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7435.2 #5 Qual #113 12-18-14 2:48PM
#TBT This is the Expedition Everest ornament we got at Disney Animal Kingdom in 2006. The card explains its origin. Pretty cool what they did!
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1941.3 #66 Qual #27 12-18-14 11:15AM
#TBT: This is my Happy Photo of some of My Pooh Bear Magnets I've been collecting these past years. Happy thoughts.
Those are so cute!  - madgesty   16.6 #7105 12-18-14 11:23AM Like  Reply
That's because Pooh Bear is adorable. - Winnie111286  1941.3 #66 12-18-14 12:17PM
My fav is the fuzzy Pooh bear.  They're so cute!! - FanOfJack   134.6 #2825 12-18-14 3:36PM Like  Reply
Pooh Bear is my hero. - Winnie111286  1941.3 #66 12-18-14 4:38PM
1941.3 #66 DL Qual #27 12-11-14 1:25PM
#TBT: Me with my son in front of one of the signs during the DCA remodel. Remember the signs that blocked everything?
That was back when we were able to go to DL all the time!  Can't go as often anymore.  Haha, remember how they routed people in and out through Condor Flats?  It was like being in a maze of walls back then.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   549.9 #322 12-11-14 9:23PM Like  Reply
Yup exactly. They were always rerouting things, especially when they were putting in the Trolley tracks.  - Winnie111286  1941.3 #66 12-12-14 8:59AM
I thought those walls would never come down.  - sewedna   374.0 #543 12-11-14 9:27PM Like  Reply
Me too. - Winnie111286  1941.3 #66 12-12-14 11:07AM
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822.8 #192 DL Qual #448 12-11-14 11:19AM
#TBT My twins working together to gain control of the realm in fantasyland! I enjoy Throw Back Thursdays - It gives me a chance to share so many of the wonderful Disney memories we made on our last visit (Nov 20013)
Pull!!!!  - MowgliLovesBaloo   23.9 #0 12-11-14 12:55PM Like(1)  Reply
Yay, for great memories - RadiatorSprings4Ever   887.6 #174 12-12-14 2:57PM Like(1)  Reply
2263.1 #50 DL Qual #95 12-11-14 7:21AM
#tbt Me from seat 2 from way back.
This is great . Make me chuckle  - sewedna   374.0 #543 12-11-14 9:42PM Like  Reply
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1833.4 #72 DL Qual #48 12-4-14 8:17PM
#tbt this was about 3 years ago, we whispered in Santa's ear, what we wanted for Christmas. What are you all wishing for this year?✨🌲🎁🎅✨
I told the family no gifts for me. Money towards next year's renewal will suffice. - RadiatorSprings4Ever   887.6 #174 12-4-14 10:44PM Like(3)  Reply
I said the same thing! Lol - MadameLeota  1833.4 #72 12-5-14 3:29AM
no more car repairs ;) - OhanaPhoto   3277.3 #30 12-4-14 8:39PM Like(2)  Reply
😢😢😢 - RadiatorSprings4Ever  887.6 #174 12-4-14 10:42PM
✨✨✨(((hugs))) - MadameLeota  1833.4 #72 12-5-14 2:57AM
awesome picture. - dsnylvr1975   2.1 #56177 12-5-14 6:09AM Like  Reply
Cute picture  - missymel   56.1 #4206 12-5-14 8:43AM Like  Reply
173.4 #2214 DL Qual #553 12-4-14 5:49PM
#TBT me and @@disneymommy13 and nephew in line for it's a small world can't wait to go back soon :)
Cute picture. Hope you get to go soon. - keepmovingforward   125.2 #2959 12-4-14 7:46PM Like  Reply
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1941.3 #66 DL Qual #27 12-4-14 12:49PM
#TBT: Candlelight Procession in 2012. Edward James Olmos was the speaker. Miss how it used to be.
