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444.9 #400 DL Qual #494 7-3-11 10:22PM
Ok this is an odd question but has anybody experienced any unpleasant after affects from eating the Turkey leg...that say ohhhh have you running to the bathroom?
Lol I am a pescatarian so dont eat meat but my son had bad wind after eating one of these. That and beef jerky. We had to ban him from it and we don't get it here so thank goodness for that because it was shocking. - Cath  26.3 #5322 7-3-11 10:49PM Like  Reply
Nope! But I've never had one and after this I don't think I will! - calidream1  394.9 #471 7-3-11 10:50PM Like  Reply
What I really want to know is how disneyland has like an unlimited supply of turkey legs day in and day out.. - AndrewJ  158.9 #2382 7-3-11 10:50PM Like  Reply
It smelt like a turkey had crawled up his butt and died - Cath  26.3 #5322 7-3-11 10:51PM Like  Reply
We have gotten it twice and never had any problems but now I'm kinda freaked out.. Haha! - kritomiester  332.7 #611 7-3-11 10:52PM Like  Reply
Never brave enough to actually try it...tried one at the LA County Fair. How do the Disney ones compare? - SergZak  3125.8 #27 7-3-11 10:54PM Like  Reply
I've never tried one and after reading this thread I don't expect that to change! - Mimmy  1442.3 #78 7-3-11 10:55PM Like  Reply
It's like ham on a stick. With all of those chemicals and sodium, I always get concerned about people with heart disease, especially congestive heart failure. - PrincessKristin  779.8 #179 7-3-11 10:56PM Like  Reply
My family and my sisters family all had one and it affected us all the same..we spent the rest of the evening taking turns in our hotel bathroom...not an enjoyable evening.. - cdeley  444.9 #400 7-3-11 11:02PM Like  Reply
I just have no desire to try one. Just thinking about it makes me a little queasy. - Krismiss  304.9 #750 7-3-11 11:02PM Like  Reply
Not me, but I will be cautious from now on - MJisMM  31.0 #4991 7-3-11 11:04PM Like  Reply
If there is one thing I am sure about in life is that I will never have even a bite of a turkey leg. - PrincessDuckie  696.8 #201 7-3-11 11:08PM Like  Reply