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The First Disneyland Weight Loss Program
601.0 #319 DL Qual #211 6-7-11 8:14AM
I was in DL last week and now that I'm home, I've realized I lost some weight. Please don't congratulate me--while we we were in Anaheim, we got a call from my brother in law that said our dog was sick. We told him to go ahead and go to the vet; it ended up that our dog needed to be put down :(. Those few pounds are from sadness and stress, and I would much rather be a little heavier and have my dog than have lost the weight! Here's my moral: The next time you're worried about a few negligible pounds, try to think of all the wonderful things you have in your life and be happy with your little blessings :)
Aw, I'm so sorry about your dog. I know how sad it is to lose a family member like that. My condolences to you and your family. - TamiPoppins   40.6 #4950 6-7-11 8:22AM Like  Reply
I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your family pet. We lost our dog about a month ago as well, so I know what you are going through. It is so hard especially when they have been with you so long. We had our Slinky dog for 10 years. I just remind the kids that he is still and will always be a part of our family. - tram1995   12.6 #8894 6-7-11 8:24AM Like  Reply
Oh my!! I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for the reminder to keep things in perspective. - vernswifevickie   400.5 #529 6-7-11 8:33AM Like  Reply
Thanks, you guys--I really appreciate your kindness! @tram1995: I'm sorry to hear about your dog, also. They really are parts of our families. We have so many things in life to be thankful for, and a few pounds really don't matter much in the grand scheme of things :) - Spoonful_O_Sugar   601.0 #319 6-7-11 8:41AM Like  Reply
My heart goes out to you spoonful and tram..When I was young we lost both our poodles and my mother read to us a rudyard Kipling poem "The power of the dog".. That said I would give my heart for a dog to tear everytime. They bring so much joy and companionship. I do cherish the moments we have.. moments we have.. - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2704 6-7-11 9:12AM Like  Reply
Aw, thanks Twinklelashes! I read that poem when I was a kid--thanks for reminding me about it :) I had dogs all through my childhood, but this loss is particularly painful because he was the first dog that was truly mine and my husband's--we were his caretakers. Plus, he was not even 5 years old, so we thought we had many more years with him. - Spoonful_O_Sugar   601.0 #319 6-7-11 10:39AM Like  Reply
I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. :( - Mrs.mouse   543.6 #358 6-7-11 10:56AM Like  Reply
Aw I think it's even worse when a pet dies young. At least if they are older I'm kind of expecting it, and even then it's still heart breaking. So sorry again. - TamiPoppins   40.6 #4950 6-7-11 11:00AM Like  Reply
Aw Spoonful, I'm so sorry to read this. I'm a total dog person and (especially since I'm unemployed) my dog Pono is my absolute best buddy. I can't imagine my life without him. If it makes you feel any better, when I'm sad or depressed I eat everything in sight and would have gained 20 lbs! - msdizmaui   676.2 #275 6-7-11 3:24PM Like  Reply
Thanks for the good wishes, everyone :). I really appreciate your support! - Spoonful_O_Sugar   601.0 #319 6-7-11 7:09PM Like  Reply