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2819.0 #63 DL Qual #51 8-19-11 12:35AM
How many MWers are from San Diego County? Wondering if an AP is worth it...
I live in carlsbad... About an hour-ish drive... I got one... Premium... Worth EVERY penny!! - NatalieluvsStitch   338.9 #825 8-19-11 12:39AM Like  Reply
There are a heaping ton of AP holders from least I think so. I'm one of them. There are Norcal folks who own a pass - Starr   550.3 #445 8-19-11 12:42AM Like  Reply
Oooooooh! My husband and I are in San Marcos. Good to know its worth it! We keep debating on getting the AP, but never do. Just got back from there 8.9.11 and will be back again on 10.2.11 - Alicewhoareyou   2819.0 #63 8-19-11 12:44AM Like  Reply
I'm in Spring Valley :-) have a Premium AP and it's totally worth it. We are doing a MW meet up at the Bay this Saturday if you want to meet some more people, it's going to be a blast :-) - Sam241   475.6 #533 8-19-11 12:45AM Like  Reply
I read your name wrong and got really happy but then I read it again so my name is Rob!!! - Rob512   756.3 #316 8-19-11 12:47AM Like  Reply
Well we have premiums and live in AZ. So yes!!!!!! It's worth it if you live in CA anywhere!! - Ms.Mouseketeer   1008.8 #231 8-19-11 12:48AM Like  Reply
I'm from san francisco, I had an AP one year and it paid for itself after two trips. Plus you get discounts throughout the park that add up! Dooo it! - topherserrano   250.1 #1498 8-19-11 12:53AM Like  Reply
Live in Camp Pendleton and we have Premier's. Totally worth it!  - TangledNdisneY   324.7 #32 8-19-11 12:53AM Like  Reply
Wow! Didn't realize how many of us are all from SD! Too bad I won't be able to go to the MW meet up this Saturday :( - Alicewhoareyou   2819.0 #63 8-19-11 1:10AM Like  Reply
Im from PQ! Woo Hoo...SD MW'ers! - Duandoland   26.9 #6944 8-19-11 2:04AM Like  Reply
Yeah...its worth it. Ive paid for my pass 4 times over...and I just renewed it 2 months ago! Do it! Do it! - Duandoland   26.9 #6944 8-19-11 2:06AM Like  Reply
I live in Sacramento and we have Premiums!!!!!! - Rob512   756.3 #316 8-19-11 2:08AM Like  Reply! AZ passholder! Well done! That is awesome! - Duandoland   26.9 #6944 8-19-11 2:08AM Like  Reply's the Premium we should get? Wasn't sure which one makes the most sense, lol. @Rob512 - my family is up in Roseville, Rancho Cordova, and Auburn. It's a Small World, haha. - Alicewhoareyou   2819.0 #63 8-19-11 2:11AM Like  Reply
Its awesome how you guys live far away and have AP's....Sacramento, SF, AZ! I tip my hat to you all. Definitely Hardcore DL fans! I Love It! - Duandoland   26.9 #6944 8-19-11 2:16AM Like  Reply
LOL it is a Small World after all!!! - Rob512   756.3 #316 8-19-11 2:17AM Like  Reply
We live in 4S/RB and we go at least once a month. :) have had APs for nearly 13 years. Totally worth it! Now our son has one too and so will our daughter when she needs one. :) - charissaRN   3.6 #30326 8-19-11 3:47AM Like  Reply
4S? Hey Neighbor! Hehehe...yeah, I go about once a month too. - Duandoland   26.9 #6944 8-19-11 4:23AM Like  Reply
@charissa- so when you guys first got passes, was the parking lot still in front of the main gate or did they already start construction on DCA? - Duandoland   26.9 #6944 8-19-11 4:26AM Like  Reply
We're in Santee and our premium APs are totally worth it. - vernswifevickie   400.5 #656 8-19-11 5:12AM Like  Reply
