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748.4 #310 DL Qual #1612 4-22-11 12:35AM
Today only at Disney Stores: Free reusuable shopping bag when you bring in five plastic shopping bags. Happy Earth Day!
Sweet deal!! I love the Disney reuseable bags I own 3 already but wouldn't mind another. - Briana   241.0 #1607 4-22-11 12:37AM Like  Reply
Already planning on getting one  - DisneyVillainLover   258.4 #1406 4-22-11 1:26AM Like  Reply
yes !! plus TDS is having a scavenger hunt ALL DAY tomorrow so please stop by your local disney store and join the fun!  - legoalex   123.9 #3328 4-22-11 1:28AM Like  Reply
So going! - ImAlwaysCrazy   674.5 #353 4-22-11 3:10AM Like  Reply
Thank you for posting this! I will definitely be going tomorrow. - KrystalColors   361.7 #732 4-22-11 3:16AM Like  Reply
Hopefully get back home in time - TinkTinkTink   302.5 #33 4-22-11 4:48AM Like  Reply
Cool beans - skywalker   272.4 #36 4-22-11 4:54AM Like  Reply
******ᎢᏂᎪNᏦᎦ FᎧᎡ ᎢᏂᏋ ᎢᎥᏢ ᏞᎥᎦᎪᏦᏝ**** - MadameLeota   4737.8 #38 4-22-11 5:45AM Like  Reply
It matches my mug I got in a locker RAK. - NikkiMickey   1686.3 #118 4-22-11 7:07AM Like  Reply
I know where I'll be today ;) - iheartDumbo   24.3 #7256 4-22-11 7:36AM Like  Reply
Dang how long they doing this. I'll be there Sunday. - TehVoges   143.6 #2984 4-22-11 8:18AM Like  Reply
Thank you for sharing! Im gonna head on over there - Dizney37   55.5 #4903 4-22-11 8:50AM Like  Reply
thanks for the tip! hey do you know anything more about the meet up? I would like to donate a piece of nahd made jewelry with a disney theme, and don't seem to know who to contact. Can you help? I saw your name on a list for food? where can I find more info? thanks !! - tburtonluvr   48.9 #5208 4-22-11 9:07AM Like  Reply
@tburtonluvr Hey... I know the question wasn't aimed at me, but I thought I'd try to help anyways since I have the info saved on my phone  You can email [email protected] for the RAK info for the reunion. Hope that helps! - SPandEvLover   4843.7 #36 4-22-11 9:10AM Like  Reply
oooh! I like!!! - misschurro   9691.3 #12 4-22-11 9:12AM Like  Reply
Thanks SPandEV! Yup, email us at addy as over^ - LisaKL   748.4 #310 4-22-11 9:22AM Like  Reply
Is it one per person? - LaPetiteSirene   400.5 #645 4-22-11 9:35AM Like  Reply
Just kidding! I just read the fine print. - LaPetiteSirene   400.5 #645 4-22-11 9:40AM Like  Reply
Hey it has a hidden Mickey on there  - exseven   12.9 #10476 4-22-11 9:48AM Like  Reply
@lapetite...if u bring say like your kids and they bring 5 bags also then they can get a free reusable bag as well. - sickgirl   273.4 #1272 4-22-11 9:58AM Like  Reply
5 plastic bags like from albertsons or vons? cool! - SugarBumpkins   25.1 #7120 4-22-11 10:04AM Like  Reply
Sweet! Matching reusable bag and water bottle :) - macyDarling   18.1 #8530 4-22-11 10:17AM Like  Reply
@sickgirl are you working at Montebello? I might be stopping by after work - MozPrincess   582.4 #402 4-22-11 10:21AM Like  Reply
@mozprincess unfortunately sickgirl isn't at montebello anymore  shes at her own store in culver city congrats to her!  however, i am working at montebello from 12-8 so if you do stop by PLEASE say hello! - legoalex   123.9 #3328 4-22-11 10:35AM Like  Reply
@Mozlike legoalex said. I was just training there. But still stop by and say hi. Then go to my store at Culver City on the 30th for Grand Opening - sickgirl   273.4 #1272 4-22-11 10:38AM Like  Reply
@sickgirl guess what! I'll be there to work on the grand opening with you  so excited to be there - legoalex   123.9 #3328 4-22-11 10:40AM Like  Reply
Congrats  girl!!! @legoalex do you think they will still have bags later? - MozPrincess   582.4 #402 4-22-11 10:42AM Like  Reply
I Grabbed a hand full of plastic bags this morn....can't wait, I'll be going at lunch to start my bad - CptKirk   766.3 #301 4-22-11 10:45AM Like  Reply
