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276.1 #1244 DL Qual #3252 6-3-11 2:11PM
*******EDIT** I've decided to end this RAK tonight at 8pm so these can be on their way to their new homes tonight!******Rak Rakkity Raknesss time! (sorry this is my first RAK) lol Alright MWers I have no shame (seriously ) so after taking a "lunch", driving to DTD, parking in the 15 mins space (), running to Disneyland, then to DCA, then back to Disneyland, then back to DCA, then jamming back to my work I got these . By entering u will receive one of each. I will pick a couple winners (I got about 20 of each) all u have to do is tell me ur favorite line of either of these movies  RAK ends tonight @ 8pm. (ca time)(if u only want one please specify so I can pick more winners)  go!!
Tagged in: RAK  Little Mermaid  
Please!!! That would be awesome! - outatime   23.0 #7532 6-3-11 2:12PM Like  Reply
Wow! That's very nice of you :) Bump for Map people! ^_^ - SkellyMouse   501.4 #492 6-3-11 2:14PM Like  Reply
Who's scruffy looking? Enter me please! - WaltDisney83   187.4 #2324 6-3-11 2:14PM Like  Reply
Oh please add me. Pretty please. Thank you. - cinderellasmommy   133.0 #3175 6-3-11 2:15PM Like  Reply
Please enter me - StephiePooh   572.7 #412 6-3-11 2:15PM Like  Reply
ariel off the portside! Add me please ty :) - NuttyRoxMySocks   188.2 #2315 6-3-11 2:15PM Like  Reply
Please enter me :) ....." it's a dinglehopper!" Thank you for doing all of that to do a RAK for us, your awesome!! :) - CuriousAsAlice7   179.7 #2416 6-3-11 2:15PM Like  Reply
"The force is strong with this one."  - GrumpYchuck   58.4 #4816 6-3-11 2:16PM Like  Reply
Me please :) - Elphiero   43.2 #5490 6-3-11 2:16PM Like  Reply
ADD ME PLEASEEEEEEEE I would so drive there right now to pick one up but I left my keys in my moms car! Who does that? Me unfortunately. Please add me :) and my favorite line from TLM was when Sebastian says "somebody's gotta nail that girls fins to the floor" :) lol - CMWalker   341.4 #801 6-3-11 2:16PM Like  Reply
Oh man. This made my day! I love the part where Scuttle is telling Ariel about her human stuff she found in the beginning of the movie! Thank you so much for RAKing this! - Amanda   120.7 #3398 6-3-11 2:16PM Like  Reply
“You can’t win, Darth. Strike me down, and I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. ( Quote from a new hope) Add me please!! - robman97   376.2 #700 6-3-11 2:17PM Like  Reply
"I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board." - Gummy   83.0 #4141 6-3-11 2:17PM Like  Reply
"shes got legs, shes got human legs" you are awsome!!!!! Enter me please id like one of each :)) - Jennabennabofenna   32.2 #6302 6-3-11 2:18PM Like  Reply
" I'm 16 years old ! I'm not a child!" hahahahaha oh I would say that line over and over to my parents when I was 16. Lol - R2Jade2   269.1 #1317 6-3-11 2:18PM Like  Reply
This is great! Add me please! "I have a bad feeling about this..." :) - keli7516   225.3 #1812 6-3-11 2:18PM Like  Reply
only little mermaid please "alright,alright I'll help you find your prince." by sabastion add me please - redrockprincess   3.6 #30597 6-3-11 2:18PM Like  Reply
"its a dinglehopper" add me please! - ERICKA   491.5 #503 6-3-11 2:19PM Like  Reply
Enter me please! Thank you. - LostUndertheSea   481.8 #513 6-3-11 2:21PM Like  Reply
Add me pleeeeaaaaassseeee!!!!!!! My favorite line from The Little Mermaid is "If only I could make him understand, I just don't see the way he does, I just don't see how a world would make such wonderful things, could be bad."-Ariel - TheGirlWhoHasEverything   205.5 #2077 6-3-11 2:22PM Like  Reply
