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920.2 #142 DL Qual #631 1-17-11 4:43AM
 Now it's time to say goodbye to all my MW family  Thank you all for so many wonderful memories. I enjoyed catching up with what feels like old friends and making new ones. There are too many to list so I'll just give a special thanks to Jaimz, sandra_d, toph, Loridrives, GoofyJoe, bluefairy, MedievalMickey, MinnieJ, TinkPen, Butterlina, PC and PC. Missed Robynlaural, Royanna and Tom. Hope you feel better soon.
Loved seeing you this weekend and appreciated you posting all those wonderful pictures!! Can't wait to see you on your next visit. Safe travels home  - sandra_d  332.3 #613 1-17-11 5:28AM Like  Reply
Have a safe trip back, and a quick return visit to us!! It was fun hanging out while you were here. Thank goodness for MW so we're able to stay in touch! - TinkPen  431.4 #415 1-17-11 5:34AM Like  Reply
Safe travels my friend!! Hope to see you soon!! - MinnieJ  281.9 #883 1-17-11 6:21AM Like  Reply
Bye DPF!! Was great meeting you! Hope u have a safe trip back. Can't wait to see you again on your next trip out!!  - ManBearPig  417.0 #437 1-17-11 6:25AM Like  Reply
Look forward to your next visit DPF! I'm so bummed I missed out on all the fun. Going to work sick on a Monday morning is not as bad as missing out on your meet ups. - Tom  5719.1 #10 1-17-11 6:28AM Like  Reply
Have a great trip back DPF! It was great getting drenched with you yesterday!  - PrinceCorey  4286.6 #18 1-17-11 6:51AM Like  Reply
Safe travels back. GIve the pup pups belly rubs! Would love to have a chance to see all your amazing pics! Thanks for letting us know about the CG in Soarin'! - Butterlina  1412.1 #79 1-17-11 7:12AM Like  Reply
It was really nice meeting you and I had a blast hanging out! Have a safe trip home. Hopefully your next trip to DL is sooner than later! and when that happens I look forward to hanging out again!!! - MedievalMickey  696.1 #204 1-17-11 7:33AM Like  Reply
Can't wait to see the pics you took!!! Have a safe trip - MozPrincess  582.4 #264 1-17-11 7:47AM Like  Reply
Safe travels! It was fun catching up this weekend! - iFramedRogerRabbit  1957.2 #54 1-17-11 7:51AM Like  Reply
Great meeting you! Be safe! Hope u catch the first ! See you soon! - p8stryqueen  162.4 #2328 1-17-11 8:09AM Like  Reply
So bummed we didn't have that much time together this visit. My bad I know  Soubds like you had a great time though. Please post ur pics as soon as u can. Have a safe trip hope. Miss ya till next time!!! - Jayjay  417.5 #436 1-17-11 8:14AM Like  Reply
Love you girlie, see you soon!! Fly safe today - Robynlaurel  650.6 #225 1-17-11 8:16AM Like  Reply
see you... Come back soon.. - GoofyJoe  1906.6 #58 1-17-11 8:18AM Like  Reply
Always feels like catching up with an old friend with you! Lots of fun running around w/ you and cross things off your list! Thanks for sharing the parks thru your! (((hugs)))  Congrats on being #2...mission accomplished! - toph  2416.6 #39 1-17-11 8:47AM Like  Reply
In Seattle, about half way home! I'll try to get some pics online later today. - DisneyPhotoFan  920.2 #142 1-17-11 9:39AM Like  Reply
It was nice meeting you. Have a safe trip. - Mando  267.9 #1021 1-17-11 9:43AM Like  Reply
Have a safe trip home! It was nice seeing you again... Let me know if you need someone to hold your cup of tea! - LisaKL  748.4 #189 1-17-11 9:48AM Like  Reply
Hope you had an absolutely amazing time! Hope to meet you in the nearby future :) - PrincessSarah  167.0 #2257 1-17-11 10:36AM Like  Reply
You should almost be home. Have a safe trip and I had a great time! See you next time! - PrincessCarmen  2584.2 #33 1-17-11 10:38AM Like  Reply
I'm safely home and it's snowing!  - DisneyPhotoFan  920.2 #142 1-17-11 12:52PM Like  Reply
It was nice meeting you. - OynnhoJ  96.3 #3365 1-17-11 5:25PM Like  Reply
Yay, glad you arrived home safely!! - TinkPen  431.4 #415 1-17-11 5:34PM Like  Reply
Friday night was fun! We should do this more often.  - bluefairy  642.1 #229 1-17-11 6:56PM Like  Reply
Glad you made it home safe, it was so nice to meet you! - LBChica  1925.5 #57 1-17-11 7:11PM Like  Reply