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1524.8 #82 Qual #37 9-23-14 2:00PM
#NEWS. Want a free button? @DisneylandToday: In the park today? Meet us in Cars Land until 2:30pm to get a button!
Sigh... - WishIWereThere   248.1 #1242 9-23-14 2:04PM Like  Reply
Ugh I'm here but just saw this! - MrsSchnooks   2725.1 #35 9-23-14 2:46PM Like  Reply
Yeah... Now when I see these I just get annoyed... It's like they're taunting us.... - carminaire   532.6 #327 9-23-14 3:28PM Like  Reply
1524.8 #82 Qual #37 9-23-14 9:43AM
#NEWS @DisneylandDTD: Starting at 11am, the first 25 cars at the Stitch parking lot with the magic word "Stitch" wins a VIP parking spot!
ps. I don't know where the Stitch parking lot is. - DLKenCA   1524.8 #82 9-23-14 9:50AM Like  Reply
P's your a dork - pikarich  2709.8 #36 9-23-14 9:58AM
Stitchs parking is in the dtd disney parking  via magic way, but it's the parking lot on theleft  side when you enter, but it's not sign - pikarich  2709.8 #36 9-23-14 9:59AM
On saturday we got free parking at the pinnochio lot. - DarthSkellington   7.2 #11447 9-23-14 10:41AM Like  Reply
WOW thought i had like seven i have the same as pikarich....but not on mobile. - DarthSkellington  7.2 #11447 9-23-14 10:43AM
I keep looking for Eeyore parking, but all I can find is the sign. - DLKenCA   1524.8 #82 9-23-14 11:11AM Like  Reply
so where does the burger come into play? - Dave   11287.8 #2 9-23-14 11:23AM Like  Reply
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323.6 #676 DL Qual #894 9-20-14 11:53PM
#NEWS UPDATE I found this information online about the progress of the production of the upcoming Haunted Mansion movie... URL
πŸ‘πŸ‘ the Shag picture you chose is so awesome!!😊😁 - RatalouieNFranguini   110.9 #3212 9-21-14 1:24AM Like  Reply
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1524.8 #82 DL Qual #37 9-19-14 12:04PM
#NEWS. @DisneylandAP: Attending Mickey's Halloween Party? We have some special treats for APs! Details:
- DisneyGrandma   683.4 #236 9-19-14 12:16PM Like  Reply
I think it's nice they are doing something a little extra for AP holders! Thanks for the informative post!  - eviljules   844.9 #178 9-19-14 12:17PM Like  Reply
What is it they are doing I can't get to the link? - MickeyMichael   1.7 #56510 9-19-14 4:06PM Like  Reply
They are having a screening of something and a treat for APs. - PrincessTiannaBeignet  229.7 #1478 9-19-14 6:14PM
Thanks for posting this! I am happy for the little AP perk. - Jewelz   507.1 #355 9-21-14 9:15PM Like  Reply
1524.8 #82 DL Qual #37 9-18-14 6:40PM
#NEWS d23 members. FREE screening Oct 2 for the Alexander movie with a name too long to remember. It's in Anaheim and other cities
I like your name for it much better than the actual title πŸ˜„ - BrerPam   131.7 #2839 9-18-14 9:54PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   BrerPam  
1524.8 #82 DL Qual #37 9-18-14 10:20AM
#NEWS. Going fast...@DisneylandAP: Watch an animated Disney classic & sing along with some favorite songs during a special AP Event! Registration info:
Thanks! Signed up for Jungle Book. Only saw two days open, non for the Lion King. - LuvsTigger   708.6 #220 9-18-14 10:26AM Like  Reply