add me please!!! - CaPrincess   230.4 #1753 6-3-11 2:22PM Like  Reply
ooooo please please please add me!! - tiggertailgrl   236.2 #1664 6-3-11 2:23PM Like  Reply
I've got who's its and what's it galore... - DLlovingMommy27   238.0 #1647 6-3-11 2:23PM Like  Reply
my fav is when jar jar numbs his whole face n tries to talk lol - tiggertailgrl   236.2 #1664 6-3-11 2:24PM Like  Reply
Would love to have those. Add me PLEASEEEE! :) with suger on top - pinoy76   34.8 #6053 6-3-11 2:24PM Like  Reply
"Someones got to nail that girls fins to the ground"...enter me please. Great RAK! - iamsmee   11.9 #11032 6-3-11 2:25PM Like  Reply
enter me please! "I'm Luke Skywalker, I'm here to rescue you." - IndianaJoe   3.7 #29218 6-3-11 2:25PM Like  Reply
Look at ya! Look at ya! There's something different. Don't tell me. I got it. It's your hairdo, right? You've been using the dinglehopper, right? - stargoddess120   527.4 #459 6-3-11 2:25PM Like  Reply
please add me!! 'you got thingamabobs?' & 'luke, i am your father" - SugarBumpkins   25.1 #7154 6-3-11 2:25PM Like  Reply
"Come on and kiss de girl" and if that isn't a good enough quote because technically it is a song, how about this one "I'm sixteen years old - I'm not a child anymore..." (Please enter me) - SupremeLeader   395.4 #659 6-3-11 2:26PM Like  Reply
Add me please. My favorite little mermaid line isn't exactly a line but it's when she's staying with prince Eric and starts combing her hair with the fork. That or the the chef singing "such a sweet little succulent crab" such a great song! - Pixarprincess   544.5 #441 6-3-11 2:26PM Like  Reply
Would love a Star Rours map! "Never tell me the odds!" - BrettX209   266.1 #1341 6-3-11 2:27PM Like  Reply
"part of your world" me! Add me please!! - kritomiester   364.1 #733 6-3-11 2:27PM Like  Reply
Enter me please and thank you! My favorite Star Wars quote isn't technically from the movies but it's from the Clone Wars cartoon. "I'm not a murderer but I want justice!"- Boba Fett - deadmou53   38.6 #5762 6-3-11 2:28PM Like  Reply
I want to be part of your world!!!! - PirateDoll   273.7 #1272 6-3-11 2:29PM Like  Reply
please enter me! Best lines ever between Leia and Han Solo: "I love you" "I know" - CaliCanuck   534.4 #455 6-3-11 2:29PM Like  Reply
"it's a dinglehopper!" add me please! Thank you! - Breanna   161.5 #2702 6-3-11 2:32PM Like  Reply
Ariel! How ya doing kid?...... whoa, what a swim? Please enter me for both :-) - Candace752   176.1 #2465 6-3-11 2:34PM Like  Reply
"you've been using the dinglehopper right?" - migueljonathan   247.0 #1534 6-3-11 2:35PM Like  Reply
My fav is when Ariel says" I'm 16 years old. I'm not a child anymore!" my daughter pulls that with me. Add me please! - MissyluvsDisneyland   362.0 #740 6-3-11 2:36PM Like  Reply
Hi please enter me! "Teenagers, you give them an inch, they swim all over you!" - mouseKIDears   64.5 #4612 6-3-11 2:38PM Like  Reply
Enter me please!!! "----------" that was my fav thing Ariel said when she was with Prince Eric on the boat during kiss the girl... - Alex   307.3 #1000 6-3-11 2:39PM Like  Reply
Add me for TLM only, I love it when she's at the dinner table and combs her hair with a fork!!!... Dinglehopper! Thanks for doing this! - MaheaLuvsDisney   243.5 #1580 6-3-11 2:40PM Like  Reply
"If only I could make him understand. I just don't see things the way he does. I just don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad" I love the little mermaid and would LOVE a mermaid map! :) - MermaidWithShears   1025.8 #227 6-3-11 2:40PM Like  Reply
Please enter me! Pretty please! - candyKC   92.3 #3931 6-3-11 2:40PM Like  Reply
