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384.3 #479 DL Qual #279 8-12-11 7:51PM
I really want this tattoo!(: Hows everybody's night going?

nice! but....ouch - toph  2416.6 #39 8-12-11 7:52PM Like  Reply
Nice! - FELIXTHECAT  257.1 #1118 8-12-11 7:53PM Like  Reply
Yeah it looks painful I already have an artist in mind I just need the money and for my family to be cool with it! Haha - princessVanessa  384.3 #479 8-12-11 7:56PM Like  Reply
I like the artwork and the idea but I wouldn't want it permanently on my body. But then I'm not into tattoos but my brother is covered in them :) - TrueFromOzLovesDisney  397.8 #462 8-12-11 7:59PM Like  Reply
@jacs1234 that's so cool I remember when I wasnt into them then all of a sudden I love them! That's cool it brothers covered in them tattoos is a form of art to me(: - princessVanessa  384.3 #479 8-12-11 8:02PM Like  Reply
really neat... just keep in mind the colors bleed after a few years... :) - rdaann  396.1 #466 8-12-11 8:03PM Like  Reply
I don't think I will ever get this done!! Haha - princessVanessa  384.3 #479 8-12-11 8:04PM Like  Reply
Ouch! - ima-pirateswife  600.6 #253 8-12-11 8:06PM Like  Reply
It looks like the girl on the pic had the Peter pan bit done a while ago. You could always try that first and if it wasn't too bad you could go for the map at a later time. - TrueFromOzLovesDisney  397.8 #462 8-12-11 8:10PM Like  Reply
Yeah that piece is all faded! Good eye I would be crying if I got the map done - princessVanessa  384.3 #479 8-12-11 8:12PM Like  Reply
That's huge. - Yoshi  257.6 #1112 8-12-11 8:28PM Like  Reply
That is so dope! I say get it and get it soon :-) - VivaHate88  154.0 #2450 8-12-11 8:33PM Like  Reply
That tattoo is super narley - Disneyrockstar  158.5 #2382 8-12-11 8:37PM Like  Reply
Very cool! Wish I was brave en - oo_de_lally  258.3 #1108 8-12-11 8:39PM Like  Reply
Oos! Brave enough to get a big tattoo! - oo_de_lally  258.3 #1108 8-12-11 8:39PM Like  Reply
*oops! Omg!!! - oo_de_lally  258.3 #1108 8-12-11 8:40PM Like  Reply
Wowsers!! Beautiful!! You're a bad-a**!! I love it! - kylesdisneybride  42.4 #4428 8-12-11 8:41PM Like  Reply
Lol! I just reread that. You want this tattoo.Ribs are a rough spot to get tattooed. be brave! You should go for it! - kylesdisneybride  42.4 #4428 8-12-11 8:44PM Like  Reply
Nice! One of my faves. - JediTinkerbelle  26.5 #5293 8-12-11 8:45PM Like  Reply
Sidebar: all tattoos fade over time, but if you take care if them, and keep them out of the sun. Tattoo inland nowadays are highly pigmented. Unlike the inks of the old days, there is no reason your tattoo shouldn't be perfect for 20 years. Now, if you get tattooed, and then go bake it in the sun every chance you get, it will fade quickly . I've repaired tattoos that are sun bleached that are one or two years old. I have a lot of tattoos and I always wear sunscreen and wear long sleeves. My tattoos almost never see the sun. But I knew that going in. What ever you decide,just know that you will need to keep your ink protected. - kylesdisneybride  42.4 #4428 8-12-11 8:50PM Like  Reply
Yeah it is sick!! I think I will go for it,it will look super nice since I want one of the sides of my hips done I will get thru it though I don't want color I just want it black and white - princessVanessa  384.3 #479 8-12-11 8:59PM Like  Reply