Many have never seen this at all. Be grateful and appreciate that you have, even if it has changed. 😊 - MeridaFan   3429.8 #29 12-4-14 4:05PM Like(9)  Reply
Yes I was very happy to sit in the front row with my daughter two years ago, Kurt Russell was our narrator. - ShariRenee  4545.6 #19 12-4-14 4:16PM
Mmmm. Love me some Kurt Russell!  😂😂😂 - MeridaFan  3429.8 #29 12-4-14 4:20PM
I did some poking and prodding cause I got curious and fixated. candlelight has been happening at Disneyland since 1958. I found a list of all narrators from 1959 until 2005. 1959 * No narrator1958, 1960, 1961, 1963, 1964, 1966 -- Dennis Morgan 1962 * Dennis Morgan, Gale Storm1965 * Dick Van Dyke1967 * Gregory Peck, Dean Jones1968 * Henry Fonda, Rock Hudson1969 * Cary Grant1970 - Charlton Heston, Dean Jones1971 * John Wayne, Steve Forrest1972 - Rock Hudson1973, 1974 * Cary Grant1975 * Jimmy Stewart1976 * Rock Hudson1977 * Buddy Ebsen, Ed Asner1978 * Cary Grant1979 * Elliott Gould, Joseph Cotton1980 * Michael Landon1981 *Ed Asner, Jason Robards1982 - Pat & Shirley Boone1983 * Darren McGavin1984 * Joseph Campanella1985 * Kevin Dobson1986 * Craig T.Nelson, Elliott Gould1987 * Howard Keel1988 - Joseph Campanella1989 * John Forsythe1990 * James Earl Jones1991 * Robert Urich1992 * George Kennedy1993 * Michael York1994 * Peter Graves1995 * David Ogden Stiers1996 * Mary Hart1997 - Joseph Campanella1998 - Richard Crenna, Edward James Olmos1999 - Olympia Dukakis2000 - John Tesh, Barry Bostwick2001 * David Ogden Stiers2002 - Mickey Rooney2003 * Marie Osmond, Lou Gossett Jr.2004 * Marie Osmond2005 * Dick Van Dyke. So according to the narrator list, there have only been 1-2 nights of the processional through at least 2005. We know in 2012 there were at least 10 nights with ten or more narrators but last year was just the two nights. I'm pretty convinced 2012 was isolated and the norm for candlelight is just the two nights. WDW however, does many nights from what I found while researching. - missmimi90   1539.2 #87 12-4-14 8:05PM Like(6)  Reply
Haha, I just was googling, too, bc I was curious 😂   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  549.9 #322 12-4-14 8:09PM
I have hardcore ADD so I get so fixated on something and need to know everything about it before my mind ultimately wanders to something else and I forget what I was doing lol - missmimi90  1539.2 #87 12-4-14 8:13PM
283.8 #917 DL Qual #248 11-20-14 4:17PM
#tbt This photo captured the moment of my niece's very first ride on her first trip to Disney World. As you can see by the look on her face...she was thrilled.
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1941.3 #66 DL Qual #27 11-20-14 1:43PM
#TBT: Remember the Maliboomer? This is from 2008.
I remember those nasty germ screens!!....... Gross! - georgieporgie   181.6 #2109 11-20-14 1:50PM Like  Reply
My son loved this ride so much. Rode it over and over while I sat and watched. Never thought about germs back then. - Winnie111286  1941.3 #66 11-20-14 3:03PM
Yes, my sister was a Cast Member for that attraction.😊 - Alicewhoareyou   1295.4 #104 11-20-14 1:51PM Like  Reply
One of the original DCA rides. - Winnie111286  1941.3 #66 11-21-14 6:41AM
Miss that ride:) - brguest85   173.4 #2214 11-21-14 9:37PM Like  Reply
I remember this, the first time and my only time, the little girl that sat next to me, assured me, that I was going to be okay, and if she can do it, then so can I!...she was right!😂 - MadameLeota   1833.4 #72 11-21-14 9:48PM Like  Reply
3430.1 #28 DL Qual #15 11-20-14 12:04PM
#tbt 1yr ago #Kost103Event #WorldofColor so far no luck but to those that won Have Fun!
Beautiful pic! - DisneyGrandma   732.1 #220 11-20-14 12:20PM Like  Reply
Gorgeous  - mcramos925   382.8 #519 11-20-14 7:06PM Like  Reply
Love this picture.  Great color.  - LVFaye   4.2 #20125 11-21-14 7:55PM Like  Reply
Very beautiful picture! - HookemMickey   25.4 #5746 11-21-14 7:57PM Like  Reply
90.3 #3539 DL Qual #622 11-20-14 7:14AM
#TBT to when both Disneyland and DCA featured McDonald's fries!
I would much rather see/smell mcdonalds fries in the parks again than some other food (ie turkey leg!) - LittleMermaidLover   286.2 #900 11-20-14 10:27AM Like(2)  Reply
We used to love getting hot fresh salty fries after riding BTMRR on cold evenings. It was such a yummy treat.  - DisneyGrandma   732.1 #220 11-20-14 8:32AM Like  Reply
Miss those fries - Luv-Mickey   25.7 #5713 11-20-14 10:54AM Like  Reply
my daughter would insist on feeding her fries to the duckies. Not good for the ducks, but they sure loved those fries! - DarthTinkerbell   179.0 #2143 11-20-14 11:04AM Like  Reply
283.8 #917 DL Qual #248 11-13-14 4:08PM
For #tbt I give you The Disneyland Hotel's wonderfully 1990s 2014. It cracks me up how the wallpaper looks an awful lot like the wallpaper my mom had in her room in 1995. Lol (Don't worry the bathroom was completely empty wh  More...
