9 #3559 DL Qual #971 3-24-15 10:42AM
RAKity RAK (don't talk back!) To celebrate National Puppy Day (and my 2 fur babies) as well as my Hubby and I officially being in the double digits for the countdown to our trip (95 days!!!!) today seemed like the perfect opportunity to c  More...
My favorite memories are the three times my whole family went (3 generations) to DLR, twice we stayed at DLH and once at GCH. The times of our lives. Lil One has not experienced this but hoping in the future she can. Please add me thank you for this thoughtful RAK.  - PrincessDuckie   795.1 #205 3-24-15 12:50PM Like(2)  Reply
How fun! Loved the DLH when we stayed there. GCH is on the bucket list ☺️ added. - ames013  90.9 #3559 3-24-15 1:06PM
@PrincessDuckie I finally came home 4 months later!  What DVD am I looking for for you?? - secretagentangel  1376.6 #106 3-26-15 9:41PM
This is a great RAK! Thank you for offering it. I have never seen the movie (but watched the Aloha Oe song in it countless times on youtube as it's one of my favorite songs!) so crossing fingers and toes on this one since I bet I would love the movie!--i went to college for a bit in Hawaii and ABSOLUTELY love the islands! Anyway-too many perfect Disney resort memories to choose from, so I will go with a memory I wasn't part of cuz I wasn't born yet. Several years before I was born, my oldest brother was diagnosed with leukemia. He was 6 yrs old and my other brother was 4. My mom was divorced at that time. The her co-workers heard about Gary and paid for a magical trip to Disneyland for them. I'm sure this is one if the reasons the magic of Disneyland is in my DNA.✨💗 Thanks for the add!!!😘 - TinkerSchelle   1430.3 #98 3-24-15 11:28PM Like(2)  Reply
Wow! What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing. I hope Gary had an amazing trip, with memories to last a lifetime. Added! 😊 - ames013  90.9 #3559 3-24-15 11:44PM
Thank you sweetie! He really did cherish those memories💗 The last time I saw him was on my 2nd birthday; he passed away when he was 11. I treasure the pictures of my brother and him at Disneyland in front of the giant Christmas tree. I think of him everytime i see it💗✨😍I  - TinkerSchelle  1430.3 #98 3-25-15 12:36AM
Last call for entries - will close the RAK and draw a winner at 9:30 (one hour from now.) hoping to mail out to the winner tomorrow ☺️ - ames013   90.9 #3559 3-26-15 8:28PM Like  Reply
 winner will be posted ASAP ☺️ - ames013   90.9 #3559 3-26-15 9:36PM Like  Reply
669.6 #255 DL Qual #213 3-23-15 7:09PM
RAK Closed! Congrats to the winners. Stickers have beef sent. Enjoy!!!!----------------------------Main Street sticker #RAK! One per customer please and say which sticker you wish to have. RAK ends Tues night. Good luck! 
Available stickers:  Great Storytelller Bench, Dapper Dan XMAS, Partners, Omnibus, Trizonal Time Warp, Esmeralda, Horse Drawn Streetcar 2.  (Are all these from Main  Street?) - EastBaytoLA   669.6 #255 3-23-15 7:15PM Like  Reply
Omnibus please may I have. You I thank. Nice rak. - richiii3   432.1 #454 3-23-15 7:17PM Like  Reply
Thank you very much for the sticker. Very cool! - toarrispirate   43.9 #4678 3-25-15 10:55AM Like  Reply
2986.8 #39 DL Qual #20 3-23-15 4:38PM
#RAK: I have a Flight to the Moon Sticker for someone with 25 Points. Just ask.
  This is it. - Winnie111286   2986.8 #39 3-23-15 4:40PM Like  Reply
Pretty pls? - MelodyMouse   3859.1 #26 3-23-15 5:10PM Like  Reply
When I get home from work I'll send it to you.  - Winnie111286  2986.8 #39 3-23-15 6:30PM
Sent it to you - Winnie111286  2986.8 #39 3-23-15 8:40PM
Can I have one? - Disneyrockstar   168.5 #2325 3-23-15 7:07PM Like  Reply
Please??? - Disneyrockstar  168.5 #2325 3-23-15 7:07PM
Thanked by:   valj84DisneyAddict  conant4 
1103.5 #2 DL Qual #115 3-23-15 10:30AM
#RAK *** I have picked 4 winners for this RAK. Winners are DisneyDavidEMT for @@2BeignetOrNot2Beignet , DarthTinkerbell for @@@LaBelleParis, erinten for @@@missmimi90 & LBChica . Congrats to all and please end your info ☺️
Please add me! My mini is a huge Belle fan!  Thanks! - montanapixies   44.2 #4660 3-23-15 10:36AM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me, Belle is my favorite!  Thank you!! - DizneyGirl   696.5 #7 3-23-15 10:33AM Like  Reply
- conant4   11.8 #8829 3-26-15 6:57AM Like  Reply
3249.8 #36 DL Qual #71 3-23-15 6:31AM
#RAK Result: Good Morning! There were 388 FPs in the jar. There were no correct guesses & no one also went over. The winner of the gift bag with the closest guess of 328 is 🎉PixiePrincessPolly🎉 Congratulations! Please DM me your inf  More...
Wow!  Does she win the fastpasses, too?  I kinda wanna see someone try to cash them all in. 😂😂😂 - MeridaFan   3507.2 #32 3-23-15 10:24AM Like(2)  Reply
 And I like one entry. Just like most of those contests, one guess should be good. - DLKenCA   2029.1 #62 3-23-15 6:38AM Like(1)  Reply
- Lilogirl1   64.5 #4053 3-23-15 8:49PM Like  Reply
Congrats@@PixiePrincessPolly👏 - MinnieMyLove   169.9 #2309 3-24-15 4:16PM Like  Reply
2112.8 #59 DL Qual #38 3-21-15 2:48PM
Stickers #RAK! I have extras of a few stickers, I'll post each individually in comments below. Reply under the comment for the sticker you want and I'll randomly choose the new owners Wednesday (3/25) night. 😉
 TOT - LBChica   2112.8 #59 3-21-15 2:55PM Like  Reply
please add me :) thanks - princessb5  170.5 #2296 3-22-15 9:01PM
it's all yours @princessb5  - LBChica  2112.8 #59 3-28-15 12:23PM
 HM organ - LBChica   2112.8 #59 3-21-15 2:56PM Like  Reply
Add me please!  Thank you!  - MariFICENT  157.2 #2501 3-23-15 9:21PM
I actually had 2 extras for this one, enjoy @MariFICENT and @evilemohand  - LBChica  2112.8 #59 3-28-15 12:26PM
I'm so sorry I haven't given an update, but the stickers have been gifted! I got knocked down this week with a really bad sinus & bronchial infection so I've been sleeping a lot. Enjoy the stickers everyone!  - LBChica   2112.8 #59 3-28-15 12:23PM Like  Reply