Please enter me!! I would greatly appreciate it - shel68   139.7 #3070 6-3-11 2:44PM Like  Reply
Oops I dnt finish my comment. I love most of scuttle's lines in LM and I would like a star tours map for my little bro cuz he's a big fan n loves looking at Disney maps :] - candyKC   92.3 #3931 6-3-11 2:45PM Like  Reply
Enter me please! Might not be able to go tonight.. :( - nvts   178.1 #2438 6-3-11 2:48PM Like  Reply
Me please. "Luke I am your father" - MissNDisney   152.6 #2847 6-3-11 2:50PM Like  Reply
Enter me please. ( ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten) lilo and stitch. - BeagleBoy12   167.3 #2616 6-3-11 2:50PM Like  Reply
Unfortunately I can't say which is my favorite line sine I haven't got to ride on Eithier of them yet ;) but I would love to have one of each ... Thanks for giving everyone a chance to get a look at these. - EdLovesAlvena   288.6 #1126 6-3-11 2:51PM Like  Reply
“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.” Enter me please! - jazzydarling   39.3 #5719 6-3-11 2:52PM Like  Reply
Add me please :) I've got whoseits and what's it's galore - PrincessAlexis   171.7 #2544 6-3-11 2:52PM Like  Reply
"May the force be with you" - BibbidiBobbidiBoo   127.0 #3277 6-3-11 2:53PM Like  Reply
Enter me please. Favorite line is from part of your world "What do they call them? Oh, feet" :) - robertoe258   5.0 #20824 6-3-11 2:57PM Like  Reply
Me please! From TLM "Wouldn't you think I'm the girl, the girl who has everything?" & from Star Wars its when Anakin first see Padmé "Are you an angel?" I love these two parts. thank you! - Wicked   285.3 #1155 6-3-11 2:57PM Like  Reply
Enter me !!!!!...... "Zutalo I have missed one " lol I'm not sure if it's the right word but it cracks me up everytime lol!!! - MERMAID- MOMMY   15.7 #9296 6-3-11 2:57PM Like  Reply
"I'm not a child anymore". But I will always be a child inside even if Ariel doesn't want to be. So, please enter me. - SUUZinOCretiredPLAID   1036.1 #224 6-3-11 2:58PM Like  Reply
Please enter me - donduck   21.8 #7737 6-3-11 3:03PM Like  Reply
Ooooo oooooo me please!!!!!!! That's is so cool of you to grab those!!!!  there are so many lines to choose from......" flounder don't be such a guppy!" " Luke I am Your father" - lulu120   212.9 #1983 6-3-11 3:04PM Like  Reply
Add me please. TY - Ms.Mouseketeer   1008.8 #229 6-3-11 3:05PM Like  Reply
Kiss the girl. Add me please :) - Storybrooke   681.4 #350 6-3-11 3:05PM Like  Reply
Luke I am your father.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! - Goofyman74   3.5 #31357 6-3-11 3:06PM Like  Reply
How kind of you to think of others, the effort is definitely appreciated. Please enter me. My favorite quote from the star wars movies would have to be chewbacca's wookie call. "ggwwarrrrhhhhuu" idk about the spelling. Thanks again and good luck to everyone! - AgentP   113.1 #3567 6-3-11 3:07PM Like  Reply
Please enter me! My wife loves LM! Favorite line is Scuttle: "A banded, bulbous snarfblatt." Star wars I would have to go with. "That’s no moon, it’s a space station" Thanks for entering me! I really appreciate it!! - pumba52   4.5 #22919 6-3-11 3:07PM Like  Reply
"Kiesss theee girl" Little Mermaid only please =] - PartyMousterAIR   132.4 #3187 6-3-11 3:08PM Like  Reply
Add me please. And thank you. - vmchaser96   7.9 #14570 6-3-11 3:09PM Like  Reply
Star tours one please. Favorite line from empire strikes back: "I love you." "I know." ah! Gets me evey time! :) - RetroMinnie   55.2 #4937 6-3-11 3:09PM Like  Reply
From Little Mermaid: "Well, look what the catfish dragged in" From Star Wars: "Laugh it up, fuzzball". Thanks for entering me into your RAK. Cheers! - proudcanuck   478.6 #521 6-3-11 3:13PM Like  Reply