Nostalgic land! - ursulaismyfav   9.9 #9515 11-13-14 6:52PM Like  Reply
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1941.3 #66 DL Qual #27 11-13-14 1:17PM
#TBT: From 2008. Who remembers when Goofy's Sky School was Mulholland Madness?
Stupid then and stupid now...should have taken it out and put in a beer garden and left Mailboomer - Dave   11824.2 #2 11-13-14 2:20PM Like(6)  Reply
Oh Dave.....😂 - Duchess_SMK  5777.4 #14 11-13-14 3:12PM
But don't you just love how that ride makes you feel like you are about to plummet to your death over the side?...Then you don't? That's AWESOME warm and fuzzy Disney memories right there! - NotNKansasAnymor  283.8 #917 11-13-14 3:57PM
I remember! It always felt like I was going to fall out of the car on the one turn that I think is the highest point of that ride. I know I've been on it since it changed but I have a harder time remembering Goofy's Sky School.  - 1HitchhikingGhost   214.9 #1691 11-13-14 2:11PM Like(1)  Reply
It still feels like that. I don't ride it any more because I always get bruised. - Winnie111286  1941.3 #66 11-13-14 2:51PM
Me.. - Disneygrl35   2.1 #55897 11-14-14 9:43AM Like  Reply
Omg absolutely love both rides. I can't stop laughing the entire time!! - Luv-Mickey   25.7 #5713 11-20-14 3:38AM Like  Reply
125.2 #2959 DL Qual #778 11-13-14 8:51AM
#TBT December 2010 when they still had the California letters. I took my sisters picture between the R and the N because she is a nurse. Im glad we did it then since they were gone a month later.
always had to get my pic on the L as my first and last name begin with it - leopardditz2000   435.9 #435 11-13-14 8:59AM Like  Reply
Thats Great. It didnt have any letters that related to my husband, my son or I. We just have a picture there. - keepmovingforward  125.2 #2959 11-13-14 9:10AM
Wish they were still here. - Winnie111286   1941.3 #66 11-13-14 9:15AM Like  Reply
I like how they would change how they looked. - keepmovingforward  125.2 #2959 11-13-14 9:18AM
They were there on my first trip.  - TrueFromOzLovesDisney   451.6 #421 12-6-14 8:07PM Like  Reply
I miss them being there! They're now in Sacramento at cal expo but it's not the same. 😔 - PixieDustAway   195.9 #1934 12-6-14 8:42PM Like  Reply
822.8 #192 DL Qual #448 11-13-14 8:03AM
#TBT - I love this picture not just for its face value, but for what happened immediately after it was taken! I LOVE MICKEY MOUSE! In a spontaneous and uninhibited moment after waving at Mickey on his trolley, I blew him a kiss, to whic  More...
Disney love is true love.💓❤️💓 - JenGwen323   1337.7 #101 11-13-14 8:26AM Like(1)  Reply
Best post of the day - kimdis   20.9 #6321 11-13-14 8:34AM Like(1)  Reply
That is an awesome story. I love interactions like that. - keepmovingforward   125.2 #2959 11-13-14 8:13AM Like  Reply
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1833.4 #72 DL Qual #48 11-13-14 8:01AM
#tbt (lol) This was last year, but for a contest, that Admin, had stated. Does anyone remember? I wonder if he will do it again?
@Admin - MadameLeota   1833.4 #72 11-13-14 8:04AM Like  Reply
Oohhhhh I should resurrect my Pilgrim Pennywise 😂  - Linzee   896.6 #173 11-13-14 8:14AM Like  Reply
Do it😂 - MadameLeota  1833.4 #72 11-13-14 1:01PM
😂friggin awesome! - carminaire   594.6 #294 11-13-14 3:46PM Like  Reply
Yes I think so, asked about it yesterday!!  More holiday stuff too!!  That is all I can say!!! - secretagentangel   1303.2 #103 11-13-14 5:34PM Like  Reply
🙊 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4459.8 #21 11-13-14 5:46PM
Okay, how much, to make you talk?😂  @secretagentangel - MadameLeota  1833.4 #72 11-15-14 10:16PM
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25.4 #5746 DL Qual #1534 11-6-14 7:22PM
#TBT all the way back to last week! I really like the moon over the pier.
Posting question if someone can offer a solution I would appreciate it.  When I post a picture it never seems to be as clear as the original. Example: Paradise Pier adove is blury, but not on the original on my phone. Any ideas? - HookemMickey   25.4 #5746 11-6-14 7:29PM Like  Reply
It's the app, trying to probably reduce band width. If you click on the photo it will open and become clear - Plumiegirl  8253.6 #3 11-6-14 10:52PM
I have also had this issue @Admin - SafariSkewerJessica  1289.2 #107 11-6-14 10:57PM
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