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384.3 #683 DL Qual #527 8-21-11 7:56PM
Ok,it's the end of the week once again! So post something great that u guys did this week(: well I bought the fox and the hound today and yesterday my guy friend treated me to lunch(: And might I add my cousin who is almost 5 and is practically my life is going to start kindergarten tomorrow :,)
Is that the end of the week, or the beginning of another one? Buuut, I went to Disneyland on Saturday and met some awesome MW'ers - AndrewJ   158.9 #2749 8-21-11 7:58PM Like  Reply
It's umm both lol(: that's super cool I was going to go today but something came up - princessVanessa   384.3 #683 8-21-11 7:59PM Like  Reply
We got my daughter up to college this week. Happy and sad at the same time. Exciting time! - minigirl1156   895.6 #250 8-21-11 8:01PM Like  Reply
I surfed in Hawaii for the first time. It was an epic week for me. - Knik   456.9 #566 8-21-11 8:02PM Like  Reply
@minigirl my cousin left his house for college today too! Good thing I'm staying locally @knick surfing in Hawaii? Sounds pretty nice to me I really wanna learn to surf and I will only surf there well one day haha - princessVanessa   384.3 #683 8-21-11 8:06PM Like  Reply
Even tho I am a teacher who will have students on Tuesday I helped my sister ( also a teacher) in her classroom this weekend after working 3 hrs in my room on Saturday then worked 5 hours in her room. - Dizkid   506.0 #493 8-21-11 8:07PM Like  Reply
@Dizkid wow!! Congrats to u that was really nice of u,it's the little things that counts(: - princessVanessa   384.3 #683 8-21-11 8:10PM Like  Reply
I got asked to take a drug test for employment so I'm guessing that means theyre going to hire me!!! - mozbaby   148.9 #2919 8-21-11 8:11PM Like  Reply
I want to go this week again too. - AndrewJ   158.9 #2749 8-21-11 8:12PM Like  Reply
@mozbaby that's very cool I'm still praying u get the job(: - princessVanessa   384.3 #683 8-21-11 8:12PM Like  Reply
Went with my boyfriend to D23 on Friday and saw John Lasseter there. I would def call this a great week even though I also had to go to my friends funeral :( - DisneyFan(tasmic)   194.9 #2227 8-21-11 8:12PM Like  Reply
I Hung out with my best friend, tho not at dland, but still got to see her, but there have been better weeks - TikiJOSEsWingman   332.4 #855 8-21-11 8:15PM Like  Reply
@disneyfan aw I'm so sorry for ur loss :( just think of the good times u had...idk what else to say all I can say is I'm sorry and ur friends in a better place with no more pain - princessVanessa   384.3 #683 8-21-11 8:15PM Like  Reply
I took my 71 year old dad to Josh Groban. We got to go behind the scenes and my dad cried 3 times he was so happy. - Melli_mo   533.8 #466 8-21-11 8:15PM Like  Reply
@btmrrman that's still great though I like to be in the company of good friends as long as there not fake that is haha @Melli_mo that's awesome!(: - princessVanessa   384.3 #683 8-21-11 8:16PM Like  Reply
Thanks princessvanessa - mozbaby   148.9 #2919 8-21-11 8:20PM Like  Reply
Thanks @princessVanessa, that is very sweet of you to say. Her husband murdered her so im going to take a wild stab in the dark and guess that she HAS to b in a better place - DisneyFan(tasmic)   194.9 #2227 8-21-11 8:21PM Like  Reply
I like this post. =) - Melli_mo   533.8 #466 8-21-11 8:22PM Like  Reply
Sorry for your lost Dfan - Melli_mo   533.8 #466 8-21-11 8:22PM Like  Reply
This hasn't been a good week for me. Found out my ex/the love of my life is getting shipped out soon. I'm making plans to bury my brother. On the bright side, I made it back from France safely. - deadmou53   38.6 #5783 8-21-11 8:23PM Like  Reply
Our son started Special Olympics floor hockey again The entire family is involved with coaching and training these wonderful athletes Go Mojave River Rattlers and Creasers - SeñorBuzz&Jessie   68.5 #4505 8-21-11 8:24PM Like  Reply
Thank u! - DisneyFan(tasmic)   194.9 #2227 8-21-11 8:24PM Like  Reply
@deadmou53 so sowy! Hope the upcoming week goes better for u - DisneyFan(tasmic)   194.9 #2227 8-21-11 8:26PM Like  Reply
@dfan omg I'm so sorry well god will take care of that heartless man @Deadmau53 I'm so sorry :/ things will get better! @Senorbuzz&jessie that's so awesome! I hope he enjoys it oh and go teamm!(: - princessVanessa   384.3 #683 8-21-11 8:29PM Like  Reply
Ok something great that happened to me this week...I got casted for Glee :) - RiRiBelle   8.0 #14548 8-21-11 8:31PM Like  Reply
@RiRiBelle that's great what would u be doing on glee? - princessVanessa   384.3 #683 8-21-11 8:33PM Like  Reply
Wow! As in Glee on TV? Congrats!! - sewgirl   342.6 #806 8-21-11 8:33PM Like  Reply
@dfan & Deadmou53 I am so sorry for both of your loses. - sewgirl   342.6 #806 8-21-11 8:36PM Like  Reply
I'm just one of the dancers :) - RiRiBelle   8.0 #14548 8-21-11 8:47PM Like  Reply
I got to see my favorite band front row in San Diego! - jodykatin   479.1 #526 8-21-11 8:52PM Like  Reply
It's still awesome though! Haha I don't watch it though - princessVanessa   384.3 #683 8-21-11 8:52PM Like  Reply
@jodykatin that's cool! Which band? - princessVanessa   384.3 #683 8-21-11 8:58PM Like  Reply
I met Kevin McHale (Artie from Glee) when I was at dinner last night. It was pretty awesome :) - ekwhite   473.0 #537 8-21-11 9:00PM Like  Reply
@ekwhite thats very cool(: - princessVanessa   384.3 #683 8-21-11 9:11PM Like  Reply
I went to D23 and met Nick Pitera. :) - CM_KittyPrincess23   268.9 #1326 8-21-11 9:15PM Like  Reply
Compromised with my daughter. Her hair was about 2 inches below her bottom. She wanted it half way down her back. I allowed about 9 inches to be cut. - Romec123aKaSmartyPants   763.4 #309 8-21-11 9:16PM Like  Reply
@PV it was you should go. It really is a must! - Knik   456.9 #566 8-21-11 9:30PM Like  Reply
I treated my cousin to a Starbucks coffee. It's not much, but she really enjoyed it and thanked me =) - VivaHate88   154.0 #2836 8-21-11 9:31PM Like  Reply
Got my niece to FINALLY ride TOT!!! After months of saying NO, she finally said yes! So proud of her! She really liked it! - OCdrumGuy   624.7 #383 8-21-11 9:41PM Like  Reply
I really need to ride tot! Lol - princessVanessa   384.3 #683 8-21-11 10:09PM Like  Reply
Celebrated my Mom's 75th Birthday along with my two brothers and two sisters at the Butchart Gardens in Victoria (Canada). Great fireworks show! Mom loved her day! (First B'Day since my Dad passed away in April!) - ZipadeeMickey   284.1 #1177 8-21-11 10:15PM Like  Reply
That's awesome! - princessVanessa   384.3 #683 8-21-11 10:47PM Like  Reply