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384.4 #529 DL Qual #639 7-29-11 3:28PM
"March, 1974. The Peter Pan gang used to hang out there near the pirate ship that served food, mainly tuna sandwiches by Chicken of the Sea (good choice, had a mermaid on the can). There were tables and seats in and around Skull Rock where we would eat." from Polka's mom (my mom, cousin and brothers are in the photo). Interesting that the ship is not called the Jolly Roger.
awesome! thanks... Wish i can remember. - GoofyJoe   1906.6 #72 7-29-11 3:29PM Like  Reply
That is soooo cool. I don't remember any of that. - OutNumberedMom   812.2 #198 7-29-11 3:29PM Like  Reply
No Thanks for sharing - luvMickey   583.6 #309 7-29-11 3:31PM Like  Reply
Sorta across the way by the Fantasykand Theater was the Welch's Grape Juice Lessee. Memba dat? - Butterlina   1498.5 #93 7-29-11 3:32PM Like  Reply
Such a cool picture! - pixiedust   134.3 #2855 7-29-11 3:33PM Like  Reply
What year was it taken out? - OynnhoJ   96.3 #3488 7-29-11 3:36PM Like  Reply
I'll guess 81 or 82 for the refurb? - Butterlina   1498.5 #93 7-29-11 3:41PM Like  Reply
I have no memory of this!! :-( - SueBayou   2019.6 #63 7-29-11 3:45PM Like  Reply
I wish they would bring that looks soo cool ;) - titanLandia   56.1 #4257 7-29-11 3:58PM Like  Reply
Maybe there's a copyright on Jolly Roger. My mom has a similar photo and Fantasyland when it was medieval theme - cesium55   531.6 #345 7-29-11 3:59PM Like  Reply
I miss that place! My grandma & I would have lunch there at least once each trip! - ythdudette   1173.7 #127 7-29-11 4:05PM Like  Reply
I kinda remember eating there too. - SUUZinOCretiredPLAID   1035.4 #154 7-29-11 4:05PM Like  Reply
Very cool - LBChica   2065.7 #62 7-29-11 4:06PM Like  Reply
We would always get 'tuna burgers ' - tuna melt on a bun. Then when we got home from vacation we would have Disney night and my mom would make us tuna burgers for dinner. - PrincessKristin   780.8 #210 7-29-11 4:08PM Like  Reply
It was one of our favorite hangouts (not to mention one of the cheapest places to grab lunch)! - PrinceCorey   4328.3 #22 7-29-11 4:09PM Like  Reply
This is such an awesome pic, thanks so much!! - MinnieMousewife   807.8 #199 7-29-11 5:14PM Like  Reply
this is a amazing pic!! I love a lil history:D - shainabay   150.1 #2597 7-29-11 5:16PM Like  Reply
Thanks for posting this! I always thought Skull Rock was the best part of Fantasland! - Gia   802.0 #201 7-29-11 5:33PM Like  Reply
I wish I had photos from when I was a kid and at DL. It's ok tho. Have the rest of my life to make up for it. Nice photo :) - PrincessLani   111.3 #3260 7-29-11 5:35PM Like  Reply
I remember the tuna sandwiches and eating there. Thanks for posting this little trip down memory lane.  - Ericksenator   376.4 #545 7-29-11 5:43PM Like  Reply
I barely remember skull rock. Probably remember more from looking at these old photos growing up and old maps. - Polkadobo   384.4 #529 7-29-11 5:45PM Like  Reply
I remember that! Fun times back then! - mcarthy6   426.5 #457 7-29-11 5:48PM Like  Reply
My oldest niece loved to eat there when she was little. We had to stop there for her to eat everytime we went to the park. It was a sad time when they did away with this. - Diznimom   222.3 #1611 7-29-11 9:38PM Like  Reply