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569.8 #320 DL Qual #202 5-21-11 10:39AM
FYI: For those of you who are not in the parks today, there is a Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family! Chamber of Secrets is on right now :)
Whoo!! - CMWalker   341.4 #634 5-21-11 10:43AM Like  Reply
I have yet to read or see any of the Harry Potter stuff (Ducking head trying to miss the things you guys will throw at me) ;o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1141.1 #133 5-21-11 10:46AM Like  Reply
I'm with you MWJBB - cyndaws   253.9 #1224 5-21-11 10:49AM Like  Reply
Who can't wait to see the last movie? MWAJBB I never read the books until I was working at this really boring place that would let us read. My friend had the books in her back seat so I said what the heck. This was before the 3rd movie came out so I figured I'd read it to see what the movie would be about. I was SHOCKED at how fast I got hooked! The books are so much better than the movies. The first few are fairly short and can be read in a few naptimes. If you're a reader I reccommend them! But I DO NOT reccommend any of the "Twilight" series. I do not understand what the hype is about those books/movies because they are so dang boring. (Taylor whats-his-name is a hottie though) - JennDear   16.5 #7310 5-21-11 10:51AM Like  Reply
You guys are missing out--the books are awesome! The movies are good, but not groundbreaking. I had no interest in Harry Potter until my husband convinced me to read one of the books a few years ago--I was hooked and read the whole series in 3 weeks! - Spoonful_O_Sugar   569.8 #320 5-21-11 10:52AM Like  Reply
@JennDear: I'm super-excited for the last movie! I'm so curious to see how closely they stuck to the book. I'm wondering how Snape will be portrayed (will he be a pure villain or will he be redeemed), and whether or not they will include all of the background with Lily. - Spoonful_O_Sugar   569.8 #320 5-21-11 10:55AM Like  Reply
I cant wait for the last movie. My son got me hooked when he was in elementary school. The series was his favorite to read! They are addicting! I read the last book in a week. I couldn't put it down. Now I'm reading the first book to my lil guy. - vegasbrat   420.4 #471 5-21-11 10:56AM Like  Reply
Vegasbrat: that's cool that you're reading it to your son! My husband and I read them to each other, too. - Spoonful_O_Sugar   569.8 #320 5-21-11 11:05AM Like  Reply