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266.4 #1339 DL Qual #402 9-17-11 11:25AM
Wow this RAK had a much bigger turnout than anyone of us ever expected! Thanks to Admin for keeping the post on top for a while so that everyone could get a chance to enter (I think almost everyone did!). Thanks to all the people who entered as well. We can’t give everyone a free night, but if you have an AP, rates can be as low as $59-$79 a night depending on availability so I’d urge you to come check us out anyway =) If that was your first post, or are still new to this community, don’t be afraid to introduce yourselves to the lounge. These people are some of the most welcoming people on Earth! I feel like I’m just rambling now…what was I supposed to post about? Ohhh right! The free night giveaway! Well, I pulled some strings and twisted some arms and we are picking not one, not two, but THREE winners!!! So without further ado, your winners are: ImAlwaysCrazy, BigThunderCharlie, and misskelington!!! Please txt me your email addresses so we can send you the info =) Please help me congratulate the winners MW!!!
Congrats ! - DisneyByMarco   1421.4 #151 9-17-11 11:26AM Like  Reply
Congrats!!! And thank you for offering such a generous RAK! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet   1597.3 #134 9-17-11 11:27AM Like  Reply
Congrats to all the winners! And Thank You, HoJo, for offering this amazing RAK!!! - Gia   802.2 #281 9-17-11 11:27AM Like  Reply
Congratulations!!!! Have an amazing time!!! - NancyLuvsEeyore   249.3 #1499 9-17-11 11:28AM Like  Reply
WOW!! congrats MWers!!! You are some lucky people! - Armenda   1186.0 #184 9-17-11 11:28AM Like  Reply
Awesome Congratulations everyone!!!! Thanks HoJo!!!!!! - Rob512   756.3 #310 9-17-11 11:29AM Like  Reply
Congrats!!! - ladylikesdisney   945.0 #240 9-17-11 11:29AM Like  Reply
Very cool RAK. Congrats to the winners. - mnallmn   184.2 #2361 9-17-11 11:32AM Like  Reply
Congrats to the winners! - CherryTreeLane   460.4 #549 9-17-11 11:33AM Like  Reply
So awesome for you guys! Congrats! - shoppermama4   7.6 #15020 9-17-11 11:34AM Like  Reply
Congratulations! - 007flipper   569.7 #416 9-17-11 11:34AM Like  Reply
You're awesome, Hojo! Congrats, guys! - TickledTink   388.1 #25 9-17-11 11:35AM Like  Reply
Congrats enjoy your stay - Pirategirl   277.0 #1234 9-17-11 11:35AM Like  Reply
Congrats to all! Thanks hojo! - PrincessDuckie   960.1 #236 9-17-11 11:37AM Like  Reply
Congrats to those who won and very generous of HoJo! - LilSterner   5828.4 #26 9-17-11 11:43AM Like  Reply
Congrats to the winners!! How generous of you HoJo! - Mimmy   1442.4 #148 9-17-11 11:49AM Like  Reply
Congrats to all the winners!!! Thank you HoJo for a wonderful RAK!!!  - Aurora_2020   263.9 #1367 9-17-11 11:52AM Like  Reply
Awesome! - GoofyJoe   1906.6 #106 9-17-11 12:01PM Like  Reply
Congrats to the winners & thanks to HoJo! - TonjaC   290.3 #1111 9-17-11 12:08PM Like  Reply
Congrats to the winners! - prettylikemarie   3.7 #28914 9-17-11 12:10PM Like  Reply
Congrats winners you will have a blast! - Disneymomblessedx3   363.1 #738 9-17-11 12:11PM Like  Reply
Congrats to the winners! - Mrs.mouse   543.6 #443 9-17-11 12:11PM Like  Reply
Congrats everyone! - Jillian   767.1 #303 9-17-11 12:13PM Like  Reply
Cool!!! Yay for the winners! - mozbaby   148.9 #2911 9-17-11 12:15PM Like  Reply
Congrats to the winners! - MXPrincess399   817.4 #277 9-17-11 12:16PM Like  Reply
Congrats to the winners!! - Storybrooke   681.4 #351 9-17-11 12:17PM Like  Reply
O my god.!!!! Thank you. Thank you thank you Soo much!!! - ImAlwaysCrazy   674.5 #356 9-17-11 12:20PM Like  Reply