I want to be, where the people are... thanks! - DonaldMissingPants   304.1 #1020 6-3-11 3:13PM Like  Reply
Enter me please, and my fav line from TLM, Is "I'm 16, I'm not a child anymore". Heck if I had a map for everytime I said that to my own mother, I could probably send each and everyone on MW about 5 from both parks, LOL - wishiwasatdisney   5.3 #19734 6-3-11 3:14PM Like  Reply
Count me in! Newbir here. - afloreZ66   8.6 #13641 6-3-11 3:16PM Like  Reply
Please enter me! From Star Wars "I'd rather kiss a wookie"... from TLM "OH, MY POOR LITTLE POOPSIES!" - LAFDWifey   81.5 #4169 6-3-11 3:16PM Like  Reply
Oh please enter me. I love it when scuttle calls the pipe a snorkblat and I love anything yoda says :0) - acesdisneygirl   158.2 #2755 6-3-11 3:19PM Like  Reply
Add me please just for TLM:) TLM: I'm 16 years old! - littleriver95   123.0 #3349 6-3-11 3:20PM Like  Reply
Please enter me My Daughter would love them!! - clady71973   125.8 #3297 6-3-11 3:22PM Like  Reply
Enter me please..... From Star Wars "who's scruffy lookin" and from TLM "teenagers.... Dey tink dey know everyting"...... - NascarDave   325.0 #884 6-3-11 3:23PM Like  Reply
Me please. And I would recite a quote if I remembered any.  - Ht   793.1 #285 6-3-11 3:25PM Like  Reply
It's not like that she's my sister - E-Ticket   1784.3 #115 6-3-11 3:25PM Like  Reply
Ohhhhhh. Laugh it up furball - DiznefanHi   302.9 #1029 6-3-11 3:25PM Like  Reply
These are not the droids you are looking for. - Mickey_Badge   282.8 #1180 6-3-11 3:27PM Like  Reply
Please enter me!! - hello_pirate_goodbye   13.4 #10213 6-3-11 3:27PM Like  Reply
Enter me, please. Just a TLM map. Thank you! I love anything Ursula says! - AndReallyBadEggs   254.8 #1443 6-3-11 3:28PM Like  Reply
Enter me please. "you stay here and watch for sharks!" " SHARKS!" - kikusam   33.3 #6205 6-3-11 3:29PM Like  Reply
Can u enter me for TLM... Thanks :) - cobi13   10.9 #11698 6-3-11 3:29PM Like  Reply
somebody's gotta nail dat girl's fins to day floor -TLM!!!! - SammyJo   348.7 #779 6-3-11 3:30PM Like  Reply
I would love a ST guide. Thank you for entering me. - pirates72   149.2 #2903 6-3-11 3:30PM Like  Reply
Enter me please! I've got gadgets and gizmos of plenty. Who's it's and what's it's galore! - OneRareRose   141.4 #3038 6-3-11 3:32PM Like  Reply
I'm not entering but holy smokes girl! I love your dedication in picking these up! That's totally awesome! - weaver941   403.9 #643 6-3-11 3:33PM Like  Reply
Enter me please. Thanks so much. - MiggyMouse   296.9 #1062 6-3-11 3:34PM Like  Reply
Me please!!! - DisneylandFan2   477.5 #523 6-3-11 3:36PM Like  Reply
Enter me for both favorite line from TLM is "flounder stop being such a guppy" - Disneymommy10   31.2 #6422 6-3-11 3:37PM Like  Reply
Come in. Come in, my child. We mustn't lurk in doorways. It's rude. One might question your upbringing. -Ursula. Please! I'd love the little mermaid map! Add me please - kristian   2004.9 #100 6-3-11 3:38PM Like  Reply
Please enter me! Thanks  - malycart   13.6 #10124 6-3-11 3:39PM Like  Reply
Weaver941: lol I know a lot of people cant make it to the parks and since I'm only 10 mins away I don't mind :) - Dreamer   276.1 #1244 6-3-11 3:39PM Like  Reply
Oh me please!!!! "it's a trap!" - Stef   121.7 #3375 6-3-11 3:41PM Like  Reply
" look at this stuff, isn't it neat" add me plz! :) - YoungDisney   369.0 #717 6-3-11 3:43PM Like  Reply
Enter me please and thank you for using your time to get such a great RAK. - FroggyfriendsCM   269.0 #1319 6-3-11 3:43PM Like  Reply
