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9893.5 #12 Qual #2 5-20-17 11:17AM
PSA: Don't forget •sunscreen •hats •water •rests in the shade or places with AC, on warmer days! (Free ice water, in cups, can be had at ANY walk-up service restaurant. Also, pickles help with electrolytes and keep you from ge  More...
Please add me for this rak. Thanks you the this very important public service reminder  - pikaplaid   8128.6 #16 5-20-17 11:22AM Like(5)  Reply
Added. But can I keep her a little longer?? - misschurro  9893.5 #12 5-20-17 9:57PM
Do the pickles still hydrate you if you have to 🤢 after eating them??? - Ilovegoofy   376.3 #703 5-20-17 11:28AM Like(1)  Reply
Ya mean you don't like them or is that on your bucket list? You *could* drink a Sporty drink. I know Plaza Inn has it at the drink & Sody pop area - misschurro  9893.5 #12 5-20-17 12:27PM
Nah. Me no likely. But a Sporty drink I'll do! - Ilovegoofy  376.3 #703 5-20-17 1:16PM
Mango Madness from Schmoozies in DCA does the trick for me! - grumpypapa   12490.7 #10 5-20-17 3:57PM Like  Reply
Every place that had something cold to sell, had a line. Ice cream huge lines. We went to get an icee at the place that is near Silly Symphony. After we had waited for a bit, the CM says the cart is closed. Then the next cart selling ice cream was closed as well.  - EmperorsHandLelundrial  1098.3 #206 5-20-17 9:40PM
These are important lesson. Not just for the park, but for Day to day. - Ariel1979   127.8 #3264 5-21-17 6:05AM Like  Reply
1831.8 #112 DL Qual #65 5-15-17 1:57PM
This is for the mom's who may want more information on the baby centers. There are two baby centers one for DL and one for DCA. They both offer same services but have some differences. First off the locations for the DL one is just off Ma  More...
@BrerPam here's some more info for you.  - grapesoda   1831.8 #112 5-15-17 2:00PM Like  Reply
This is such good information!! Thank you for going into detail what one could expect from these centers! I had no idea they offered more than just a room to change a baby in. Thank you, gives me hope that I can actually manage a trip with the wee baby, knowing there's an area I can take her to for whatever.  - BrerPam   317.6 #934 5-15-17 2:49PM Like  Reply
You're welcome DM me your address so I can ship you the outfit! - grapesoda  1831.8 #112 5-15-17 2:59PM
Very useful info @@@@grapesoda! As many times as my family and I had been to DL, I never realized of these services until I had my last baby! I learned of them thru a MW post and decided to give it a try. It's a very comfy little environment and perfect for tending to your little ones!  - EvilPrincess   458.6 #551 5-16-17 8:04PM Like  Reply
I love the baby care centers! I prefer the one at DCA, it's usually less crowded and a little more quiet but I love that they are available. - twinmomz   0.8 #0 5-16-17 8:46PM Like  Reply
3492.3 #52 DL Qual #38 5-8-17 1:36PM
#Tips I forgot to post this when I was there the other day. This is the umbrella stroller that Disney parks has for sale that @pikaplaid posted about recently. The price for the stroller is $60 and the AP discount does apply. It doesn't  More...
I wish more people would go old school umbrella stroller every time I'm run over by a double-wide!😵😹 - debbiev   1802.0 #114 5-8-17 2:32PM Like(2)  Reply
Sorry ,security won't let me take a horn inside  - pikaplaid  8128.6 #16 5-8-17 6:21PM
I thought it might carry my snacks... but nope... 35lb limit.  - Ilovegoofy   376.3 #703 5-8-17 6:21PM Like(1)  Reply
That wouldn't even hold our candy from MHP  - UTDISNEYFAMILY  3289.1 #55 5-8-17 6:29PM
@UTDISNEYFAMILY I still haven't been to MHP😕  Maybe this year... I'll bring a double stroller to haul around my goodies😂 - Ilovegoofy  376.3 #703 5-8-17 6:42PM
Wonder if you can take it to the hat shop and get it embroidered! That would be cool.  - NotReallyGrumpyBill   1112.0 #202 5-8-17 8:09PM Like  Reply
That's a neat idea! - KelstersInc2319  65.4 #4580 5-8-17 9:03PM
Interesting. I had no idea that they sold stokers. And it's not a horrible price... for d you're in a bind.  - msdizmaui   1102.3 #205 5-8-17 11:36PM Like  Reply
8128.6 #16 DL Qual #4 5-6-17 8:55AM
#tip. found this at the parking structure last night, I wonder if u can use that number to call Security inside the park in areas that aren't monitored or can't find a cm nearby like by the hungry bear area. but I'll save the number and h  More...