So generous!! Big contrast to the winners!! - LisaMouse7531   410.1 #631 9-17-11 12:20PM Like  Reply
Yay! That is so awesome! Congrats to all :) - AndReallyBadEggs   254.8 #1444 9-17-11 12:21PM Like  Reply
Congrats imalwayscrazy!!! Now paging bigthundercharlie and misskelington - HoJoAnaheim   266.4 #1339 9-17-11 12:42PM Like  Reply
Congratulations to all the winners!!! - StitchEars   330.7 #855 9-17-11 12:49PM Like  Reply
Congrats to all the winners!!! - GrimGrinningGhost   275.1 #1258 9-17-11 12:52PM Like  Reply
Congrats!! - princessVanessa   384.3 #680 9-17-11 12:54PM Like  Reply
Congratulations to you three - kimimouse   38.7 #5762 9-17-11 1:46PM Like  Reply
Congrats!!! - veronica619   517.7 #472 9-17-11 1:48PM Like  Reply
Yay! Wtg HoJo! - Katrayher   781.0 #294 9-17-11 1:50PM Like  Reply
Congrats to the winners!!! - SteamboatMinnie   310.6 #978 9-17-11 1:51PM Like  Reply
Congrats to the winners, and a big thank you to HoJo's for your great RAK's! - proudcanuck   478.6 #522 9-17-11 1:55PM Like  Reply
Congrats to the winners!! - beastfearn   131.0 #3211 9-17-11 1:56PM Like  Reply
Congrats! - E-Ticket   1785.2 #115 9-17-11 2:01PM Like  Reply
Congrats!!!!!!!! - goofball   475.1 #529 9-17-11 2:03PM Like  Reply
Congrats to all the winners! - Jackie211   483.3 #512 9-17-11 2:15PM Like  Reply
I know the winners are out there  - HoJoAnaheim   266.4 #1339 9-17-11 2:18PM Like  Reply
CongratZ to all the winners! - Mulan26   67.7 #4509 9-17-11 2:19PM Like  Reply
Congratulations and thank you HoJo! - Song   2242.7 #88 9-17-11 2:25PM Like  Reply
Congrats to the winners! Thanks for being so generous to MW HoJo! - disneyjuls   51.8 #5090 9-17-11 2:27PM Like  Reply
Congratulations!! Hope u guys have a great time! - stardustpixie   165.1 #2658 9-17-11 2:28PM Like  Reply
Congratulations to the winners!! Its a great place to stay. Thank you hojo for such an awesome giveaway! - Twitterpated   278.7 #1217 9-17-11 2:36PM Like  Reply
Congratulations everyone and have fun! Thanks to the generous folks at the HoJo for sponsoring this RAK! - Tinkaboudit   2461.5 #73 9-17-11 2:37PM Like  Reply
Congrats to the winners!! - Momof2princesses   154.5 #2819 9-17-11 2:38PM Like  Reply
Congrats guys!!! - CheshireFreak   235.9 #1672 9-17-11 3:31PM Like  Reply
OMG!!!!!! I can't believe I won. Thank You so much Hojo!! My email address is [email protected], Can't wait to stay at your beautiful hotel. Thanks again, BigThunderCharlie :) - BigThunderCharlie   183.0 #2378 9-17-11 3:47PM Like  Reply
Congrats all  - IHEARTSIMBA50   495.0 #498 9-17-11 4:10PM Like  Reply
Cool! We have 2 out of three so far! Paging misskelington! Please txt me your email address so we can send you the info - HoJoAnaheim   266.4 #1339 9-17-11 4:18PM Like  Reply
Congrats!!!!! and wow those are low rates for AP holders, very cool! - SpaceMtnGirl11   136.6 #3127 9-17-11 4:32PM Like  Reply
Congrats to the winners! Thank you HoJo! - toph   2418.2 #75 9-17-11 4:38PM Like  Reply
Congrats!! - RyanP   242.9 #1594 9-17-11 4:39PM Like  Reply
I had no idea the rates were so reasonable! Looks like I'll be spending some time at the hojo!  - bluefairy   643.8 #371 9-17-11 5:26PM Like  Reply
I agree! I'm thinking HoJo gets my business from now on! - KissDclown   1089.2 #210 9-17-11 5:33PM Like  Reply
Sweeeeet! Congrats!!!!! - NightmareKaren   364.6 #732 9-17-11 6:47PM Like  Reply
Congrats to all the winners. - Sugarbuzz   335.8 #828 9-17-11 6:48PM Like  Reply
congrats to all the winners!! - Sallyskellington   201.1 #2140 9-17-11 6:53PM Like  Reply
Congrats everyone!! You will love HoJo's!! - sewgirl   342.6 #799 9-17-11 7:18PM Like  Reply