Please enter me! My fav line is when Scuttle says "it's a dinglehopper!" Thank you! - jodykatin   479.1 #520 6-3-11 3:48PM Like  Reply
Enter me please!!! From tlm " geez mon I'm surrounded by amatures" from st " may the force be with you!" - Disney-PINcess   264.4 #1363 6-3-11 3:49PM Like  Reply
Me please: "and I thought these things smelled bad...on the outside". Thank you! - jessesanchezjr   14.1 #9926 6-3-11 3:50PM Like  Reply
I would be happy with either one (He's very handsome, isn't he. He looks very hairy and slobbery to me). Thanks for a chance at this awesome RAK! - BabyMineDumbo   6.5 #16846 6-3-11 3:51PM Like  Reply
Please enter me for just little mermaid. Thank u. - anthony91765   167.6 #2608 6-3-11 3:52PM Like  Reply
Oooh I would love these! Please enter me! - courtney-rella   13.3 #10297 6-3-11 3:53PM Like  Reply
Please enter me... Would go great in my collection.... Favorite lines are... Laugh it up fuzzball... Who's scruffy lookin... I've got a bad feeling about this... All by Han Solo... - Disneylanddad702   467.3 #542 6-3-11 3:54PM Like  Reply
" well they weren't kidding when they called me well.. A witch!" please enter me I really want a little mermaid map!!! - tinyseed   13.8 #10069 6-3-11 3:55PM Like  Reply
He looks kinda hairy scuttle to lm about prince eric but he is looking at max - shopalot926   50.7 #5141 6-3-11 3:56PM Like  Reply
Hi enter me please...TLM..."Flounder don't be such a guppy...I'm not a guppy".. (Ariel).ST..."We are now part of the tribe" (C3po about .....THANK YOU !!!! - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2952 6-3-11 3:56PM Like  Reply
enter me for both please thanks!!!!!!!!! - DuffysJuju   634.0 #375 6-3-11 3:58PM Like  Reply
Id love to enter please! Thank you :) Fave quote is: Ursula: Come in. Come in, my child. We mustn't lurk in doorways. It's rude. One might question your upbringing. - CarmenINwonderlanD   265.1 #1350 6-3-11 3:59PM Like  Reply
Enter me please!!! - Princess Leia: "Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herder." Han Solo: "Who's scruffy-looking?" - bonaevox   3.9 #27295 6-3-11 4:04PM Like  Reply
Crud I forgot to add the line, "Someone oughta nail dat girls fins to da floor." -Sebastion - DuffysJuju   634.0 #375 6-3-11 4:09PM Like  Reply
Enter me please! Flounder your such a guppie! - ladyk23   12.3 #10828 6-3-11 4:09PM Like  Reply
"Teenagers...dey tink dey know everything. You give dem an inch, dey swim all over you." -Sebastian (Little Mermaid) “Watch your mouth kid, or you’ll find yourself floating home.” -Hans Solo (Star Wars) - nittywitty   199.5 #2162 6-3-11 4:10PM Like  Reply
this is a dingle hopper. Add me plzzz - erINwonderlandCM   261.1 #1389 6-3-11 4:11PM Like  Reply
Enter me please. Favorite quote- "Don't you take that tone of voice with me young lady. As long as you live under my ocean, you'll obey my rules" - LoveLove   346.0 #787 6-3-11 4:13PM Like  Reply
"but daddy I love him" please enter me! Ph and I only need TLM one. - Momof2princesses   154.5 #2816 6-3-11 4:15PM Like  Reply
Vader: Luke... I am your father. Luke:noooooooooooooooo! Me please! - disneygal92   93.8 #3908 6-3-11 4:16PM Like  Reply
Enter me for the Ariel one please and my favorite line is Ariel: All right, I'm going inside. You can just stay here and watch for sharks. Flounder: Okay. Yeah, you go. I'll just stay and... What? Sharks? Ariel! - SarahInWonderland   42.9 #5505 6-3-11 4:17PM Like  Reply
enter me please - britt   49.2 #5213 6-3-11 4:18PM Like  Reply
Little mermaid please :) "Floatsam jetsam now I got her boys, the boss is on a role!!" - DisneyVillain   356.0 #757 6-3-11 4:18PM Like  Reply