Don't we have a Country Bear Sheriff who can patrol back there? - Ilovegoofy   376.3 #703 5-6-17 9:37AM Like(1)  Reply
At times they are areas that have no cms or foot patrols at the time but in cause of an emergency or problems with rudely guests it good to know that you can maybe call someone. Sadly some people are more worried about posting on YouTube than to get help or be of help to others - pikaplaid  8128.6 #16 5-6-17 9:42AM
Thanks for the info @pikaplaid. I never think of a possible emergency or incident that would need security. But if something does occur then it's good to know what number to call  - encinitasrunner   352.9 #768 5-6-17 9:55AM Like  Reply
I noticed that yesterday too 😀👍🏻. Thanks for posting. This is a great tip! - DisneyDiane316   3492.3 #52 5-6-17 10:47AM Like  Reply
FYI if an emergency does happen in the park and your not wheeled away they get a circle of cms to created a visual block around and can't get picks, I guess it must be for privacy or something but next time you see you know - pikaplaid   8128.6 #16 5-6-17 9:49PM Like  Reply
8128.6 #16 DL Qual #4 5-5-17 9:15AM
#tip. some have ask if strollers are sold at the resort. the answer is inside disneyland at the shop next to the exit booths and at the original location inside the fantasia gift shop dl hotel. retail cost is 59.99......or if you   More...
Do they say Disneyland on them? Or at last a character.  -   1662.6 #125 5-5-17 9:19AM Like  Reply
The original ones I say said disneyland resort on them , but I'll check for you later today - pikaplaid  8128.6 #16 5-5-17 9:32AM
damn for 60 bucks you can get two at walmart maybe 3 - PrinceTeaJack   956.6 #237 5-5-17 9:36AM Like  Reply
  Is it just an umbrella stroller?   - ihrtdsny   202.9 #2116 5-5-17 10:36AM Like  Reply
Yes - pikaplaid  8128.6 #16 5-5-17 1:40PM
5141.0 #33 DL Qual #100 4-7-17 6:00PM
#Tips. So this tip was posted before by misschurro I think and I wanted to share again. I was checking my storage on my iPhone today and was under 1GB left. I checked Manage Storage and MouseWait had used over 2GB. So for the first time i  More...
I buy 128gb phones so I don't have to worry about apps or pics using too much memory - UTDISNEYFAMILY   3289.1 #55 4-7-17 6:25PM Like(3)  Reply
Then when I decide to delete MW I'll have to come up with the reason why - UTDISNEYFAMILY  3289.1 #55 4-7-17 6:35PM
Oh  come on you're not deleting MouseWait. What are you talking about 😄😄 - Goofytom  5141.0 #33 4-7-17 7:15PM
What an amazing tip!! Coming from someone who's phone has little to no data left on it all the time, I will give this a try! I'm usually having to dump all my pictures and video onto my computer. Thank you for the this bit of info! - BrerPam   317.6 #934 4-7-17 6:27PM Like(1)  Reply
👆🏻👆🏻👍🏻👍🏻. I can relate!  Although, I do have the 128 gb phone!  I just take tons of pictures. 😂 - MacaronMerida  4739.8 #39 4-9-17 11:12AM
Good iPhone with more storage is not in the budget for me 😬 So any storage saving tips are appreciated 😊 - mommyduchess   671.8 #358 4-7-17 6:29PM Like  Reply
If you ever upgrade shop around, I got my 128gb for the price of the smallest - UTDISNEYFAMILY  3289.1 #55 4-7-17 6:39PM
😱 - mommyduchess   671.8 #358 4-7-17 6:59PM
I did the same thing last week. This is a totally handy tip! - DarthTinkerbell   1633.0 #130 4-7-17 6:49PM Like  Reply
5141.0 #33 DL Qual #100 2-26-17 1:27PM
#tips #WDW. So we've been talking about doing a trip to WDW but now getting serious about it. Will be me DW DD and DSIL. So I have lots of question I'd like to put out there. Looking at next spring, February march or may. Any time better?  More...
