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216.0 #1937 DL Qual #1858 8-4-11 9:09AM
for those of u that read my post last night i have written an appology. im sorry i came out as a mean crule mom. didnt think of the post to much just kinda posted it. i dont wanna be known for the mean mom on wm. i am truly sorry.i really didnt mean it on how it read. and for those postin mean sarcastic post like the cookie and the dog..and other ones really hurt full. once again i apologize.
I think it was calling it "funny" that set everyone off. No one knew you didn't mean "ha ha funny." As I always say...texts, IMs, posts are an imperfect medium so I try to watch how I phrase things. It was awesome that you came back to explain though! Have a great day!! - ythdudette   1593.7 #135 8-4-11 9:17AM Like  Reply
please go to my old post and read my apology. i am truly heart broken how every one just came at me so harsh but i understood just on how the post read. i cant apologize enough! - GiGiMouse   216.0 #1937 8-4-11 9:18AM Like  Reply
I did! That's why I'm saying people will understand a little more when they read you didn't mean it as a good "funny." - ythdudette   1593.7 #135 8-4-11 9:19AM Like  Reply
Chin up :) it happens, or has happened at least once. Just pick yourself back up and keep on keepin' on ^_^ - SkellyMouse   501.4 #492 8-4-11 9:21AM Like  Reply
Do not apologize. You were not in the wrong. Even if people misread your post that gives them no right to criticize you or pass judgement on you as a mother. Everyone attacking you made me sick. I hope you have a wonderful day and keep smiling. You made a little girl smile for taking her to see Disneyland fireworks and you should be proud of that. - DisneyBride°O°   450.1 #570 8-4-11 9:22AM Like  Reply
@ thank disneybride u made me feel alil better even made me cry lil bit. thanx for ur understanding. - GiGiMouse   216.0 #1937 8-4-11 9:25AM Like  Reply
Dont be upset. I have been in your position before but it always turns out in the end but the people who send comments that are cruel and mean an sarcastic they dont know how to be a nice. dont worry though just wtch what you and explain it more and noone will turn on you.... (: Just Smile - madds199   12.3 #10812 8-4-11 9:27AM Like  Reply
I thought it was cute/funny how she was pulling you to go inside.. No need to explain or apologize if people didn't get your humor then who are they to judge you. I mean really people it's MW a place where happy things should only exisit. I agree with DisneyBride. - disneysgirl76   225.6 #1806 8-4-11 9:28AM Like  Reply
It's all good in my book. I feel horrible for hurting your feelings. I look back at it now and think how stupid was I. It was me in the wrong. - MagicalCaprice   480.7 #516 8-4-11 9:31AM Like  Reply
Bump @DisneyBride (: you rock - madds199   12.3 #10812 8-4-11 9:31AM Like  Reply
I didn't take it the wrong way but I think its coz I seen your other post about going and just getting a Disney fix. I was thinking about doing that too. - maxinerenton   422.7 #610 8-4-11 9:35AM Like  Reply
Ill admit when I read that post I thought exactly what I said! But after reading your clarification I get it. Still don't think its funny but I get it. Sorry for jumping on you but I have a 2 yr old and get crazy defensive. I apologize and next time proof read your post before pushing the Post button will help us all lol - pintsize   290.1 #1110 8-4-11 9:39AM Like  Reply
My wife and I have done this several times this summer. We have had a snack at Jazz Kitchen Express and watched fireworks, looked for CMs to trade pins with and wandered the stores. Just waiting for Aug 21 :) - mike714   338.1 #817 8-4-11 9:41AM Like  Reply
You're not a mean mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t ever let anyone make you think that! Going back and reading your post I think everyone just got out of hand.... and it wasn't nice.... :( a big kudos to disneybride for sticking up for you and a big kudos to you princess g for coming back today and still thinking of everyone who was offended and apologizing even though there was no need! =D you're awesome! - amerado   9.5 #12788 8-4-11 9:42AM Like  Reply
@giselle I think Skelly said it best, just take it as a learning experience and move on, weve all had our moments in the lounge. - donnievegas   1132.7 #199 8-4-11 9:43AM Like  Reply
WOW really such drama over watching fireworks I completely understood what you meant You do not need to appogize to anyone. Take a deep breath it will all be OK - Dsnygrl64   153.3 #2834 8-4-11 9:56AM Like  Reply
thanx to all of u mw who understood and accepted my appology. u guys r soooo awsome i love this place so much and glad there r still a few people left in world that dont judge u straight on. thanx again ill get over it soon. i hope. love u guys! - GiGiMouse   216.0 #1937 8-4-11 10:02AM Like  Reply
Don't let all that negativity bring you down, or make you think less of what kind of mom you are!! I'm sure calling a trip to DTD, DL doesn't make you a bad mom or put you as a "child abuser". It was an honest mistake and like all humans you are not perfect. Sorry everyone attacked you!!! Feel better!! - michelliee12   5.6 #19046 8-4-11 10:08AM Like  Reply
I just got done reading your post and I remember reading it yesterday when you posted it and just shrugging at it (oh no this must mean I'm a horrible mom) but all those comments made me sick! it is no ones business what you do with your child and that was no form of abuse! dtd is as close to disney as a lot of kids will ever be able to get, so does that make those parents bad? no honey, don't apologize. don't let people bring you to their level. - mochamistie   273.2 #1280 8-4-11 11:01AM Like  Reply
Wow!!! Must be nice to be a perfect parent like those commenting on your other post! Clearly you weren't happy that your daughter was upset! I can't believe some of the high horses that some people around here are riding on. - MommaSquared   10.3 #12143 8-4-11 11:22AM Like  Reply
I stand by what I said last night, people over reacted. They did that alot last night. This isn't parenting forum, and she's your daughter, not ours. I think she's lucky to have a momma who can take her to DLR and DTD. - GoldenEilonwy   167.3 #2614 8-4-11 12:22PM Like  Reply
So huge of you to clarify your post despite being under attack. For me, it seemed like you were laughing at her for wanting to go somewhere you promised her. I don't think you're a bad mother nor would I ever judge someone off one incident. - FindMeAtTheCove   237.4 #1653 8-4-11 12:36PM Like  Reply
Don't worry about it. This too shall pass.. - Katrayher   781.0 #294 8-4-11 12:41PM Like  Reply
I found nothing wrong with your post. The comments people made were exactly the type of late-night vomit that has made me self-impose a 10 p.m. curfew on MW, unless I'm in the parks. So sorry people were cruel to you on what should be an app of Disney love. - susieQzee   555.8 #430 8-4-11 12:50PM Like  Reply