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1048.9 #220 DL Qual #783 7-17-11 11:27PM
Amazing mail day for the BLGs! This just arrived from PrettyPixie and Yeti. Thank you!!! One more thank-you post for another MWer to come...
Surprises in the mail are the best  - SassySally   44.5 #5446 7-17-11 11:29PM Like  Reply
They're an awesome couple. Look at all that Kool-Aid!  - iFramedRogerRabbit   1957.6 #105 7-17-11 11:30PM Like  Reply
That's so sweet of them!You should deep fry that kool aid - Candace   1737.8 #121 7-17-11 11:33PM Like  Reply
How sweet! - Krissy Marissy   411.2 #635 7-17-11 11:35PM Like  Reply
See, even banana licking girls are loved! Very nice of them! *applauds* - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.5 #183 7-17-11 11:36PM Like  Reply
I know! And you know what else is funny? I just blogged last night about missing pink lemonade Kool-Aid and there's tons of the stuff in here! - BLG   1048.9 #220 7-17-11 11:37PM Like  Reply
Wow you made out like a bandit!!!! - Rob512   756.3 #316 7-17-11 11:37PM Like  Reply
its for the dingos - toph   2418.2 #78 7-17-11 11:41PM Like  Reply
Oh how awesome!!!! Please post what Vinlys you got - Ms.Mouseketeer   1008.8 #231 7-17-11 11:43PM Like  Reply
I'll post a pic, MsM, because I don't know what they're called. LOL! Yes, ITBF - we don't have it. We have a similar thing called cordial that's made from a concentrated syrup, but we don't have the same flavours and I miss pink lemonade in particular. - BLG   1048.9 #220 7-17-11 11:59PM Like  Reply
@BLG i havent recieved my RAK we won from you i wonder if a mail troll took it ;( - Tinky76   318.8 #938 7-18-11 12:02AM Like  Reply
and out of curiosity what else do not have where you are that they do here ? i thought kool-aid was global - Tinky76   318.8 #938 7-18-11 12:04AM Like  Reply
Yeti didn't send you ANYTHING Agent P? Strange, very strange... - SoloSiyoNqoba   601.7 #402 7-18-11 12:07AM Like  Reply
omg TANG i loved that stuff when i was little and its been forever since ive had it - Tinky76   318.8 #938 7-18-11 12:08AM Like  Reply
Ooohhh!! Love those resess pieces - Btynbst   134.5 #3156 7-18-11 12:08AM Like  Reply
Nice looking loot you got there, BLG! Very cool of Pixie & Yeti to send you a package. You should try and make your own fried kool-aid now.  - MimiMouse   1049.1 #219 7-18-11 12:08AM Like  Reply
tinky76, the mail has been all over the place since the volcano in Chile, don't despair. And as for some other stuff, you might like to look at what I wrote on my blog last night, because it covers it. - BLG   1048.9 #220 7-18-11 12:09AM Like  Reply
Yeah, we have Tang but it's not very popular. Mimi - I know! But I won't be deep-frying at home - I don't need the calories plus I nearly set my cabinets on fire last time I tried. - BLG   1048.9 #220 7-18-11 12:12AM Like  Reply
That's sooo cool BLG! - Zipitydoodahdad   270.0 #1314 7-18-11 12:13AM Like  Reply
where do i find your blog - Tinky76   318.8 #938 7-18-11 12:14AM Like  Reply - BLG   1048.9 #220 7-18-11 12:30AM Like  Reply
WOW that's a lot of kool aid. Do they not have kool aid in Australia or do you just really like kool aid? - acpowers13   148.8 #2922 7-18-11 12:31AM Like  Reply
They have deep fried kool aid at the oc fair! - shewastomorrow   55.9 #4922 7-18-11 12:34AM Like  Reply
Ah I'm going to the OC fair wednesday and sunday and I refuse to try the fried kool aid. I saw a picture of it and that was enough to make me feel sick o.O - acpowers13   148.8 #2922 7-18-11 12:36AM Like  Reply
I missed it but a few MWers I was with tried it on Sat., shewastomorrow. - MimiMouse   1049.1 #219 7-18-11 12:36AM Like  Reply
How exciting! - PrincessDuckie   963.5 #237 7-18-11 12:37AM Like  Reply
acpowers - no. We have a slightly similar product but it's a syrup and we don't have the same flavours. - BLG   1048.9 #220 7-18-11 12:39AM Like  Reply
Ooh well it was nice of them to send you all that kool aid and everything else. - acpowers13   148.8 #2922 7-18-11 12:42AM Like  Reply
oh evocative BLG, love that you got so much love!! - nicoleface   1753.2 #120 7-18-11 12:45AM Like  Reply
My friend Jon tried the fried kool aid, and said it was surprisingly delicious! Us Americans will fry anything! - shewastomorrow   55.9 #4922 7-18-11 1:00AM Like  Reply
She was supposed to get it a while ago... Oops. Well at least you got it! I gigot to tell you the soda fountain napkin, and the maps are from Yeti's cousin Alishaskelington. VillainsFan helped me out on what to get. So glad you guys liked it!  - PrettyPixie   760.3 #312 7-18-11 6:08AM Like  Reply
Forgot* not gigot. Lol - PrettyPixie   760.3 #312 7-18-11 6:09AM Like  Reply
SWEET! literally sweet! No Kool-Aide in Down Under? - WaltSentMe   334.3 #842 7-18-11 6:10AM Like  Reply
Gigot sounds cool as oppose to forgot *LoL* - StephiePooh   572.7 #417 7-18-11 6:11AM Like  Reply
BLG, you gotta put those reeses pieces in a bowl of hot buttery popcorn. You will never eat popcorn plain again! - DizGeek   453.7 #572 7-18-11 6:13AM Like  Reply
Alisha - thank you for the napkins and maps. And VF, thank you for helping with the shopping. You're a savant with such things. DizGeek - too late. They are all gone. Didn't last long at all! LOL. Pixie and Yeti - thank you again. Our new vinyls are now proudly on display alongside our NYC one from Mimi and our Epcot one from JimW, next to our DL shadowbox! - BLG   1048.9 #220 7-18-11 10:45AM Like  Reply
Is there no reeses pieces in Perth BLG? - Mickeyshell   284.7 #1171 7-18-11 10:49AM Like  Reply
Mshell - you can sometimes find them in specialty candy stores imported from the US. A box like that would probably cost about $7 or $8. - BLG   1048.9 #220 7-18-11 10:52AM Like  Reply
Very fun! Kool-Aid - CxD_CM   518.6 #479 7-18-11 10:55AM Like  Reply
How cool! Glad you are enjoying your big box of goodies! - champers   25.1 #7192 7-18-11 11:00AM Like  Reply
Pixie & Yeti are awesome! - LBChica   2550.8 #70 7-18-11 11:03AM Like  Reply
Bummer! Guess I will have to send you some huh? :) - DizGeek   453.7 #572 7-18-11 11:21AM Like  Reply
You are very welcome! Glad to bring a little Disney magic down under :) - AlishaSkellington   175.5 #2481 7-18-11 10:41PM Like  Reply
You are loved by many :))) I truly enjoyed chatting with you and the ladies last nite :) - CoralsReef   319.2 #933 7-18-11 10:44PM Like  Reply