We live right next to UCSD and go about once a month using our socal APs. I usually go on weekdays with kids and my mom. My husband just got his first AP. Due to our schedule and money a socal AP works great for us but if we lived any closer we would get premium. - Polkadobo   385.8 #681 8-19-11 5:25AM Like  Reply
Do it. I live in Sera Mesa. - PinTrader   262.7 #1382 8-19-11 5:29AM Like  Reply
 me! I love it :) - MouseketeerforShort   340.3 #817 8-19-11 5:46AM Like  Reply
Yes, totally! I live in serra mesa, bought the premium and have been more times than I can count right now. - Pintraderswife   468.3 #549 8-19-11 5:47AM Like  Reply
I live in NorCal and my son and I have Deluxe passes - Keala76   330.4 #868 8-19-11 5:52AM Like  Reply
In Lemon Grove here. SpencerPhreak and I have Premium. Best pass ever!! It gives parking and the most % off for food and merchandise. - ImAlwaysCrazy   674.5 #358 8-19-11 6:03AM Like  Reply
I have 3 I'm my family 2 deluxe and 1 premium. - SplashMtn_Fan   510.0 #488 8-19-11 6:14AM Like  Reply
Me too! We live in Roseville (near Sacramento) and we have premium. My dad lives in Santee and meets us there several times a year. Worth every penny plus So. Cal residents get a discount. - Disneydreamer   192.5 #2266 8-19-11 6:19AM Like  Reply
I live in San Ysidro, we have the premium p. We go 1-2 times a mo. Its worth it. - cynmic   90.0 #3990 8-19-11 6:19AM Like  Reply
I live in Oceanside and used to have an ap when I was youngee but get it as long as it pay for itself - SarahInWonderland   42.9 #5531 8-19-11 6:27AM Like  Reply
Mira mesa :) my daughter and I have premium. We have been every weekend this summer. The ap makes it so pleasant, we never feel rushed to do everything in one day, cause there's always next time - kemal007   273.5 #1287 8-19-11 6:32AM Like  Reply
I lived in san Diego And I went almost every Monday. Totally worth it! - Queenof2princesses   259.6 #1409 8-19-11 6:33AM Like  Reply
I am and yes it's definitely worth it! I've had my ap for 3 years and have gotten good use out of it. - DisneyRuthy   95.7 #3878 8-19-11 6:44AM Like  Reply
 totally worth it! - Duchess_SMK   6634.7 #24 8-19-11 7:23AM Like  Reply
Oh and I'm in Fallbrook, (north SD county). Bout 1hr 15 mins to DL. - Duchess_SMK   6634.7 #24 8-19-11 7:28AM Like  Reply
I'm in lakeside, got the premium, go once a month, best purchase of my life - MJisMM   31.0 #6472 8-19-11 7:32AM Like  Reply
yes! we are meeting up tomorrow too. Join us. - GoofyJoe   1906.6 #107 8-19-11 7:33AM Like  Reply
NorCal pass holder here, totally worth it! - 2ndStar2theRight   24.5 #7280 8-19-11 7:33AM Like  Reply
A huge yes! - MoonWillow   396.2 #662 8-19-11 7:53AM Like  Reply
I live in oceanside. If you go more that 6 times a year you have saved. If premin pass inculd cost of entrey,parking and tweny percent off over the 6 time and you save. - Rn4uminnie   238.8 #1643 8-19-11 8:51AM Like  Reply
I agree with everyone here! I'm near San Diego State (Talmadge) and a Premium is definitely worth it! Between the discounts and the fact that 5 trips a year pay for it, it's a definite must do! - Gia   802.2 #285 8-19-11 8:56AM Like  Reply
I have a premium ap and I live in Vegas I think its worth it - cheryl2324   248.4 #1525 8-19-11 9:03AM Like  Reply
My goodness, didn't expect all the replies! This just gets curiouser and curiouser. ;) - Alicewhoareyou   2819.0 #63 8-19-11 8:21PM Like  Reply
My friend's live in Fresno and have Premium APs. - LilSterner   5828.4 #27 8-19-11 8:21PM Like  Reply