Because our first trip to WDW was last year, we opted not to park hop. I wanted to be able to take it slow and see everything there was to see without the feeling of rushing to go somewhere else. This year when we go, we will park hop. My family was completely content to spend the entire day in one park as each one offers something different. The reason we are opting to park hop on our next trip is so that we can spend a little time at Epcot ( we didn't really like it there) and then spend the rest of the day in another park. Also, on the days that AK or HS close a tad early you can hop over to MK for a parade or fireworks if your like.  - DarthTinkerbell   1633.0 #130 2-26-17 5:17PM Like(3)  Reply
How do you go about buying DVC points from folks? - Ilovegoofy  376.3 #703 2-26-17 9:13PM
@@@Ilovegoofy there's a few services that buy and sell DVC points. I know @CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad has used them before and liked  the company she used so hopefully she'll see this tag and let you know. - secretagentangel  14013.2 #8 2-26-17 9:16PM
We did 5 both times. It seems a bit short but all the time we had. Adding on days beyond five is CHEAP. I think it's about $12 per day. So if you can do it.  We planned 1 day at each of the 4 parks and then the 5th for the park we felt we didn't get enough done (which was Epcot according to my wife). It is VERY hard to park hop. You will spend 30-60 minutes going between parks. If you have never been, there is really no need. Stay ON property. We have done Animal Kingdom Lodge (favorite) and Wilderness Lodge.  When we went, there were AP discounts that got us I think 25-30% off. The lower "level" hotels had less discount. When you stay on-property, you get "magical express". That means you check your bags in at the airport here and they will show up in your room. NO need to get them in FL. The bus will take you straight to your hotel.  We used only bus and Monorail transportation. Did not need cars.  I would also suggest riding ALL the rides there. I think all the rides are somewhat different. Don't skip Peter Pan because you think it might be like what is here.  You might consider the Premiere pass for ONE person for the discounts. Be warned it's 10% off merchandise there and MANY of the food places do NOT give AP discounts. I think we got AP meal discounts about 3-4 meals total there.  Now break even on the Premiere pass is probably 2 trips at 5 days each or about 15 days in 1 trip. So not really needed for your entire party. Make sure you get the Magic Bands, register them and start reserving your fastpasses.  It's been a couple years since I've been there, but that's what I remember. - DLKenCA   3632.3 #51 2-26-17 9:02PM Like(3)  Reply
Thanks. Wow so much info that we need to go over  - Goofytom  5141.0 #33 2-26-17 9:40PM
So much great advice here.! - DisLUVney   677.5 #354 2-27-17 12:04AM Like  Reply
I'm gonna say thanks to everyone posting because I'm planning a 1 day trip to MK before our cruise and I'm getting good info in here! - ministrychick77   306.0 #1011 3-1-17 4:12PM Like  Reply
375.7 #705 DL Qual #557 2-14-17 4:21PM
#PARKING #TIPS We are heading to the parks in a week or so and although we've been many times, we've always stayed across the street whereas this time we are not. Where is the best place to park? I've seen many praise the Toy Story lot   More...