You can do more than one. Try again. I was able to get Lion King for Friday. - DLKenCA   1524.8 #82 9-18-14 10:29AM Like  Reply
I tried. Still doesn't show me any days for Lion King. - LuvsTigger  708.6 #220 9-18-14 10:38AM
Duh! I had to change months! LOL Signed up for the 3rd 4-6:45 - LuvsTigger  708.6 #220 9-18-14 12:10PM
Thanks for the link. Sadly, won't be around during those dates. On a happier note, at least I'm registered now. :) - BibbidiBobbidiMe   45.0 #4487 9-18-14 11:51AM Like  Reply
Signed up for the last lion king showing Friday!  - dethrizu   193.4 #1940 9-18-14 11:55AM Like  Reply
1524.8 #82 DL Qual #37 9-16-14 10:35AM
#NEWS... Great... More Frozen. They can start calling it Frozenland. @Disneyland: Anna & Elsa's Boutique will open on October 6 at the #DowntownDisney District at Disneyland Resort! @DisneylandDTD
Yey, my mini gets to see it! - BibbidiBobbidiMe   45.0 #4487 9-16-14 10:56AM Like  Reply
I really like the movie...a lot. But I'm starting to feel like this is overkill.  - TheDroidYouAreLookingFor   390.0 #493 9-16-14 1:09PM Like  Reply
its just a centralized Frozen store, which the park really needs - BaseballMickey_CM  6027.5 #13 9-16-14 1:18PM
They need to Let it Go. - Winnie111286   1148.5 #119 9-16-14 1:17PM Like  Reply
Come on now..what happened to no- negativity on MW lol? - breathe_in_the_happiness   541.2 #317 9-16-14 1:32PM Like  Reply
I let it go. - DLKenCA  1524.8 #82 9-18-14 4:21PM
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2072.5 #55 DL Qual #58 9-15-14 2:43PM
#news #parade This Thursday the 18th, Mickey's Soundsational Parade has been cancelled. Also, please be aware of the shorter park hours due to a cast member service award party that evening. Sorry about the inconvenience folks!
I don't understand why people would get mad. I mean, the CMs are what make the park run smooth. Without them, what would happen. They deserve this. Congrats to all those amazing CMS!!!!!! - Superspacemountainfan   74.0 #3747 9-16-14 8:54PM Like(1)  Reply
This and the fact that they work in every conditions including heat a n d every holiday , we do appreciate - pikarich  2709.8 #36 9-16-14 8:57PM
I can understand why someone who planned their vacation months in advance would be disappointed by shortened hours. The calendar at usually only shows two to three months at a time, so it's understandable that some will be caught unaware. I DO think that Cast Members deserve these type of events, and I think it's wonderful that a company in this day and age is showing their employees they appreciate them. I sure wish mine did! - Atora  2024.1 #56 9-16-14 9:17PM
Thank you for this info!!! - Willierose   1981.2 #59 9-15-14 2:53PM Like  Reply
first time DCA is open later than DL and its not a passholder event?  - draven898   282.2 #913 9-16-14 7:27PM Like  Reply
1524.8 #82 DL Qual #37 9-15-14 9:50AM
#NEWS. I guess we know what's replacing Guardians of the Galaxy in Magic @Disneyland: Sneak preview of #BigHero6 coming to the Magic Eye Theater in Tomorrowland at Disneyland park starting September 26!
