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1035.8 #168 DL Qual #134 9-11-11 8:43PM
Look who I finally got a picture of. The Incredible Mr. Limpet!
Tagged in: Attractions  Little Mermaid  
Coolness indeed :) - uscdisneyteacher   7687.9 #7 9-11-11 8:44PM Like  Reply
i saw him on our last trip, but i was too slow to take a pic! lol - Armenda   1154.6 #145 9-11-11 8:46PM Like  Reply
That is a difficult picture to get! Don Knotts ftw! - FeralMatt   129.5 #2972 9-11-11 8:47PM Like  Reply
We just noticed him there this weekend...good shot! - SoCalJean   171.4 #2313 9-11-11 8:52PM Like  Reply
Oh, I love that movie! Thanks for the pic - disneyfreakatbirth   277.0 #1032 9-11-11 8:57PM Like  Reply
He is a lot bigger than I anticipated when lOoking for him! - MouseketeerforShort   340.3 #660 9-11-11 8:57PM Like  Reply
I keep missing him, not sure exactly where he is hiding in the attraction. - arianwenmcb   215.6 #1735 9-11-11 9:00PM Like  Reply
I can never get that picture..well done! - DisneyDoorite   359.1 #608 9-11-11 9:16PM Like  Reply
Where exactly is he? I would love to see him! I watched that movie a hundred times when I was a kid! - PumpkinEars   132.8 #2916 9-11-11 9:27PM Like  Reply
Nice! PumpkinEars he's in the "Under The Sea" scene across from Ariel. The shell is turned a bit away so you have to look around it a bit. - LilSterner   5065.5 #20 9-11-11 9:36PM Like  Reply
Thank you! I will definitely look for him! - PumpkinEars   132.8 #2916 9-11-11 10:04PM Like  Reply
I still haven't found him. I guess I'm too busy looking at everything else. - missyhidy   245.7 #1348 9-11-11 10:12PM Like  Reply
Wow...I hadn't heard about this! Something to try to remember to look for next year! - msdizmaui   676.2 #275 9-12-11 1:41AM Like  Reply
Wow that came out great!!! - Storybrooke   681.4 #271 9-12-11 3:36AM Like  Reply
Hurray an awesome picture of Mr. Limpet - project626   719.2 #254 9-12-11 3:37AM Like  Reply
Pardon the pun but, great catch! Now there's a movie they need to release on blu-ray. - RadioMaverick   1132.7 #148 9-12-11 5:09AM Like  Reply
Anybody know why he is on the ride? Was that even a Disney movie? - madmarchhare   221.2 #1657 9-12-11 6:14AM Like  Reply
Random, but there's a guy who volunteers where I work that looks just like Don Knotts. Always think of this movie when I see him! - MOsaysWHOA   117.7 #3197 9-12-11 6:45AM Like  Reply
Still haven't found him. - Chumash28   1088.6 #157 9-12-11 6:59AM Like  Reply
Great job on catching that!! - MissyluvsDisneyland   362.0 #598 9-12-11 7:00AM Like  Reply
It wasn't a Disney movie, but Don Knotts has done a few Disney movies. One of my FACS is Apple Dumpling Gang. - RadioMaverick   1132.7 #148 9-12-11 8:33AM Like  Reply
I watched it with my wife and kids this weekend on netflix. It was my kids first time, and they enjoyed it... - Tomorrowland   96.3 #3551 9-12-11 8:55AM Like  Reply