Here's my input: it depends where you are coming from and your plan for that day, meaning, are you leaving early or staying the whole day? I prefer Mickey and Friends because, its covered parking (most of it), you can walk to the resort, and the trams hold more people than the buses.  - BaseballMickey   9156.3 #14 2-14-17 4:54PM Like(5)  Reply
We would likely be there early and stay late(ish)! Thanks for the reply @BaseballMickey! - MJmouse  375.7 #705 2-14-17 6:10PM
The walk from Mickey & Friends also isn't too bad. We almost always walk back (with a stroller) since we can't take trams and sleeping child. It's a nice walk through Downtown Disney. It's an unbearable walk through traffic to get to Toy Story. That's why I prefer Mickey & Friends and have only parked a few times in Toy Story (and hated it each time). - DLKenCA  3632.3 #51 2-15-17 12:01AM
I really like Toy Story parking lot. I think it's because I prefer the openness instead of the closed structure. Also, even though the buses hold less people there are more of them picking people up at the same time whereas the tram, to me, seems to take longer. Also, getting out of the Mickey and Friends parking lot (depending on what direction you're heading) can be tricky if you aren't in the correct lane to begin with. - BAMBAM   1528.0 #0 2-14-17 6:28PM Like(1)  Reply
Hmm, okay that's good to know! Thanks! - MJmouse  375.7 #705 2-14-17 7:33PM
Thanks for the input everyone! - MJmouse   375.7 #705 2-15-17 6:19AM Like  Reply
You should add #PARKING #TIPS to your post. Great input everyone.  - jacdanfan   15539.8 #5 2-15-17 8:40AM Like  Reply
Will do! I really appreciate everyone's answers! I know subjects get rehashed a lot so great idea @jacdanfan - MJmouse  375.7 #705 2-15-17 2:43PM
Thanked by:   tvdisneylove  MsTikiMermadam  jacdanfan 
9893.5 #12 DL Qual #2 2-10-17 5:04PM
Need a locker? Main Street Lockers: Jumbo $15/Large $10/ Standard $7 #tips
I remember when they were a quarter 😂😂😂😂 I just lug everything around in my backpack now - mommyduchess   671.8 #358 2-10-17 6:41PM Like(2)  Reply
A quarter? 😳 wow - misschurro  9893.5 #12 2-10-17 7:38PM
Yep, the good ol' days  - mommyduchess   671.8 #358 2-10-17 11:28PM
Last time I used a locker, I found a happy napkin note and a 5 dolla bill in our little guy's rainboot. I've still got the note and the $5. 😁 - SassafrasDavis   1010.4 #228 2-13-17 10:04AM Like(1)  Reply
I wanna know more about this story.  -  1662.6 #125 2-13-17 11:47AM
@MJmouse here are the locker sizes. - misschurro   9893.5 #12 5-2-17 9:09PM Like  Reply
And prices - misschurro  9893.5 #12 5-2-17 9:09PM
Thanks! I'll keep this in mind for our next trip! Hubby maybe won't have to carry a backpack all day! - MJmouse  375.7 #705 5-3-17 6:36AM
9893.5 #12 DL Qual #2 1-28-17 7:32PM
#tips Hi- As I am getting ready for my trip, I noticed that MW was taking up quite a bit of room. I deleted the app and reinstalled. (Don't worry- all will be ok! 😉😂) What a difference! There is a 'Clear Cache' button under the Sett  More...
Good reminder!!👍 - secretagentangel   14013.2 #8 1-28-17 8:06PM Like(1)  Reply
*ties ribbon on finger* - misschurro  9893.5 #12 1-28-17 8:08PM
On my Windows Phone, it only uses a mere 24MB! Yay, Windows Phone!!!! 😀 - clawton   511.4 #479 1-28-17 8:22PM Like  Reply
Is it he free MW or the Platinum? - misschurro  9893.5 #12 1-28-17 8:31PM
@clawton 👆🏼👆🏼 - misschurro  9893.5 #12 1-28-17 8:48PM
I will give it a try! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   3693.1 #49 1-28-17 10:36PM Like  Reply
Check out the before/after - misschurro  9893.5 #12 1-28-17 10:48PM
Thanks for the tip Lil MC - Ilovegoofy   376.3 #703 1-28-17 11:29PM Like  Reply
😂welcome - misschurro  9893.5 #12 1-29-17 7:16AM
15539.8 #5 DL Qual #31 11-17-16 7:59AM
#WDW #SHIPPING #TIP — Here are 2 boxes we had shipped home from WDW. Both boxes about the same size, but different weight. The top box cost $17 to ship, the bottom box about $75. If you are buying souvenirs at WDW and don’t have space  More...
Ship me of wdw for 75  - pikaplaid   8128.6 #16 11-17-16 8:01AM Like(3)  Reply
What's your SKU? - misschurro  9893.5 #12 11-17-16 8:08AM
Too costly due to "Irreplaceable / One-Of-A-Kind"  - Quiweez  1371.0 #158 11-17-16 8:43AM
😂😂. Great tips! Thanks for sharing.  - sultan   513.5 #478 11-17-16 8:05AM Like(1)  Reply
This is awesome to know, and a good deal considering it cost me $199 to buy a suitcase to bring my stuff home!   - msdizmaui   1102.3 #205 11-17-16 1:06PM Like  Reply
We debated a suitcase too. Just talked to lots of CMs and got great advice.  - jacdanfan  15539.8 #5 11-17-16 1:46PM
We took advantage of the free ground shipping last year! We came home and 5 boxes from WDW showed up at our door.  - BaseballMickey   9156.3 #14 11-17-16 1:22PM Like  Reply
@BaseballMickey Do you know if the resort will be offering free shipping again on merchandise purchased at the parks during the Christmas season? - RadiatorSprings4Ever  3693.1 #49 11-17-16 1:54PM
This was the first time we shipped. Didn't know it was an option or this easy to do. - jacdanfan  15539.8 #5 11-17-16 2:06PM
15539.8 #5 DL Qual #31 11-17-16 7:56AM
#WDW #REFILLABLE #MUGS #TIP — When you check into a resort at WDW you can purchase a refillable mug for about $18. The mug is good for your length of stay and you can go to the resort’s food court and get soft drinks, coffee, hot choc  More...