I just saw this. Looks to me more and more that we've seen the last of Captain EO.  - TheDroidYouAreLookingFor   390.0 #493 9-15-14 9:56AM Like  Reply
Thats to bad. My son loves that show. - keepmovingforward  93.8 #3458 9-15-14 10:13AM
Say it isn't so Hooter - Chumash28   967.0 #155 9-15-14 4:22PM Like  Reply
While I love Captain EO, I just want to see any "attraction" return (Honey I Shrunk the Kids is awesome too), instead of a "commercial". - msdizmaui   623.1 #272 9-15-14 4:35PM Like  Reply
I'm curious what happened to Big Hero's One thru Five?  Did I do a Rip Van Winkle and miss them during my nap? :-) - redsoxcarlos   998.4 #150 9-15-14 5:18PM Like  Reply
243.1 #1309 DL Qual #313 9-12-14 1:35PM
#news - pumpkin seeds for brittle are on back order, so none available yet in the parks per confectionary CM. So sad to hear that as today is my last one in the parks. 😒
Hope you can come back soon. We had a good time together! - MickeyLumboCM   715.4 #219 9-13-14 8:10AM Like  Reply
See you for the Diamond Jubilee!  Take care & good seeing you.  Remember to put those shorts on one leg at a time!  πŸ˜‰ - poppinspenguin  243.1 #1309 9-13-14 9:36AM
There are wonderful locals that'll do your shopping for you, all you have to do is ask.  Send them the $$ for the item plus shipping (and depending on how difficult the item to get is, a little more for a treat of their own). - GoofyMom77   474.7 #384 9-13-14 9:49AM Like  Reply
That would be sooo nice!  I wanted to buy some extra for RAKs too.  πŸ˜” Oh, well!  That's the way the pumpkins carved! - poppinspenguin  243.1 #1309 9-13-14 10:09AM
Thanked by:   MickeyLumboCM  
6027.5 #13 DL Qual #3 9-10-14 10:19AM
#News- Christmas Time at the Disneyland Resort returns November 13 through January 6, 2015! The returning classics include "A Christmas Fantasy Parade" and "its a small world Holiday", along with hits from last year like "Viva Navidad!" a  More...
Tagged in: NEWS  
I heard the Tree is already up - Dave   11287.8 #2 9-10-14 11:00AM Like(5)  Reply
It's been up since July! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  620.6 #274 9-18-14 2:53PM
OOOOMG 😱 DIDNT SEE THIS LAST NIGHT. paging @missariel33  Viva Navidad is coming back. πŸ™ Sopes.  - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY   648.0 #256 9-11-14 2:38PM Like(1)  Reply
Yessssss!!!  - missariel33  1468.4 #86 9-11-14 5:58PM
πŸ™†πŸ™…πŸ’my sope dance - missariel33  1468.4 #86 9-11-14 5:59PM
Last year we went the weekend before thanksgiving and Santa was there - Disneyprincessvmk   37.1 #4825 9-21-14 10:41PM Like  Reply
Oh goodie! - TsWade2   7.1 #11484 9-22-14 12:33PM Like  Reply
1148.5 #119 DL Qual #62 9-8-14 2:54PM
#NEWS: From Disney Parks Blog Search Halloween Carnival Returns to Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree at Disneyland Park Sep 8th, 2014. When Halloween Time returns to Disneyland Resort this Friday, there?s going to be something new at the Hallowe  More...
Can not wait!! My mini LOVED the Conjure A Villain tent - we would literally hang out there all day!! - lkychrm25   53.5 #4217 9-8-14 4:53PM Like  Reply
Looking forward to it too. - Winnie111286  1148.5 #119 9-8-14 6:44PM
This is so cool!!! @Mariela_ela_ela do you see this?! - WallSchmee   48.4 #4373 9-8-14 9:33PM Like  Reply
Enjoy your first time. - Winnie111286  1148.5 #119 9-9-14 10:34AM
2072.5 #55 DL Qual #58 9-6-14 7:47PM
#refurb #news #Indy Just wanted to give ya'll a heads up.  Indiana Jones Adventure will be closed September 16th, 17th, and 18th for a short refurbishment.  Sorry about the inconvenience. 
