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169.3 #2521 DL Qual #1973 8-2-11 10:31AM
I thought of this mw question last night...Disneyland and it's rides are so familiar to me...the sights, the fact some are so close to my heart I feel like I'm home. Is there any ride you feel like this about so much that its so soothing you could fall asleep on it? For Me its Pirates :)
Disneyland has so many great attractions, but my fav is Haunted Mansion Holiday. I could stay in there the whole season. - GoofyJoe   1906.6 #99 8-2-11 10:33AM Like  Reply
I once fell asleep on space. - MermaidWithShears   1025.8 #204 8-2-11 10:36AM Like  Reply
I could fall asleep on POTC, I think it's soothing and it is a long boat ride...and well the train too... - Popns_carpetbag   346.3 #747 8-2-11 11:00AM Like  Reply
The train for sure...but that's a bit obvious. Probably Peter Pan. - ythdudette   1537.4 #126 8-2-11 11:02AM Like  Reply
Soarin - bigmike77   17.7 #8368 8-2-11 11:03AM Like  Reply
Good question! Mine would be jungle cruise! It was my dads favorite ride and I can remember riding it with him as a kid and I swear I can still hear his laugh! I know all the jokes now but there is nothing funner than watching people who have never been on its reaction to things! - kritomiester   364.1 #685 8-2-11 11:09AM Like  Reply
Yeah....I could ride Pirates all is the sounds...the smells...the boats just coasting is my all time favorite - CVDisneyland   460.3 #516 8-2-11 11:12AM Like  Reply
It would have to be the Hainted Mansion because it's dark and cool. So relaxing especially on a hot day. - Diznimom   225.2 #1756 8-2-11 11:16AM Like  Reply
Splash Mountain. Has been my favorite since I first rode it when I was three and my dad lost his hat on it! - vinylduchess   20.9 #7611 8-2-11 11:17AM Like  Reply
For me it is Dave. He wears Axe body spray. - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.5 #182 8-2-11 11:18AM Like  Reply
Great question! I think I have a "happy place" on almost every ride in DL and DCA... But "the place" I always go to, to relax me, is Main Street! After walking thru the tunnel and stepping off the curb and onto Main Street itself! Don't know what it is... But that's the place I go to! - JaredMc   222.2 #1804 8-2-11 11:22AM Like  Reply
I have fallen asleep on pirates recently lol - SammyJo   348.7 #739 8-2-11 11:32AM Like  Reply
Agree good question. First is the train because my dad loved riding it so I now ride it just for him. In fact am Planning to get a little honor tattoo of if for my dad. Next and this is for me and it's POTC. It has always been THE ride for me and always puts me in my happy place. My poor dad would always have to get extra "E" tickets for this because I just had to go on it over and over. First seeing the Blue Bayou knowing we were going there for lunch. And of course the voices ( no longer there) "dead men tell noo tales and perhaps he knows to much" I still hear. - SUUZinOCretiredPLAID   1036.1 #201 8-2-11 11:33AM Like  Reply
PotC, everything about the ride reminds me of when I would go with ny mom and dad ;) - titanLandia   56.1 #4792 8-2-11 11:54AM Like  Reply
Peter Pan; that ride really gets to me  the scene when you're over looking London and Neverland is breathtaking to me - Lilaboc16   44.3 #5285 8-2-11 12:09PM Like  Reply
Pirates for me. And small world, that song is so soothing... :p - DizGeek   453.7 #527 8-2-11 12:13PM Like  Reply
Splash Mountain for me :) - Hop_Low   268.5 #1270 8-2-11 12:21PM Like  Reply
Small World after a hot day...if only the ride would last forever... - Elaine   411.4 #588 8-2-11 12:23PM Like  Reply
@suuzinoc I have a hidden Mickey in a trail of paw prints tattoo and the hidden mickey is in honor of my mom :) I love the idea you have for your dad! - SammyJo   348.7 #739 8-2-11 12:25PM Like  Reply
I love pirates! It's so relaxing! Especially on a busy day! I've actually fell asleep on it during a busy day! LoL well not asleep asleep, but a nice little nap! =)) - MissMamyMouse   178.2 #2374 8-2-11 12:38PM Like  Reply
Mine is Soarin'. Love love love this attraction. The music to this is awesome! - MiggyMouse   296.9 #1015 8-2-11 12:40PM Like  Reply
Splash mountain definetely. Just listening to the sounds around you on the ride are so soothing. It can transport anyone to their laughing place haha :-) - Jiminy Cricket   60.7 #4631 8-2-11 12:52PM Like  Reply
Oh yeah! DEF splash mountain! One of my all time faves, and have the music of the parks cd and listen NON-STOP! Needless to say...the whole ride's soundtrack is completely memorized!! - MissMadamLeota   151.5 #2796 8-2-11 12:57PM Like  Reply
Has to be Pirates! It was my moms favorite when i was a kid so we always rode together a lot! - likethewindbullseye   187.8 #2256 8-30-11 12:00AM Like  Reply
Soaring just hearing the music makes me smell the happiness and the music makes my heart beat so fast. - maxinerenton   422.7 #573 8-30-11 12:07AM Like  Reply
POTC - LeleMouse   224.1 #1776 8-30-11 12:09AM Like  Reply
POTC for me and the train ride :) but I've gotta say, Indy always cheers me up if the crowds and heat have made me grumpy! Lol - Mr. Fredrickson   120.4 #3342 8-30-11 12:09AM Like  Reply
POTC is the one I can always remember! Any time I catch a whiff of that signature smell, it takes me right back to the park. But the fireworks shows are what really make me feel at home!! - aprincessatheart   30.2 #6334 8-30-11 12:16AM Like  Reply
Definitely question :) - HadMatter   491.6 #472 8-30-11 12:28AM Like  Reply
I feel the same way in DL  I would have to agree with most and say pirates! But haunted mansion is a close 2nd. - Jillian   767.1 #279 8-30-11 12:34AM Like  Reply
Pirates. I love just closing my eyes and listening to all the sounds. - AdventurelandFam   173.6 #2437 8-30-11 12:36AM Like  Reply
@HotDiggity - lol!!!! For me, it's Pirates too - Alicewhoareyou   2742.3 #55 8-30-11 12:37AM Like  Reply
Peter pan for me lol - lornejr   20.3 #7742 8-30-11 1:16AM Like  Reply
My hubby does fall asleep on the train.  - TrueFromOzLovesDisney   539.1 #426 8-30-11 1:22AM Like  Reply
My favorite attraction is Peter Pan. - santeemouselover   370.0 #671 8-30-11 1:55PM Like  Reply
Haunted Mansion has always been my absolute favorite, but I feel like my "back yard" is Critter Country and also the table closest to the water at the Hungry Bear, overlooking the river. - Nala   388.9 #628 8-30-11 2:55PM Like  Reply