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534.5 #454 DL Qual #535 7-11-11 10:25PM
I'm going to be a grandma in September and I'm feeling a lil young for the name grandma(in my late 30's) and I'm undecided what to be called...any suggestions?
I always like to see what the kids come up with. My daughter calls my mom mo-mo. - TedW   328.1 #869 7-11-11 10:26PM Like  Reply
Yay!! Congrats! How about Nana? - kbeenss   181.8 #2392 7-11-11 10:27PM Like  Reply
Nana, Nonnie - Dizkid   506.0 #487 7-11-11 10:28PM Like  Reply
Congratulations!!!! My children call my mom Nana. - ghostmom28   63.4 #4647 7-11-11 10:29PM Like  Reply
Memaw?? - disneychick   235.8 #1675 7-11-11 10:29PM Like  Reply
I'd love nana but that's what my mom is called so darn her already has dibs on that one  - TiggerBelle   534.5 #454 7-11-11 10:29PM Like  Reply
My mom felt she was too young to be called grandma and she always told my son to call her princess. By the time he was two she was really upset that he wouldn't call her some variation of grandma. She learned her lesson and all the other kidletts call her noni. My son is now 12 and just to get her goat he will call her princess now and again. - PopcornYeti   378.6 #693 7-11-11 10:31PM Like  Reply
I never liked nana because it reminds me of the dog in the Darling's bedroom in peter pan. Just go with grandma and make us actual old folks jealous. - Plumiegirl   10907.8 #11 7-11-11 10:31PM Like  Reply
I call my grandma Grams :) - Darlingwendi   1228.3 #173 7-11-11 10:34PM Like  Reply
I'd go with Grandma. Who cares about how old you are being a grandparent isn't about your age. - angryduck   143.1 #3008 7-11-11 10:35PM Like  Reply
How about mae-ma? G-ma? Kinda hip. Just kidding. Thehe - TheKaJaSi   144.8 #2978 7-11-11 10:39PM Like  Reply
My mom didn't want to be called Grandma either, so they call her Grammie. - DesperateMousewife   877.7 #254 7-11-11 10:39PM Like  Reply
My 18 month old calls my mom YaYa. Its greek for grandma (we are irish/german and in no way greek) my mom loves it and is proud of the name! - MissSplash   122.3 #3365 7-11-11 10:41PM Like  Reply
Nana - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.5 #180 7-11-11 10:44PM Like  Reply
Quick story, my step mother is 20 yrs younger than my pops, when my son was little anytime the 3 of us were together people would always think her and I were a couple and my kid was her son. Got really confusing at times. She didnt like my son calling her grandma at first but it grew on her. Lol - donnievegas   1132.7 #199 7-11-11 10:47PM Like  Reply
I would be happy to be called anything as long as I had grandkids! Lucky you!!! - Boundin   920.8 #244 7-11-11 10:59PM Like  Reply
When my oldest grandson started talking he would call me Mom because that's what my girls and son-in-law would call me. Many times I was asked if he was an Oops baby. It kinda hurt my daughter's feelings. When her 2nd son started talking we taught him to call me grandma. It took my oldest grandson a few weeks getting used to calling me grandma. Now my granddaughter calls me Grammy and she calls her other grandma Buddy. - Diznimom   225.3 #1816 7-11-11 11:06PM Like  Reply
Thank you soooo much for the name suggestions, well wishes, cute stories and reminders of how lucky I am that I get to be a grandparent...all are very much appreciated...MW'ers are the best  - TiggerBelle   534.5 #454 7-11-11 11:16PM Like  Reply
well mom i still say he should call you ga-momma ;) - Delimeat   6.9 #15952 7-13-11 8:29PM Like  Reply
I'd insist on being called Spanky - BLG   1048.9 #219 7-13-11 8:31PM Like  Reply
G-mom!! - DizGeek   453.7 #562 7-13-11 8:33PM Like  Reply
my sister use to foster kids, so rather than calling the grand-parents, grandma or grandpa - they used Grand "G" and Grand "D" (the first initial of their first name) - its stuck... and its different. - CallMeFlower   424.0 #606 7-13-11 8:36PM Like  Reply
My mother felt the same way (she was 52 at the time though) and she insisted on being called "nana"...but she recently said that if she were to do it over she would just be boys were confused for a while....didn't realize the nana equalled grandma. - ToshiStation   62.9 #4660 7-13-11 8:44PM Like  Reply
My mom was called lala. - Sasha513   286.6 #1144 7-13-11 8:46PM Like  Reply