That's a really unique tattoo. Very nice. - theDebsterM  138.2 #2700 8-12-11 9:03PM Like  Reply
By the way I found this on tumblr i would also have the honor to get this done by Corey from Six Feet Under located in downtown Upland his work blows my mind and I love that guy - princessVanessa  384.3 #479 8-12-11 9:05PM Like  Reply
I love Corey! He's so hot and I love his work! I never have enough time to stop @ the shop when I'm there. :-( - VegasDisneyFreak  221.2 #1540 8-12-11 9:09PM Like  Reply
Looks good!! - MeAndMy3Girls  183.3 #2015 8-12-11 9:10PM Like  Reply
Coreys so hot he's taken :( I'm aiming for Travis Barker now I love him! Lol - princessVanessa  384.3 #479 8-12-11 9:12PM Like  Reply
Wow great tat - Islandariel  169.3 #2221 8-12-11 9:12PM Like  Reply
I haven't gotten it yet lol I saw this other tattoo this guy had all over his one leg of POTC movie it was so sick! - princessVanessa  384.3 #479 8-12-11 9:14PM Like  Reply
Looks nice and painful - jazmin21  182.3 #2033 8-12-11 9:18PM Like  Reply
I am such a huge fan of Corey. If you get it done, you HAVE to post pics!! - kylesdisneybride  42.4 #4428 8-12-11 9:19PM Like  Reply
I am too(: I think I have a hook up still well hopefully - princessVanessa  384.3 #479 8-12-11 9:20PM Like  Reply
Get that hook up!! He is so worth it!! He is on my bucket list of tattoo artists to get work day , lol! - kylesdisneybride  42.4 #4428 8-12-11 9:22PM Like  Reply
Me too! My parents saw him at the l.a. County fair a couple years ago I was on rides with my cousins I was so bummed I missed him but when I see him I will give him a big hug!(: he's so down to earth - princessVanessa  384.3 #479 8-12-11 9:26PM Like  Reply
That is gorgeous! - mswendybe  193.7 #1896 8-12-11 9:35PM Like  Reply
Ow! Very nice though - LBChica  1923.7 #56 8-12-11 9:36PM Like  Reply
Very cool! :) - CoralsReef  319.2 #671 8-12-11 9:38PM Like  Reply
That looks pretty cool!! Bored at work... - DisneyNerd3  19.5 #6072 8-12-11 9:40PM Like  Reply
If you got pregnant it would change the map and you wouldn't be able to find your way to neverland. - TrueFromOzLovesDisney  397.8 #462 8-12-11 9:42PM Like  Reply
Get some back fat and it will add new mountains and valleys. - TrueFromOzLovesDisney  397.8 #462 8-12-11 9:43PM Like  Reply
@nfgchick I know me too I'm bored but at home laying down I took a two hour nap that's unusual for me now I'm wide awake lol - princessVanessa  384.3 #479 8-12-11 9:43PM Like  Reply
Lol @jacs1234 omg u got me rolling! That would definately been a whole new world.... I'm barely 19 not getting pregnant yet I'm still looking for my prince charming! Travis Barker if ur out there txt me ;) haha - princessVanessa  384.3 #479 8-12-11 9:46PM Like  Reply
thats one peter pan fan - FaithTrustandPixieDust  12.8 #7500 8-12-11 9:47PM Like  Reply
Very nice! - RyanP  242.9 #1274 8-12-11 9:48PM Like  Reply
I've been watching hook all day long - sweetnerdiheartmickey  252.2 #1166 8-12-11 9:50PM Like  Reply
Let's just say I hope I get it soon and that my family doesn't flip out - princessVanessa  384.3 #479 8-12-11 9:51PM Like  Reply
I've never seen Hook before actually - princessVanessa  384.3 #479 8-12-11 9:52PM Like  Reply
Awesome!!! My favorite movie....:-) - disneymomma1  322.0 #659 8-12-11 11:04PM Like  Reply
Very cool it rocks - arabianites22  27.0 #5248 8-12-11 11:05PM Like  Reply