HOPEFULLY there wasn't too much advertisment about it in the store but you never know (it was up online) but try your luck anyway! I would try to save one for you but I could get in trouble  - legoalex   123.9 #3328 4-22-11 10:46AM Like  Reply
No need to save me one!!! Just stopping by the mall and figured I stop by the Disney store - MozPrincess   582.4 #402 4-22-11 10:48AM Like  Reply
@legoalex yay!!! I did find out, can't wait to work w/you again. - sickgirl   273.4 #1272 4-22-11 11:41AM Like  Reply
That's cool Lisa! - Tom   17077.9 #4 4-22-11 11:42AM Like  Reply
Hope to get to one before they're all out. Is there a limit? Thank you. - Butterlina   1653.3 #121 4-22-11 11:43AM Like  Reply
That's so cool...thanks Lisa...I wish plastic bags were banned  - Dave   13899.0 #8 4-22-11 11:46AM Like  Reply
Oh. Limit one per guest. I'd like the parks to bring back the groovy paperbags with the castle and balloons. - Butterlina   1653.3 #121 4-22-11 11:48AM Like  Reply
@butter its 1 per person.. - sickgirl   273.4 #1272 4-22-11 11:49AM Like  Reply
Does the world of Disney store at downtown Disney do this too?? - JenAnneWho   300.7 #1039 4-22-11 11:56AM Like  Reply
Got mine! ;) - iheartDumbo   24.3 #7256 4-22-11 2:26PM Like  Reply
I just went to the Disney store at Glendale Galleria on lunch to buy some vinyls and got the alice in wonderland one!!!!! Love it! - candymation   286.1 #1139 4-22-11 2:27PM Like  Reply
Got three for me :) - CruellaDeJuicy   9.1 #13027 4-22-11 2:39PM Like  Reply
Got mine and a couple others, they are very cute. Thank you for posting this! - summergirl3   2.5 #60717 4-22-11 2:43PM Like  Reply
@legoalex, I was at your store around 4 with my boys! Didn't know a mwaiter worked there! Would have said hi! Bummed they were out of earthday ones but we got a mickey, Minnie and platypus perry. - Lovemypbj   30.8 #6430 4-22-11 6:34PM Like  Reply
ahh I went on my lunch at exactly 4-4:30!! I'm off at 8 /: - legoalex   123.9 #3328 4-22-11 6:41PM Like  Reply
Bummer! Next time I'm at the mall I will swing by and look for you and say hi! - Lovemypbj   30.8 #6430 4-22-11 7:01PM Like  Reply
I was totally going to go after work to the mb store, but I stopped at home to find bags and never made it out. Sigh. - bluefairy   643.8 #369 4-22-11 8:05PM Like  Reply
Got mine! Except they were out of the mickey ones so I got 2 dalmations ones. :) - SupremeLeader   395.4 #651 4-22-11 8:06PM Like  Reply
ok so out if the 8 hours I worked today, 7 of those hours were dedicated to giving out the free reusable bags and yes we ran out if earth day bags by 12! SOOO I would just like to say to those of you who were: polite, understood that it was 1 bag per person, were grateful for the 1 free bag per guest, and who didn't bite my head off when I said we were all out of reusable bags, I would like to say a huge thanks!!! I'm so happy there are appreciative people out there! those who snapped at me for running out of earth day bags, gave me attitude when I can only give 1 per guest, and tried to get back in line when I just gave them a bag, and even flipped me off when were completly sold out.... I'd like to say something very VERY rude to you but I will just let it go and hope karma gets you back.... HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!! - legoalex   123.9 #3328 4-22-11 8:24PM Like  Reply
I got mine and am so happy! Very cool of Disney to do! - BusterBunny   266.3 #1333 4-22-11 8:26PM Like  Reply
That's cute! Sad I missed out on this offer. - tina   1157.9 #190 4-22-11 9:03PM Like  Reply
Aw, I missed out on this! What a great bag though. :D happy earth day everyone!!! - MortiMouse   118.8 #3428 4-22-11 9:09PM Like  Reply
Who scored one? - Zooter   1405.8 #150 4-22-11 9:49PM Like  Reply
i got one! it has Ariel one it. its super cute - snowwhite15   19.6 #8143 4-22-11 10:55PM Like  Reply
Never made it to the mall today. Sadness. - LisaKL   748.4 #310 4-23-11 1:31AM Like  Reply