My daughter and I are Premium holders and we live in the Otay Ranch/Chula Vista area, so yes totally worth it if ur planning to go lots and lots :) ...there's a big MW meetup tomorrow in San Diego which I can't attend so hopefully u can though! - Nicholle   132.0 #3201 8-19-11 8:28PM Like  Reply
@Nicholle - shoot! No, I can't be there :( For my next trip up to DL, my husband and I are taking my mom who is traveling down from excited! She hasn't been there since 1992 - before Indy was even built, lol. - Alicewhoareyou   2819.0 #63 8-19-11 8:40PM Like  Reply
In Temecula and my daughter and i have premium and it's about an hour to hour an half drive. I thinks it's definitely worth it, not having to worry about admission or parking:-) - msparrow   144.7 #2989 8-19-11 8:48PM Like  Reply
Im from Carlsbad area and I go at least once a week, totally worth it - diznymommy84   215.9 #1951 8-19-11 9:18PM Like  Reply
Wow, once a week! @diznymommy84 - I'm in San Marcos, but husband's family is all in Carlsbad too! - Alicewhoareyou   2819.0 #63 8-19-11 9:24PM Like  Reply
Live in Murrieta and go twice a month. Our son goes twice a week. If you go on a regular basis it's a great value. Quality entertainment for the entire year. Plus significant discounts on shopping and dining. - jacdanfan   15818.7 #5 8-19-11 9:25PM Like  Reply
I'm in north county SD too( it is a small world after all :) we go about once a week. So yes, worth it ;) - tuesday737   1291.5 #168 8-19-11 9:33PM Like  Reply
I'm not from San Diego, but I will tell you this. Once you have an AP you wonder, why you waited so long and become addicted to the magic - FreddyC626   30.7 #6498 8-19-11 9:45PM Like  Reply
Totally worth it! - missyhidy   245.7 #1557 8-19-11 9:47PM Like  Reply
SD here. My son and I go at least twice a month. Love that we can head up whenever and spend as much or as little time as we want. The best part is how relaxing the park is when your not rushed to do everything in one day. - PopcornYeti   378.6 #698 8-19-11 9:49PM Like  Reply
I have friends that do, they come up at least once a month and they enjoy it. But then again they have family here so they save on hotel - MarshaMouse   5058.3 #35 8-19-11 9:53PM Like  Reply
We r from SD and come at least once a month, totally worth it! - tafonso   192.8 #2259 8-19-11 9:57PM Like  Reply
I'm in a little town called wheatland, north of Roseville, and I'm a proud owner of a new AP!! I'm so excited! Our trip in Sept will more than pay for itself!! - minnieMisty   276.9 #1245 8-19-11 10:00PM Like  Reply
Encinitas. So cal pass - Ms. Rebel Spy   19.0 #8398 8-19-11 10:35PM Like  Reply
I'm over here in mission hills and we go at least 1 time a month (very hectic work schedules) and it's soo totally worth it!!!:) - CarmenINwonderlanD   265.1 #1357 8-19-11 10:38PM Like  Reply
Misson valley. Got so cal. So worth it. Go for it u only live once - ruttandtuke   200.1 #2159 8-19-11 10:42PM Like  Reply
I live in Salt Lake City and we have APs. We love having them and it is so worth it. If I was in San Diego, there would be no question. I say get them and enjoy! - VanDisney   342.3 #809 8-19-11 10:52PM Like  Reply
Definitely! I'm in East County and I've had an AP for 2.5 yrs so far. Started as SoCal, then Deluxe, now this yr I have Premium. I have definitely gotten my moneys' worth! - TickledTink   388.1 #25 8-20-11 1:25AM Like  Reply