So sad 😞  - Bassplayerswife   161.5 #2388 9-6-14 8:19PM Like  Reply
You're telling me!  Where am I supposed to go?!  I'll be homeless! - IDVandalSkipperCM  2072.5 #55 9-6-14 8:24PM
@IDVandalSkipperCM jungle cruise !  - draven898  282.2 #913 9-6-14 8:53PM
sounds like it needs it since it has been running rough the past couple days. - secretagentangel   1249.4 #101 9-6-14 8:47PM Like  Reply
If all refurb a were just three days is never have a problem because I'm always there for longer. It been nearly two years since I've ridden big thunder mountain railroad.  - TrueFromOzLovesDisney   445.2 #419 9-6-14 9:48PM Like  Reply
Hurry back and ride it. The improvements are fabulous! - Bassplayerswife  161.5 #2388 9-6-14 9:54PM
I'm trying. I'm trying. :) - TrueFromOzLovesDisney  445.2 #419 9-6-14 9:59PM
Thanks for the heads up, Mrs. Jones - philliprocks   836.0 #179 9-6-14 10:14PM Like  Reply
144.7 #2638 DL Qual #555 9-3-14 12:53PM
#FOOD -- a disneyland staple - a chimichanga. #NEWS while getting my snack - we were informed that price of some of the food items (the turkey leg was one of the items mentioned) went up today. I don't know what the old price of the turke  More...
I want some chimichanga, now! - CaptainMouse777   11.0 #8574 9-3-14 2:59PM Like(1)  Reply
Wow I didn't realize the turkey leg was ten bucks...!!  - carminaire   532.6 #327 9-3-14 3:53PM Like(1)  Reply
It's not. It's $9.99 - Slotherini  1053.2 #138 9-3-14 6:41PM
Does anyone else see the face of white rabbit from Alice!?! Lol Just half a face of the left side, eyes mouth. - WeAreNicePirates   25.5 #5599 9-3-14 6:02PM Like  Reply
This should be tagged on celebrities also! Lol - WeAreNicePirates  25.5 #5599 9-3-14 6:09PM
No. No I don't.  - 559MickeyLover  309.4 #744 9-3-14 6:09PM
I noticed that the prices were up this weekend from my last visit August 5. A few years ago prices would fluctuate based on what they considered their busy season (from my observation). I should've bought more Mickey lollipops when they were $5.99 now $6.99 - 559MickeyLover   309.4 #744 9-3-14 6:09PM Like  Reply
280.3 #922 DL Qual #817 9-2-14 8:05PM
Hello!!! Right Now!!On ABC right now is The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Classic! 8:00 pacific time! #news😊 #doyouwanttobuildasnowman
Thank you! Just turned it on! - Boundin   510.8 #352 9-2-14 8:32PM Like(1)  Reply
I'm watching it now!! - WhatTiggersDoBest   276.6 #953 9-2-14 8:19PM Like  Reply
It's pretty educational, and inspiring😊 - MadameLeota   1749.3 #71 9-2-14 8:28PM Like  Reply
So happy I saw it and then was able to share the info! It made my night to watch it! πŸ˜Šβ›„οΈ - mrscttlemstr   280.3 #922 9-2-14 10:14PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   jacdanfan   WhatTiggersDoBest  
6027.5 #13 DL Qual #3 9-2-14 10:06AM
#News- Its official- Oswald is coming to DCA! Starting Sunday, September 14, guests can meet Oswald the Lucky Rabbit on Buena Vista Street. For more info, click   More...
Tagged in: NEWS  
Hope Duffy goes bye bye real soon.  Never liked him. - Winnie111286   1148.5 #119 9-2-14 10:46AM Like(2)  Reply
I Saw That His Photo Area Was Removed!  - DisneyCat  64.3 #3949 9-2-14 4:20PM
Head to Tokyo Disney .. then you'll understand :) - Mad_Tea_Party  823.5 #184 9-4-14 5:31AM
I'm talking him home with me , now i just need Xmas stitch  - pikarich   2709.8 #36 9-2-14 11:09AM Like(1)  Reply
I look forward to meeting him.  - TrueFromOzLovesDisney   445.2 #419 9-6-14 9:50PM Like  Reply
Only one more week agghhhhh - pikarich   2709.8 #36 9-7-14 12:59PM Like  Reply
I can't wait either. I'm considering going on Tues. afternoon for this. - PrincessTiannaBeignet  229.7 #1478 9-8-14 10:30PM
Me too - pikarich  2709.8 #36 9-9-14 7:23AM
1148.5 #119 DL Qual #62 8-27-14 10:12AM
#News Just read that starting September 14th, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit will be a character walking around on Buena Vista Street.
