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1048.9 #220 DL Qual #783 7-22-11 5:36PM
I left the lounge for like 13 hours and forgot to post a dramatic exit post. I'm totally butthurt that no one noticed and texted me to come back though. Anyway, I AM back and once again I've decided to stay just to spite you all. Now I just need a lemon cupcake picture and something for free to restore my equilibrium.
I've got bad advice. It's always free. };) - Evilstitch   338.5 #826 7-22-11 5:38PM Like  Reply
hahaha  - MinnieNikki   88.1 #4027 7-22-11 5:41PM Like  Reply
how COULD you? - misschurro   10081.4 #12 7-22-11 5:42PM Like  Reply
i love my BLG! - ERICKA   491.5 #511 7-22-11 5:42PM Like  Reply
Wow. Was all in fun. Won't try again. Sorry for hurt feelings. - Evilstitch   338.5 #826 7-22-11 5:46PM Like  Reply
BLG did you get my text? It's a cheerful text telling you to stop being so mean to me. You are a sad person. Please. Let me post dumb pictures everyday  - mozbaby   148.9 #2919 7-22-11 5:48PM Like  Reply
Evilstitch, I think CS was calling me a jerk not you. Because it takes one to know one. But I'm up for some bad advice, especially as it's free. HMACIF, it was easy, actually. I might do it again later. Hi Ericka! - BLG   1048.9 #220 7-22-11 5:50PM Like  Reply
Mozb, I tried to text you back with a picture of my special finger. Didn't you get it? - BLG   1048.9 #220 7-22-11 5:51PM Like  Reply
WELCOME BACK!!! If I had something I could give you something - Tealtownfan   1171.9 #191 7-22-11 5:51PM Like  Reply
Well...welcome back  - TiggerBelle   534.5 #464 7-22-11 5:52PM Like  Reply
Now you need to post a pic of a hidden Mickey in your food and ask if it counts. - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.1 #335 7-22-11 5:53PM Like  Reply
@BLG lol  - mozbaby   148.9 #2919 7-22-11 5:53PM Like  Reply
Tealtown, well if it's something infectious don't give it to me. Unless it's a smile. Thx cdeley. I'm putting you back on the Christmas card list. SoS, I haven't had brekky yet, so stand by. - BLG   1048.9 #220 7-22-11 5:57PM Like  Reply
I'll be waiting on tenterhooks (is that even a word or did I just make it up?) for a pic of hidden Mickey eggs. - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.1 #335 7-22-11 6:06PM Like  Reply
@ CS. Oh O.k.. I forgot how loving you two talk to each other. Lol. }:) - Evilstitch   338.5 #826 7-22-11 6:09PM Like  Reply
cool I still afford a smile - Tealtownfan   1171.9 #191 7-22-11 6:14PM Like  Reply
SoS - if it happens I'll be sure and post Flickr. Evilstitch, it's the next best thing CS and I have to slapping each other around in person. - BLG   1048.9 #220 7-22-11 6:15PM Like  Reply
Pfffft! No one text me asking me to come back. *kicks rocks* Then again I'm not one of the cool kids. Oh look, a hidden Mickey made out of bread crumbs - LBChica   2550.8 #70 7-22-11 6:16PM Like  Reply
BLG, I heard a stormtrooper is wandering around in Perth - ERICKA   491.5 #511 7-22-11 6:17PM Like  Reply
if every one of us MWers donated $1 each BLG and fam can come visit us, not askin much, i am a failure at the lotto so far. waaa - JimW   1074.1 #215 7-22-11 6:19PM Like  Reply
LB, pictures or....oh never mind. Ericka, really? What's the protocol for that kind of thing? Hope he doesn't wander into Balga without backup. - BLG   1048.9 #220 7-22-11 6:20PM Like  Reply
Jim!!! How are you, mate? Feeling a bit better? And I'm not giving up on the lottery - I've had a series of small wins. The big one is just teasing me  - BLG   1048.9 #220 7-22-11 6:22PM Like  Reply
PE, it was you that posted that story earlier, right? I didn't comment but thought it was cool! - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.1 #335 7-22-11 6:22PM Like  Reply
I would love to do that JimW!! But she won't let us. She is a jerk. - DisneyFanZoe   1249.3 #170 7-22-11 6:23PM Like  Reply
Zoe's right. I am a Grade A Jerk. - BLG   1048.9 #220 7-22-11 6:26PM Like  Reply
@BLG. Lol. Cool. I Know how loved you are on here so the placement of Sparrow's post made me think I had offended. I understand my humor can do that sometimes. SPARROW can smack me upside the head when we met (hint hint). - Evilstitch   338.5 #826 7-22-11 6:27PM Like  Reply
Although I wish you would let us.  Darn you and your decency. - DisneyFanZoe   1249.3 #170 7-22-11 6:36PM Like  Reply
It's hard to be decent when you want something so badly. But if I'm going to be known for being indecent, I'd rather it be for something else  - BLG   1048.9 #220 7-22-11 6:51PM Like  Reply
Ugh, I never even got to say goodbye and you're back already. I hope you storm out of here again later so I can wish you well. - Mimmy   1442.4 #150 7-22-11 6:54PM Like  Reply
Ok, we can gift a trip to you after you drop your robe.  - DisneyFanZoe   1249.3 #170 7-22-11 6:59PM Like  Reply
Zoe, talk to my manager. Mimmy, I'll be sure and shoot you a rude text before I do. - BLG   1048.9 #220 7-22-11 7:01PM Like  Reply
BLG! - vegasbrat   435.4 #592 7-22-11 7:02PM Like  Reply