@jacdanfan thanks for the tip. Do they offer this to you or do you have to remember to ask for it? - sultan   513.5 #478 11-17-16 7:58AM Like  Reply
Just go to the food court at your resort to purchase. Really easy. Getting the mug is always our first stop. - jacdanfan  15539.8 #5 11-17-16 8:01AM
That's great. Crazy how WDW offers this but DL does not. Thanks - misschurro   9893.5 #12 11-17-16 8:09AM Like  Reply
WDW also has on property rooms for around $100 a night - UTDISNEYFAMILY  3289.1 #55 11-17-16 8:20AM
There was a time where it would be cheaper to fly and stay at WDW for a week than stay at the DL Hotels! - jacdanfan  15539.8 #5 11-17-16 8:25AM
I always get mine... And pretty much you can use this mug to all the resorts hotel of wdw (as long as it is at foodcourt location and not the table service). - otilegna   2864.0 #60 11-17-16 3:10PM Like  Reply
Now that's a good deal!  - OhanaPhoto   7105.4 #21 11-17-16 4:19PM Like  Reply
9156.3 #14 DL Qual #6 11-15-16 1:38PM
#Tip- Finding Dory out on DVD today. Costco has a $4 instant rebate off the DVD/Blu Ray/Digital combo through 11/19.
Walmart has it for $15 right now. - CoachDisney   561.4 #422 11-15-16 4:00PM Like(1)  Reply
Does it come with both DVD and Blueray?  - Tinkertoes83  124.0 #3334 11-17-16 8:19PM
Blu Ray/DVD/Digital Copy is $15. It is posted different at the store but it will ring up at $15. You can also get it on - CoachDisney  561.4 #422 11-17-16 8:27PM
Thank you! I am actually heading over there now! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   3693.1 #49 11-15-16 1:48PM Like  Reply
✅ got it! - RadiatorSprings4Ever  3693.1 #49 11-15-16 3:23PM
if there is a best buy near your local costco,  they seem to fight for the lowest prices.  i got force awakens for a few bucks less at bb than at costco when it first came out.  but usually i find the best prices at costco. - MsTikiMermadam   2300.2 #83 11-16-16 8:46PM Like  Reply
We watched it last night! Loved it! I actually liked it better than Finding Nemo! - disneygrandma1   2180.6 #2 11-16-16 10:06PM Like  Reply
351.0 #774 DL Qual #824 10-9-15 7:33PM
#TIP: The Disneyland app shows treat trails for the Halloween parties, in case you lose your map or happen to have your phone handy
The Disney app keeps getting better. I love the map detail and having our passes right on our phone. I've found the wait times to be quite accurate  - tg4653   112.9 #3569 10-9-15 8:12PM Like  Reply
That's cool - brigeet   774.2 #299 10-14-15 7:05PM Like  Reply
1653.3 #126 DL Qual #197 8-31-15 12:25PM
Butterlina's Stroller Hack: You'll need a clear or slightly frosted plastic bag. A gallon ziploc® will do just fine. Or them bags that a scary bouffant cotton candy thingy comes in. Next a diaper. Now go find some root beer or  More...