@@missmimi90 did you see this?! - DisneyOnesie   529.1 #331 8-27-14 10:54AM Like  Reply
Yes Nikki texted me! I'm so freaking excited!!!! - missmimi90  1382.7 #90 8-27-14 12:28PM
Way cool! My son will be so excited! - Melliott   301.1 #792 8-27-14 10:59AM Like  Reply
I am excited. - Winnie111286  1148.5 #119 8-27-14 1:29PM
Thats Awesome! - keepmovingforward   93.8 #3458 8-28-14 1:23PM Like  Reply
1524.8 #82 DL Qual #37 8-20-14 10:47PM
#NEWS not quite sure what this is...maybe someone staying at one of the hotels can check it out? @DisneylandToday: Resort Hotel Guests can reserve a spot for 'Mysteries of Magic'-a unique experience at the Main Street Magic Shop! http://t  More...
6027.5 #13 DL Qual #3 8-19-14 10:41AM
#News- UDPATE- This will open on October 6th! Starting early October, Studio Disney 365 in Downtown Disney will be re-themed to "Elsa & Anna's Boutique". More details are on the way, but here's the logo for the new lo  More...
Tagged in: NEWS  
Here's my thoughts on this: first, Disney locations in Downtown Disney don't change very often (stores like World of Disney, Vault 28, D Street, etc) and it's nice to see something new in the area, especially where Studio 365 is located, in the heart of DTD and right outside the Grand. Secondly, this is a great chance to bring out the Frozen merchandise outside of the park and dedicate a location that will always have some merchandise from the film. As we all know, the merchandise sells quickly, so having a designated location will be better than having multiple locations having it time to time. Thirdly, with having the makeovers in Downtown Disney, this will allow more people the chance to expierence the Elsa or Anna makeover without spending the extra money to come into the park. Some people are already asking if there will ever be a Frozen attraction in the park? We'll have to see and wait for that if the craze and popularity will last another 5.10, or 20 years plus. But this new location will serve as that "attraction" for now and see how long the Frozen craze will last.Β  - BaseballMickey_CM   6027.5 #13 8-19-14 3:41PM Like(9)  Reply
I completely love this for those exact reasons! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  889.4 #165 8-24-14 1:34PM
I think Froen is already a Disney Classic. Even though it is new, the quality and "feel" is there.  - Tom  6672.1 #10 8-31-14 4:37PM
Frozen is the new titanic - pikarich   2709.8 #36 8-19-14 12:22PM Like(2)  Reply
I hope that is in a good way - BaseballMickey_CM  6027.5 #13 8-19-14 1:01PM
Or is Titanic the old Frozen? Mind πŸ’₯ - BellesLibrary  370.5 #530 8-22-14 10:52AM
Aww, no Anna makeover for @@Dave 😒 - Jess0   98.1 #3400 9-10-14 9:01PM Like  Reply
541.2 #317 DL Qual #106 8-13-14 2:58PM
#News The Story of Frozen: The Making of a Disney Animated Classic airs Tuesday, September 2 at 8pm on ABC!
Saved by the bell tell all airs on Labor Day too!!!  I think I will watch this one instead,lol. - secretagentangel   1249.4 #101 8-13-14 3:04PM Like(1)  Reply
What channel??? - -MizzMadHatter-  111.2 #3200 8-13-14 3:39PM
I can't remember but they are also doing a tell on on that actress who died and her husband before her.  like an unauthorized biography. I'll look at it and see if I can find the channel. They said on Labor Day. - secretagentangel  1249.4 #101 8-13-14 3:48PM