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216.0 #1939 DL Qual #1859 7-13-11 3:44PM
so i totaly think i have a phobia. rides like snow white,peter pan, alice and any ride that has moving characters freak me i literally have to close my eyes when i see stuff that creep me out. am i the only one out there like that.?
Mines sort of different... I don't like seeing moving stuff underwater. The nemo ride? torture. I am scared to death of that ride, I rode it once and I don't plan on riding it again. I don't think I could ever go snorkeling or diving. :/ - acpowers13   148.8 #2911 7-13-11 3:48PM Like  Reply
i dont like the dark rides because i always think that someone is going to jump out at me from behind something. I watch to many scary movies - diznymommy84   215.9 #1943 7-13-11 4:07PM Like  Reply
I hate dark rides like pooh... the first time I went on it I started crying cause I was so scared during the part where pooh is having his dream and he's tumbling around... then again, I was really young soo... it still scares me though - acpowers13   148.8 #2911 7-13-11 4:10PM Like  Reply
...don't all of the rides have moving characters? Which ones don't freak you out? - ladylikesdisney   945.0 #240 7-13-11 4:11PM Like  Reply
yes they all do i can handle none scary parts as snow white once i see the two birds thats when i start closing eyes the witch is scary. and for btmm i dont like the whole animal and when u goin up on and see the water fallin so scary too. - GiGiMouse   216.0 #1939 7-13-11 4:17PM Like  Reply
how old are you? - missgoofy   371.6 #713 7-13-11 4:21PM Like  Reply
missgoofy i am 24 yrs old. - GiGiMouse   216.0 #1939 7-13-11 4:26PM Like  Reply
i like POTC but I don't like the parts where they have guns or canons pointed at me...freaks me out. - Spiderbeth   215.1 #1954 7-13-11 4:35PM Like  Reply
spiderbeth i totaly agree with u im good with pirates if i am sitting in the middle but the cannon parts scary. - GiGiMouse   216.0 #1939 7-13-11 4:40PM Like  Reply
I am the exact same way. Which can be a problem when working at Indy. I'm keeping my eyes closed.You can check your own seat belts. - JungleBum   1044.2 #221 7-13-11 4:43PM Like  Reply
It's not really a phobia, but on POTC I always think that the guns could be switched for real guns if someone really wanted to off somebody. I think I've watched too many conspiracy movies lol - cheloobee2319   18.2 #8554 7-13-11 4:44PM Like  Reply
Hahaha lmao @CMBaloo! - pintsize   290.1 #1112 7-13-11 4:48PM Like  Reply
Idk why, but everytime I ride POTC, I think what if we were to have a major earthquake and everyrhig caves in? Ugh I hate that. - Disneykidds_HaveWeMet   181.9 #2392 7-13-11 4:49PM Like  Reply
I'm not usually scared of the dark rides but I was totally freaked out when I went on mr. Toads by myself - kaylasmom   196.8 #2197 7-13-11 4:55PM Like  Reply
if i ride any of the fantasyland rides by myself, Snow White, Mr Toads, Pinochio, i still get creeped out - MrLeeFromDisney   263.7 #1370 7-13-11 4:59PM Like  Reply
cmbaloo remind me not to have u as my cm check time im on indy. - GiGiMouse   216.0 #1939 7-13-11 5:00PM Like  Reply