Congrats to the winners!! - MinnieJ   281.9 #1190 9-17-11 7:20PM Like  Reply
Congrats!!! - chelle1318   447.5 #575 9-17-11 7:21PM Like  Reply
paging misskelington - HoJoAnaheim   266.4 #1339 9-17-11 8:13PM Like  Reply
paging misskelington please txt me or reply to this post by 9pm on Sunday September 18 otherwise I will have to pick a new winner thanks  - HoJoAnaheim   266.4 #1339 9-18-11 6:28AM Like  Reply
Bump for misskellington - adriz   187.6 #2324 9-18-11 7:33AM Like  Reply
Omg I just saw this yay !!!!! I'm so excited this is my first time winning a rak!! And it's one of the coolest raks ever!!!!!!!!!!!! - misskellington   132.6 #3185 9-18-11 8:49AM Like  Reply
There you are! Could you txt me with your email pls? And thanks to everyone for bumping the posts! - HoJoAnaheim   266.4 #1339 9-18-11 8:53AM Like  Reply
My email address is [email protected] I am soooo excited! Thanks everyone for bumping!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - misskellington   132.6 #3185 9-18-11 8:56AM Like  Reply
Thanks hojo for this amazing rak!!!!! - misskellington   132.6 #3185 9-18-11 9:02AM Like  Reply
Got it thanks! All the winners should be expecting an email from me today. Thanks for playing  - HoJoAnaheim   266.4 #1339 9-18-11 9:10AM Like  Reply
So happy one of my friends won! She really deserves it! Congrats to the other two as well! - DuffysJuju   634.0 #376 9-18-11 10:07AM Like  Reply
Congrats to all the winners...When making reservations to HoJo is it best to call for the AP prices...we didnt see the option for AP's online and also my sister is picking up her AP's when she gets down to Disneyland so does she have to have them physically in hand to get the discount?I told her to reserve her rooms through you guys but wasnt sure how it worked-Thanks in advance - yellowtonka   244.7 #1562 9-18-11 10:17AM Like  Reply
Congrats winners. Those are some great rates IF you have an AP. Are they're any discounts for us MW'ers that don't have an AP? I just checked the web for when we're going and its 139 per for a wednesday and thursday. If I'm going to spend that much them I might as well stay at Paradise Pier - Vegaspooh   134.7 #3148 9-18-11 10:25AM Like  Reply
@yellowtonka: I would highly recommend calling our in-house reservations line for the "retro rates" (M-F 9:00am - 5:00pm; Sat 9:00am to 1:00pm 714 776 6120) The full discount of $59-$79 per room is only available on certain dates, otherwise APs can always get 20% off the regular rate. She will have to present a valid annual pass anytime during her stay to get the rates. @Vegaspooh: For those MWers who do not have an Annual Pass, there is a 15% discount off the regular rate. Again I would urge you to call our in house reservations and let them know you are with MW. Ask for Kriss at reservations. She is awesome and also a fellow MWer (exp626girl). Thanks for your questions! - HoJoAnaheim   266.4 #1339 9-18-11 12:11PM Like  Reply
I was trying to book for the HoJoAnaheim, and on the view part what does it have to say so I can have a view of Disneyland?? Thank you. - ZombieWebbie   90.8 #3962 9-18-11 12:12PM Like  Reply
Thank you for responding. You guys are great! - Vegaspooh   134.7 #3148 9-18-11 12:14PM Like  Reply
Thanx for the info HoJo! - SueBayou   2019.2 #98 9-18-11 12:15PM Like  Reply
@ZombieWebbie: The room type you are looking for is an NQQ1. Thats the Superior Room facing the park. Hope to see you soon! - HoJoAnaheim   266.4 #1339 9-18-11 1:20PM Like  Reply
Thanks for all the info- I've spent all morning planning my next trip with u guys! - SteamboatMinnie   310.6 #978 9-19-11 10:39AM Like  Reply