Sebastian:somebody's got to nail that girls fins to the floor. Please enter me!!!! And I only want the TLM one please!!! - cheerbabe8784   54.7 #4959 6-3-11 4:19PM Like  Reply
Star tours for me! Thanks! - debzdo   5.7 #18667 6-3-11 4:20PM Like  Reply
Ooooh me please!! TLM Quote: "She's got legs you idiot!" :) - mermaidgirl   339.4 #810 6-3-11 4:22PM Like  Reply
Enter me please please!!!! - tinyfresh24   4.3 #24209 6-3-11 4:26PM Like  Reply
Little Mermaid for me pretty please! - MainStreetMom   112.5 #3575 6-3-11 4:26PM Like  Reply
Please enter me for a Star Tours! Thank u! - jjdq   338.0 #818 6-3-11 4:41PM Like  Reply
enter me for both please! "you want thingamabobs? i got 20!" - nicoleface   1753.2 #119 6-3-11 4:42PM Like  Reply
"You're not getting cold fins now, are you?" "This is Red 5, I’m going in." I'd love one of each :) I've been collecting the park maps for years now, and even have one from when Toontown opened up! - Tanaguchi   13.2 #10349 6-3-11 4:50PM Like  Reply
I like when there in the boat together and Thesong kiss the girl is playing not a quote but my favorite part. Stars tours from the old one: brakes, brakes where's the brakes..ahhhhh. Please add me thank you - thumpur   348.1 #781 6-3-11 4:50PM Like  Reply
Please put me in for the star tours one. Thanks. - Honest_John   32.3 #6300 6-3-11 4:52PM Like  Reply
Few are reading your rules, where's the lines. Star wars, "laugh it up fuzzball.". And little mermaid, "Teenagers...dey tink dey know everything. You give dem an inch, dey swim all over you. -Sebastian Thanks - unclebeezy   255.1 #1437 6-3-11 5:06PM Like  Reply
Quote- I just don't understand how a world that makes such wonderful things.. Could be bad!"- TLM. I'd love to enter please!! I'd love one of each. My son would be thrilled!! - Zara   283.3 #1178 6-3-11 5:07PM Like  Reply
Me please!!!!! - yasnalovesyou   58.2 #4824 6-3-11 5:10PM Like  Reply
Please enter me!!! "and don't under estimate the importance of body language! Ha!" - Nesabell   157.7 #2763 6-3-11 5:12PM Like  Reply
I'll enter: “I have a bad feeling about this!” - MMouse   8.6 #13667 6-3-11 5:22PM Like  Reply
"Why you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder!" - Polkadobo   385.8 #676 6-3-11 5:23PM Like  Reply
Enter me please for star tours - goob   142.9 #3013 6-3-11 5:25PM Like  Reply
Ooh, me please. - BrookeA6100   37.8 #5819 6-3-11 5:32PM Like  Reply
Me please. My line will be from SW! "laugh it up fuzzball" hahah great line!! Haha thanks! - pirategirl17_CM   264.7 #1356 6-3-11 5:38PM Like  Reply
Me too plz..... Ty :) - Catcherman22   123.6 #3336 6-3-11 5:50PM Like  Reply
Please enter me! I  when Leia says "I love you" and Han says "I know."  - indyRocks   373.8 #707 6-3-11 5:56PM Like  Reply
Me please. Dave is when today says do or do not, there is no try. - dcaprio   66.5 #4543 6-3-11 5:59PM Like  Reply
Your great I'd do the same if I had the opportunity hehe. I'd love to enter!! ty - Mickeyshell   284.7 #1166 6-3-11 5:59PM Like  Reply
I would love to have those. I wish I could be there today. - disneydavid   71.3 #4408 6-3-11 6:01PM Like  Reply
Enter me please "I just don't see how a world that makes such beautiful things, could be bad" - arieldonald   53.7 #4995 6-3-11 6:10PM Like  Reply
Add me please! - TangledNdisneY   324.7 #31 6-3-11 6:11PM Like  Reply
I'd like one of each or either or so I'll give you my fav line from both. TLM- "I'll admit that in the past I've been a nasty, they weren't kidding when they called me well a witch". ST- "Twisted by the dark side, young Skywalker has become. The boy you trained, gone he is... consumed by Darth Vader." this is such a cool RAK, thank you! - RickeyCalifornia   158.1 #2758 6-3-11 6:12PM Like  Reply
