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264.7 #1157 DL Qual #1417 8-4-11 4:53PM
If you could help build any attraction/land in Disneyland or DCA, what would it be? Mine would have been Pirates of the Caribbean. This picture is from a book I have called Disneyland Detective, before they started to build Disneyland. (:
Cool picture. You can see the outlines - Tealtownfan   1015.5 #173 8-4-11 5:01PM Like  Reply
Why wouldn't anyone wanna see old pictures?? I love history of Disneyland! I wouldve loved to help build Haunted Mansion - CaliDawn   23.6 #6334 8-4-11 5:01PM Like  Reply
PotC for me too ;) - titanLandia   56.1 #4370 8-4-11 5:01PM Like  Reply
People here LOVE to see old pics. They just don't like when people ruin the magic of the parks - Jaytasmic   373.3 #574 8-4-11 5:01PM Like  Reply
I love looking at old pics! I wish I could have helped build POTC :) - ekwhite   473.0 #426 8-4-11 5:02PM Like  Reply
Andy is mistaken. This is a great pic - Missshelly   698.3 #259 8-4-11 5:02PM Like  Reply
The differance between her post and yours is she credited where it was from. But if I had the choice probably potc or hm. - chris.   2511.0 #48 8-4-11 5:04PM Like  Reply
Old pics are Awesome! !!! - plutoicehound   8.8 #11092 8-4-11 5:07PM Like  Reply
I love old pictures. Thanks for sharing. POTC - 1313mm   50.8 #4545 8-4-11 5:10PM Like  Reply
Old pictures r awesome I love history especially Disney history. Keep posting old pics :) - FantasmicVader   14.4 #8219 8-4-11 5:14PM Like  Reply
@andyfig22 when you post pictures, just put where you got them from(google and etc) or if there your own(just put when you took it last). Then everyone is happy again. (: - pirategirl17_CM   264.7 #1157 8-4-11 5:15PM Like  Reply
I agree with pirategirl - MiSSkriss   19.2 #7029 8-4-11 5:21PM Like  Reply
So you do admit that you found them online.... - AuzRoxUrSox   970.6 #178 8-4-11 5:21PM Like  Reply
@andyfig22 you don't have to find who actually took it, if you got it from google, then say google, from a book, say the name of that book and etc. I do like your pics by the way, just keep posting them and you say where you got them. (: - pirategirl17_CM   264.7 #1157 8-4-11 5:23PM Like  Reply
Cool pic! I dunno which I would've liked to help with. @andyfig22 I think pirategirl means to credit the website, book, basically the source of the pic... - luvMickey   583.6 #326 8-4-11 5:24PM Like  Reply
I'm just trying to help. :( Ugh... But on a brighter note, I will post old pics of Disneyland from my book.  - pirategirl17_CM   264.7 #1157 8-4-11 5:30PM Like  Reply
Nothing can be simply done on here - jon-t   190.5 #2046 8-4-11 5:30PM Like  Reply
amen - MiSSkriss   19.2 #7029 8-4-11 5:32PM Like  Reply
@Andy does your delorian get good mileage? I would want to help with POTC. - TedW   328.1 #709 8-4-11 5:37PM Like  Reply
Lol! Delorian! I want to ride that! Can I drive?! Lol!  - jazmin21   182.3 #2165 8-4-11 5:47PM Like  Reply