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25.3 #5432 DL Qual #5249 6-4-11 1:33AM
Currently 1:30am. The last group to ride Star Tours of opening day.. Or should I say.. The first on Saturday to ride it the second day.. I've never seen Disneyland this empty!! What a treat!

Tagged in: Star Tours  
Treat indeed. Nice pic. The park is all yours... And whoever else is still there. Lol - 5Disney5  8.6 #9487 6-4-11 1:35AM Like  Reply
Always love the castle at night & last minute shopping on Main ST before leaving. :) - mcarthy6  426.5 #423 6-4-11 1:38AM Like  Reply
And... We caught the last tram. Awesome!! - Wilaine  25.3 #5432 6-4-11 1:38AM Like  Reply
Lucky lucky you bask in it  - HisLilo  198.8 #1839 6-4-11 1:39AM Like  Reply
That line stayed a consistent 100 min. after 10 pm until park closing. Hope you enjoyed it!! - MimiMouse  1022.3 #129 6-4-11 1:40AM Like  Reply
Last time I was there it was that empty around new Orleans square and that whole area. It was really nice cuz earlier there had been massive amounts of people there. - lavalite  5.2 #14279 6-4-11 1:40AM Like  Reply
@wilaine. What was the wait time n did u enjoy ST? - 5Disney5  8.6 #9487 6-4-11 1:43AM Like  Reply
Totally worth the wait!! Soo blessed!! Ok here's my tip.. Ride all other rides during the day.. Do it.. Seriously!! Then get in line for star tours before closing! Ride last!! (you can ask to ride last) walk a relaxing walk thur Disneyland. :) - Wilaine  25.3 #5432 6-4-11 1:48AM Like  Reply
Wow that's awesome! - VegasDisneyFreak  221.2 #1541 6-4-11 1:49AM Like  Reply
@5D.. A little over an hour.. We asked to wait to be te last group to ride.. Soo.. That took bout another 15 minutes. ;) - Wilaine  25.3 #5432 6-4-11 1:51AM Like  Reply
Wow I didn't know they would do that?? - Storybrooke  681.4 #212 6-4-11 1:52AM Like  Reply
I take it they pretty much guide you out and not let you wander off. I am surprised any stores would remain open after the park closes. - Plucky  7.9 #10029 6-4-11 1:59AM Like  Reply
Yeah.. We didn't think we could either but all we did was asked and we were the last group! - Wilaine  25.3 #5432 6-4-11 2:00AM Like  Reply
Now why can't disneyland always be like this?! - MissAshley  113.6 #3087 6-4-11 2:00AM Like  Reply
Sounds awesome. Must have been a great experience - Applek_CM  246.0 #1229 6-4-11 2:01AM Like  Reply
@teen.. That's what I was saying the whole way out! Lol - Wilaine  25.3 #5432 6-4-11 2:04AM Like  Reply
@applek.. It was truly a magical moment! - Wilaine  25.3 #5432 6-4-11 2:04AM Like  Reply
Awe wishi was there with my tripod!!! - mwonandroid  348.8 #559 6-4-11 2:05AM Like  Reply
I believe as long as you get in line before midnight (which was closing) and the wait time is about an hour to an hour and a half then that's about right that the ride let's you out at 1 or 1:30 am. - MimiMouse  1022.3 #129 6-4-11 2:08AM Like  Reply
Wow - Ohkinnam  24.0 #5560 6-4-11 2:25AM Like  Reply
What a great picture! - babebahn  207.3 #1728 6-4-11 2:26AM Like  Reply
Neat pic! - CrashIntoMe  53.4 #4103 6-4-11 2:27AM Like  Reply
*Magically* Marvelous!!!! - WaltSentMe  321.6 #662 6-4-11 2:29AM Like  Reply