enter me :D Ariel: I've never seen a human this close before. Oh - he's very handsome, isn't he? Scuttle: (Looking at Max) I dunno, he looks kinda hairy and slobbery to me. - derkie   102.1 #3765 6-3-11 6:20PM Like  Reply
How nice of you to give up your lunch to be able to RAK these! Scuttle: "There's something different. Don't tell me. I got it. It's your hairdo, right? You've been using the dinglehopper, right?" - NikkiMickey   1686.3 #123 6-3-11 6:27PM Like  Reply
I wanna be where the people areeeee! Thank you:) - ladylikesdisney   945.0 #240 6-3-11 6:30PM Like  Reply
my favorite line from TLM is "flounder stop being such a guppy", please enter me for both - Thumper23   119.1 #3428 6-3-11 7:10PM Like  Reply
I would luv to win! My fav line is when skuttle tells Ariel " I don't know, he looks hairy and slobbery to me" when he confuses the dog for Eric - DisneyRose   247.9 #1522 6-3-11 7:30PM Like  Reply
Go on and kiss the girl Enter me please - KAA   357.4 #753 6-3-11 7:32PM Like  Reply
Me please!!! - sdman17   10.2 #12190 6-3-11 7:34PM Like  Reply
Me me me hehehehhee - Tink89   2.2 #62095 6-3-11 7:35PM Like  Reply
I wanta be where the people are...add me please - MelindaLuvsDisneyland   258.8 #1411 6-3-11 7:36PM Like  Reply
All of "Part of Your World" is my favorite in TLM! I can write out the entire song if you'd like, but I think it might take up too much space lol  - SPandEvLover   4843.7 #36 6-3-11 7:36PM Like  Reply
Please enter me thanks!!! My fave quote from LM is "Go on and kiss de girl!" :) - catiem_CM   311.2 #970 6-3-11 7:38PM Like  Reply
"Don't be such a guppy!" Thanks for considering me! This is very nice of you. - DisneyPhotoFan   921.7 #243 6-3-11 7:44PM Like  Reply
Add me please - spaceranger916   383.1 #681 6-3-11 7:47PM Like  Reply
I love all the songs and my favorite is when she cant talk and try to communicate :) Please enter me, thanks! - SillySwings   471.0 #535 6-3-11 7:50PM Like  Reply
Add me please - vegasbrat   435.4 #586 6-3-11 7:52PM Like  Reply
Enter me please!!!  - MrsE   30.6 #6490 6-3-11 7:52PM Like  Reply
Oh please add me!! My favorite line from little mermaid is "don't you ever underestimate the impact of body language HAH!!" please choose me I hope I win!! - thebigr   8.1 #14334 6-3-11 7:53PM Like  Reply
Bump! 5 mins left - Dreamer   276.1 #1244 6-3-11 7:55PM Like  Reply
Use the force Luke!!! Please enter me - hawaiichick52   292.3 #1099 6-3-11 7:55PM Like  Reply
Enter me please. I would like just the little mermaid. My favorite line from the movie is "go on and kiss the girl". - acesmagic   122.7 #3354 6-3-11 7:56PM Like  Reply
Add me please- the force is strong with this one- thanks! - mrssumr   70.4 #4424 6-3-11 7:56PM Like  Reply
"Laugh it up, fuzzball" Forgot to add that earlier, sorry. - sdman17   10.2 #12190 6-3-11 7:59PM Like  Reply
This RAK is officially closed! :/ sorry guys I need a couple mins to pick winners  - Dreamer   276.1 #1244 6-3-11 8:01PM Like  Reply
Ohhh enter us please my kids would love that were r going in october - Bigchris   17.2 #8811 6-3-11 8:03PM Like  Reply
Enter me - waltermartinez   0.2 #104080 6-3-11 9:58PM Like  Reply
Am I too late? Please enter me - keli7516   225.3 #1812 7-27-11 9:41PM Like  Reply
Is there still time. To enter me? From tlm I like "she was singin with a stolen set of pipes!" - amerado   9.5 #12791 7-27-11 9:46PM Like  Reply
Awww...I'm too late! - LiloCyntax   170.0 #2577 7-27-11 10:39PM Like  Reply
I would love to be picked!!! - MiSSkriss   19.2 #8301 7-27-11 10:41PM Like  Reply