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748.4 #320 DL Qual #1623 6-22-11 8:49PM
Disney is now offering Mobile Magic for Verizon users.
Competition for MW? We shall see! hehe - SergZak   3125.8 #58 6-22-11 8:54PM Like  Reply
I think I will stick with my familia here! - DizGeek   453.7 #570 6-22-11 8:56PM Like  Reply
I enjoy mw - Splashmountgirl   337.1 #834 6-22-11 8:57PM Like  Reply
Unless you have little kids who want to see the characters, MW is waay better!! I almost got the mobile magic app but I'm really glad I got this one instead! Plus its free! :) - ilovedisney77   37.6 #5863 6-22-11 9:01PM Like  Reply
yeah that thing suxs I used that once when it was free WAY before I was on mousewait or had an iphone - mommy_likes_minnie   270.8 #1306 6-22-11 9:02PM Like  Reply
Copy cat! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!! - Boundin   944.4 #243 6-22-11 9:03PM Like  Reply
I've checked it out and you have to txt. Not all organized and readily accessible like MW  - minnieMisty   276.9 #1245 6-22-11 9:03PM Like  Reply
I'd love free wifi in the park! Just wishin and hopin... - TangledGrL   6.6 #16674 6-22-11 9:04PM Like  Reply
Boo. I'm sticking with the original!! Go MW!! - Chadco   310.9 #985 6-22-11 9:04PM Like  Reply
Bad imitation. Since I'm on iPhone, I have to use the Mobile version. Where are the wait times? Has anyone found them on the mobile version? - SergZak   3125.8 #58 6-22-11 9:05PM Like  Reply
This has been available for a while. I've used it before and it DOES NOT COMPARE to MouseWait! It's very clunky and not very user friendly. MouseWait is 1,000,000,000,000 times better! - PrincessKristin   780.8 #299 6-22-11 9:06PM Like  Reply
 LAME! - KAA   357.4 #761 6-22-11 9:06PM Like  Reply
Mousewait is much better!!! - gomezinc   24.2 #7337 6-22-11 9:06PM Like  Reply
Bunk MW is better!!! Lol - Briana   241.0 #1622 6-22-11 9:07PM Like  Reply
Pass - SueBayou   2019.2 #99 6-22-11 9:07PM Like  Reply
I was curious so I a response that said not available on my phone. But there is no way it would be better than MW! ' Cuz MW is not just Disney-its Family! - Gia   802.2 #285 6-22-11 9:07PM Like  Reply
Mw - mcarthy6   426.5 #609 6-22-11 9:09PM Like  Reply
Wow, it sounds really lame. And they charge two bucks for it? Like the $100 you pay to get in isn't enough? Good grief. If Admin can do all of this and give it away for free...seriously. - TandAlly   213.5 #1984 6-22-11 9:13PM Like  Reply
MW forever lol  - lisaw   240.4 #1628 6-22-11 9:17PM Like  Reply
MW is all that and more! Don't worry Admin. We will keep you number 1!! - AKMouse   491.9 #508 6-22-11 9:26PM Like  Reply
@TandAlly it was free like last year I want say is when I used it it I think it was SUPER lame I just looked at it thats all didnt even use it - mommy_likes_minnie   270.8 #1306 6-22-11 9:27PM Like  Reply
If I remember correctly there's been Mobile Magic (only for Verizon customers) for at least a year if not longer. - LilSterner   5828.4 #27 6-22-11 9:28PM Like  Reply
MouseWait Forever!!! - NeverlandTink   423.1 #614 6-22-11 9:31PM Like  Reply
MW4 ever! - calidream1   398.1 #659 6-22-11 9:32PM Like  Reply
There's a difference between that one and mouse wait the admin of mouse wait cares about his site and verizon is after a couple bucks... Mouse wait is free... They say the best things in life are free - cowboygoofy   219.7 #1898 6-22-11 9:53PM Like  Reply
I was also told it only works for certain phones my droid x wouldn't work on it - cowboygoofy   219.7 #1898 6-22-11 9:54PM Like  Reply
Me too I rather do MW. I love MW - piratemom   467.6 #550 6-22-11 9:57PM Like  Reply
I have it and prefer MW with out a doubt. MW Is by far THE best app of apps. Don't be fooled by copy cats. MW is the best. - SUUZinOCretiredPLAID   1036.1 #225 6-22-11 10:04PM Like  Reply
MW unite and conquer. Hahaha - Bignfast   42.1 #5573 6-22-11 10:08PM Like  Reply
MW is free and so much more. - MinnieNurse   331.5 #861 6-22-11 10:41PM Like  Reply
I read the reviews in the Android market and they are horrible. I'll pass! - Mimmy   1442.4 #150 6-22-11 10:42PM Like  Reply
Tried it too and it was horrible!!!! The price has come down but wouldn't get it even if it were free!! - jjdq   338.0 #829 6-23-11 10:03AM Like  Reply
MW por vida! - mildchyld   20.4 #8056 6-23-11 10:05AM Like  Reply
They have had that app forever now but its just too expensive and nowhere near as good as MW, Admin just knows how to make a good app and Jeep it running!! - hXcDisn3y   162.9 #2696 6-23-11 10:11AM Like  Reply
I would probably use it to stalk- err I mean find chararcters :) - Dreamer   276.1 #1255 6-23-11 10:23AM Like  Reply
