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1048.9 #223 DL Qual #788 7-23-11 8:30AM
It's heading for midnight Saturday here and I just got out of a movie. It was Larry Crowne which featured lots of LA scenery. I loved the movie but it's left me missing LA even more. So for those of you who are in that neck of the global woods right now - do me a favor. Don't just glance at those brown mountains without seeing them. Don't curse the sunlight filtered through the smog. Drink in those spindly palm trees sticking their bushy heads up into your sky. And think of me. I'd give my right arm to see what you're seeing right now. Have a great Saturday, however you should choose to spend it. 
I've been wanting to see that movie, was it any good? :) - SkellyMouse   501.4 #505 7-23-11 8:35AM Like  Reply
Awww.... we do live in a beautiful place and I hope you will be able to get here soon ... Hope you sleep well BLG. :o) - Tinkerbabe   49.2 #5241 7-23-11 8:36AM Like  Reply
Awwww {HUGS} BLG!! You have such a way with words :) I'll be at the park later on so I promise I will appreciate for the both of us today. Any requests? I just got paid so I can pick something up for you :) - DaisyBell   757.2 #316 7-23-11 8:38AM Like  Reply
Awwwww BLG, sorry it made you so homesick! In your honor, I will take the time to enjoy every little element of The OC today!! - TinkPen   434.6 #599 7-23-11 8:38AM Like  Reply
Skelly, I really loved it. I'd watch it again tomorrow. TinkerB - thank you. This place is beautiful too. But it's not where I want to be. It's all good. I'll go home and blog about it before I go to bed and I'll feel better  - BLG   1048.9 #223 7-23-11 8:38AM Like  Reply
Hey Daisy, how 'bout picking something up for me  - TinkPen   434.6 #599 7-23-11 8:39AM Like  Reply
Amen, BLG..right there with ya! Wish I could see the same things! - SillySwings   471.0 #547 7-23-11 8:39AM Like  Reply
DB, just have fun and maybe post some pics on my wall. Thank you for your kindness. TP, thank you. That actually means a lot to me. Take some seemingly mundane pics for me if it's not too problematic. - BLG   1048.9 #223 7-23-11 8:40AM Like  Reply
Well right now that would be my bedroom as I haven't gotten my lazy bum out of bed yet!! But I will be on the lookout for something very OCish to show you! - TinkPen   434.6 #599 7-23-11 8:43AM Like  Reply
Aw, BLG, I understand how that feels--it's awful to be stuck so far away from your "real home." But it also makes you appreciate it more when you're able to return! - Spoonful_O_Sugar   724.6 #334 7-23-11 8:44AM Like  Reply
TinkPen - What would you like?? :P BLG - Oh boy, you may soon regret that wish LOL I'll be sure to post LOTS of pics to your wall today!! Any special requests? Characters? Scenery? Attractions? :) - DaisyBell   757.2 #316 7-23-11 8:45AM Like  Reply
What you can't buy DB: to be there today!!! - TinkPen   434.6 #599 7-23-11 8:47AM Like  Reply
BLG, you are seriously one of the sweetest genuine people that I have ever came in contact with When you come back to Disney I will make sure I'm there at the same time to meet you. You are a sweetheart - KAA   357.4 #765 7-23-11 8:50AM Like  Reply
I'm totally winning the lotto tonight BLG, so I can fly you out here tomorrow! Love the new profile pic! :) - PinkyMouse   82.0 #4180 7-23-11 8:51AM Like  Reply
TP - that's okay, I'll be putting my bum INTO bed about the same time you drag yours out. I'm just starting my blog post right now then it's off to bed. But when you go looking for what to take pics of - overlook the extraordinary. It's the ordinary I crave. SOS - yes, it does. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. DB - any or all of those - and people, if you bump into MWers. Feel free to spam my wall. I promise I'll love it and I look forward to waking up to it. KAA - well, at least you rarely have to guess what I'm thinking because I'm likely to tell you - in excruciating detail. I hope I get to meet you too. Pinky, I'll hold you to that! LOL - not really. But I have my usual tickets lined up for next week's draw here. And thank you for the compliment. - BLG   1048.9 #223 7-23-11 9:23AM Like  Reply
@BLG - I just posted a Burbank picture for you on Instagram. Yes. I AM that giving. - Experiment818   1647.2 #130 7-23-11 9:34AM Like  Reply
ITBF - red is a warning in nature - and for good reason. 817.666 - I'm going to go look RIGHT now! Thank you. - BLG   1048.9 #223 7-23-11 9:39AM Like  Reply
817.666 - I went and looked - and loved it. And I left a message there. If you see it soon enough, I'm hoping to hear back. Thanks. - BLG   1048.9 #223 7-23-11 9:57AM Like  Reply
@BLG - I responded. - Experiment818   1647.2 #130 7-23-11 10:37AM Like  Reply
Thank you! - BLG   1048.9 #223 7-23-11 11:13AM Like  Reply
Look at you with that red hair! You sassy beauty you! ;o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.5 #188 7-23-11 11:19AM Like  Reply
@BLG I hiked one of the mountains last week. It was intense. . But I do take the sunlight shining through smog for granted. Boo sunlight is blinding every morning on my way to school. - mozbaby   148.9 #2923 7-23-11 11:19AM Like  Reply
LOL@MWAJBB. I said "hi" to you on my fridge tonight! mozb - I know. We do have sunlight here. But yours is special ;0). Blog post is up if anyone wants to read it - BLG   1048.9 #223 7-23-11 11:34AM Like  Reply