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628.8 #287 DL Qual #752 7-22-11 10:20PM
Our littlest daughter is wiped out. I had to sit out on TSMM since she couldn't stay awake any longer. Oh well, there's always tomorrow :)
Aw a baby sleeping is always cute. Minus the Angels sweater  - mozbaby   132.2 #2896 7-22-11 10:25PM Like  Reply
I missed holding her on TSMM. She's my good luck charm. - Sandcar13   1372.4 #106 7-22-11 10:26PM Like  Reply
I'm with mizbaby, cute baby minus the angel sweater  but they are so cute when they are asleep - MarshaMouse   4102.5 #25 7-22-11 11:09PM Like  Reply
Adorable! Even more adorable WITH the Angels sweatshirt :) - Applek_CM   246.0 #1304 7-22-11 11:12PM Like  Reply
The littlest Angels fan is an angel herself. Such a sweetie. Go Halos! - susieQzee   555.6 #325 7-23-11 12:37AM Like  Reply
I LOVE her sweater lol...what a cutie - RiRiBelle   8.0 #11404 7-23-11 12:38AM Like  Reply
by chance were you wearing a yellow shirt? - FindMeAtTheCove   237.4 #1404 7-23-11 1:19AM Like  Reply
I was the one wearing the yellow shirt. Sandshark13 is my wife. - Sandcar13   1372.4 #106 7-23-11 1:22AM Like  Reply
thank you everyone. I grew up with angel stadium practically in my backyard. I love my halos! @findmeatthecove my husband sandcar13 was wearing a yellow shirt. @jedivegan the strawberry kids are very adorable too. Love them :) - MrsSandcar13   628.8 #287 7-23-11 1:27AM Like  Reply
Okay thought this looked familiar! I saw you guys walking by us at the Garden Grill. =) - FindMeAtTheCove   237.4 #1404 7-23-11 1:28AM Like  Reply
She is soooooo passed out - TrueFromOzLovesDisney   459.6 #422 7-23-11 1:33AM Like  Reply
Darn! Next time you see us, say hi :) we ate at the garden grill. - MrsSandcar13   628.8 #287 7-23-11 1:34AM Like  Reply
If I would have known an Mwer was there I would have said hi. We are easy to find since we always have the GIANT stroller. @Sandshark13 The Halos are great and I cheer for them but nobody is better than my Phillies.  :) - Sandcar13   1372.4 #106 7-23-11 1:35AM Like  Reply
Aww I never know until AFTER pics are posted!! No wonder I have yet to meet any mwers. Lol. Next time I'll remember the huge stroller. =) - FindMeAtTheCove   237.4 #1404 7-23-11 1:48AM Like  Reply
@Sandcar *cough*Yankees*cough* - donnievegas   1132.6 #136 7-23-11 1:50AM Like  Reply
@donnievegas It's ok to like the Yankees even if they don't have the best record. I can't seem to remember who has the best record, oh yeah it's the Phillies.  - Sandcar13   1372.4 #106 7-23-11 1:58AM Like  Reply
Lol well played sir! Can ya maybe spare a pitcher? - donnievegas   1132.6 #136 7-23-11 2:00AM Like  Reply
Lol DonnieVegas. I would say yes but I want my Phils to win. I couldn't believe it when we picked up Cliff Lee in the summer. Hey at least you have CC and Mo in the pen. We don't have a Closer. - Sandcar13   1372.4 #106 7-23-11 2:06AM Like  Reply
My rangers need a pitcher and I'd like a real first baseman please - jon-t   190.4 #2007 7-23-11 2:09AM Like  Reply
Why can't adults have strollers too!!! I would love to nap and recharge at the park!!! Lol - Pinup Princess   169.7 #2308 7-23-11 2:29AM Like  Reply
Really cute she looks how I fell sleepy - puddy77   224.8 #1577 7-23-11 2:33AM Like  Reply
Jon-t, Rangers got pretty good pitching. You should have kept Molina to catch and put Napoli at first. - Sandcar13   1372.4 #106 7-23-11 2:37AM Like  Reply
That's how I looked an hour ago. - Evilstitch   338.5 #646 7-23-11 2:39AM Like  Reply
Our bullpen is bad. From the looks of it holland is trade bait. And once they said Yankees where out I knew the phillies where getting lee - jon-t   190.4 #2007 7-23-11 2:39AM Like  Reply
She's cute! GO ANGELS - jazmin21   182.3 #2120 7-23-11 3:18AM Like  Reply
Disney baby-so sweet! - cinderelli   351.5 #608 7-23-11 7:10AM Like  Reply
Very cute go angels! - unlvrebs18   18.5 #6885 7-23-11 7:11AM Like  Reply
Adorable! - PinkyMouse   82.0 #3714 7-23-11 8:46AM Like  Reply