Ick. I used that app in WDW last summer. Most of the time, it would tell me that my location was "not recognizable," even though I was in one of the parks. Stick with MW! - susieQzee   555.8 #437 6-23-11 10:23AM Like  Reply
This was a waste of 2 bucks for me. Stick with MW - BigThunderCharlie   183.0 #2383 6-23-11 10:28AM Like  Reply
Boooo Verizon! Hisssss! =P - LBChica   2550.8 #70 6-23-11 10:33AM Like  Reply
MWis the "Gold Standard" Everything else is just sub-par. - proudcanuck   478.6 #527 6-23-11 10:34AM Like  Reply
This is not new at all. Last summer they use to pass this out when you parked your car and also had flyers on it at the wait board, first off it costs money second it does not have that much info and the wait times are off. If somebody could purchase it that has a verizon phone I will pay you back for it if you could send me some screen shots, Ill even buy you a dole whip - Dave   13924.0 #9 6-23-11 10:38AM Like  Reply
Go MW!!! It's the best! - sewgirl   342.6 #806 6-23-11 10:41AM Like  Reply
No thanks!! - cinderella5   333.1 #851 6-23-11 10:42AM Like  Reply
They charge for that! I used it last ywar. - Katrayher   781.0 #298 6-23-11 10:42AM Like  Reply
I would much rather have mw and they charge for it - Stephen   284.6 #1171 6-23-11 11:19AM Like  Reply
Disney missed the boat on that one. they should have hooked up with MW, BUT we know Disney would not do it for free. - Disneymba   39.3 #5743 6-23-11 11:22AM Like  Reply
It's incredibly limited and barely functional. I never bought it, I can't remember now if it was because they it wasn't blackberry compatible or if it wasn't droid compatible...regardless, MW is infinitely better. - SorcererMky   306.1 #1016 6-23-11 11:33AM Like  Reply
I am always telling someone about MW, everywhere I go....I am a MW defender. when I hear someone talking about this I usually can make them at least give MW a try. - Popns_carpetbag   346.3 #794 6-23-11 11:50AM Like  Reply
Boo  One and Only MW - sixsixty660   41.2 #5633 6-23-11 12:00PM Like  Reply
Thanks for the info. But I'll stick with MW. - pirate5150   10.4 #12128 6-23-11 4:25PM Like  Reply
That's  - SamOwens   169.0 #2599 6-23-11 4:50PM Like  Reply
HOW DO I REPORT THIS POST?? - SamOwens   169.0 #2599 6-23-11 4:51PM Like  Reply
Theyve had that for a while - swingingwake   217.9 #1925 6-23-11 4:52PM Like  Reply
No thank you ! I'm Happy with my MW - Thegrumpyone   118.9 #3439 6-23-11 7:52PM Like  Reply
Isn't Verizon removing unlimited data usage? Doesnt that mean you're gonna get charged for all that data usage while in the parks? Good luck with that.. I'm happy with Sprint... - Disney_lvr   137.3 #3120 6-23-11 8:06PM Like  Reply
If it had appearances for all the characters id use it for that but m's stll rules for the lounge and livin the disney experiences vicariously through everyone here! - madsdad   1868.2 #110 6-23-11 8:15PM Like  Reply
Its all about MOUSEWAIT if you get that your a trader Jk - DLR_Fan   275.0 #1269 6-23-11 8:16PM Like  Reply
@Disney lvr Yes, Verizon is dropping unlimited data, but those who currently have it can keep it. - KISSman   7.5 #15247 6-23-11 8:16PM Like  Reply
I tried to get it 2 days ago but it wasn't available for my model, droid x - Paulina   43.5 #5500 6-23-11 8:18PM Like  Reply
OMG thank goodness I already have unlimited data plan. - donnievegas   1132.7 #202 6-23-11 10:04PM Like  Reply
It's a bad move on their (Verizon) part.. they will lose new customers this way.. I say stick with what works.. MW! - Disney_lvr   137.3 #3120 6-23-11 10:13PM Like  Reply
I remember that back when I had Verizon. It was $9.99 for 3 months, + data charges. (If you didn't have unlimited) I had unlimited, but did not want to pay that price for a virtural map, when I could get one at the gate, plus I could always ask a CM Where the characters would be. - MisFit.Mouse   693.8 #347 6-23-11 10:14PM Like  Reply
I used to work for VZW and MW is by far better than any app they have put out. - shakanarnarshane   212.2 #2008 6-23-11 11:56PM Like  Reply
I can't imagine not having unlimited data!! I'd have to lock my phone up to stay off it. Glad I already have it. - Mimmy   1442.4 #150 6-24-11 12:01AM Like  Reply
Where have you been - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #205 6-24-11 12:02AM Like  Reply
Not worth it! Stick with MW. - People_Mover   24.1 #7359 6-24-11 4:19AM Like  Reply
Boooo! Im staying with MW! - hairdog67   289.0 #1126 6-24-11 7:11AM Like  Reply
Mousewait!!! Plus MW is free! - Disguy   11.6 #11304 6-24-11 8:11AM Like  Reply