I do that with used diapers. That way I don't have to buy a soda. - DLKenCA   3632.3 #51 8-31-15 1:35PM Like(1)  Reply
Another great tip from Butter! - ShariRenee   14774.5 #6 8-31-15 12:31PM Like  Reply
Are stolen strollers a problem? I had not heard that before ( though I am sure it happens) - wonderlandgirl   347.6 #785 8-31-15 1:48PM Like  Reply
Happened 2x for us - misschurro  9893.5 #12 8-31-15 3:26PM
We once had a stroller taken while at Disneyland. We went about our day and while waiting for the parade a family walked by with our stroller! Luckily I slipped my business card in the handle. When we approached the parents and told them they kindly explained they found it and didn't realize out belong to anyone. I told the CM about the card and the family promptly gave it back.  - fvbmermaid   237.8 #1651 8-31-15 3:08PM Like  Reply
Good for you. What horrible people  - DeadliestPassholder  525.8 #463 8-31-15 3:43PM
Disneyland doesn't pass out free strollers randomly throughout the park? News to me 😂😂  - MellieKay  316.2 #943 8-31-15 4:27PM
1228.3 #173 DL Qual #164 4-2-15 8:22AM
It's kinda early for a morning sled ride. Where's the coffee/tea? #tip It is advisable to wear closed toe shoes if you want to play in the snow. ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️
Yay no Olaf 😂😂😂 - pikaplaid   8128.6 #16 4-2-15 8:29AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   MsTikiMermadam  verolly 
1228.3 #173 DL Qual #164 4-1-15 8:38PM
#tip And the best tip (well, tied with the Lilly Belle and the train tender ride) I ever learned on MW...ask to pilot the Mark Twain...sign the guest log and get a certificate to take home. Priceless experience. 😍
I was up there half of my shift today :) - CM_Shadowgamer   2672.3 #66 4-1-15 11:36PM Like(2)  Reply
Happy kids=Happy mom and dad! Great photo!  And thank you for not only posting a lot of great photos but also for entering wait times while still watching your kids! Awesome!👍👍 - secretagentangel   14013.2 #8 4-1-15 9:03PM Like  Reply
that is one of our goals this weekend. - katiesarahmommy   296.1 #1071 4-2-15 10:08AM Like  Reply
Soo cute! And I can't wait to try this ugh my boy in October! - WirTANenAtDisney   154.9 #2812 4-2-15 10:19AM Like  Reply
1228.3 #173 DL Qual #164 4-1-15 8:03PM
#tip Ask to ride in the front of the Monorail. Today they let 4 of us and it is an amaaaazing hella great view! SO fun!
We've done that. It's soo fun. Lately every time we try, someone else has already asked😢 - katiesarahmommy   296.1 #1071 4-1-15 8:24PM Like  Reply
And don't forget to ask for the boarding passes. They are a nice souvenir.  - tg4653   112.9 #3569 4-1-15 9:26PM Like  Reply
It's hella cool. I rode for the first time just a couple of weeks ago with AED - LaPearleNoir   3154.0 #56 4-2-15 6:38AM Like  Reply
- valj84DisneyDeppAddict   408.8 #637 4-2-15 9:34AM Like  Reply
1228.3 #173 DL Qual #164 4-1-15 1:51PM
#tip If you're a budget conscious family like we are...the Big Thunder Ranch area is a perfect place to have a picnic and eat the lunch we bring into the park with us...and enjoy music, characters, crafts and the cookie decorating. 😃
How fun!!  - Jess0   407.2 #640 4-1-15 3:07PM Like  Reply
Good idea!! We always bring lunch! - FrozenMommy   58.0 #4828 4-1-15 3:18PM Like  Reply
oh wow I didn't know they did cookie decorating definitely need to try this  - mandas1989   565.1 #421 4-1-15 9:57PM Like  Reply
Fun!  - conant4   14.3 #9815 4-1-15 10:08PM Like  Reply
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#tip Hungry Bear Restaurant may be closed, but the restrooms downstairs are open. Very important before that trip down Splash Mountain. 😃
Best bathrooms in the park in my opinion haha.  - MellieKay   316.2 #943 3-31-15 5:20PM Like  Reply
I agree.  😄 - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #169 3-31-15 8:51PM
🙋 - Darlingwendi  1228.3 #173 4-1-15 9:55AM
- leopardditz2000   1323.9 #161 3-31-15 8:36PM Like  Reply
😂😂😂So true! Thanks for the tip - RadiatorSprings4Ever   3693.1 #49 3-31-15 8:46PM Like  Reply
The ones near the Tomorrowland train station are also good (at least the gentlemen's side). - redsoxcarlos   6405.6 #25 3-31-15 9:02PM Like  Reply