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269.0 #1290 DL Qual #1566 9-21-11 9:28AM
so i hopefully had my last chemo treatment yesterday. not doing well today. my plans are to be at the park on oct 1st to play and then hopefully back to work on nov 2nd. thank you mw family for all the well wishes and i hope to meet some of you when i get back to work on main street. :)
Sending a million magical well wishes your way! Feel better soon. :) - 559MickeyLover   335.8 #811 9-21-11 9:31AM Like(1)  Reply
I hope that was your last therapy too. Good luck with everything and I'm sure you will be at DL on the 1st. Thoughts and prayers are with you. - MikeyMouse   160.7 #2701 9-21-11 9:30AM Like  Reply
Feel better soon!!! Continuing to send good thoughts and prayers your way. - Ericksenator   378.1 #674 9-21-11 9:32AM Like  Reply
Hope you feel better soon!! Sending good thoughts your way :) - Sallyskellington   201.1 #2113 9-21-11 9:34AM Like  Reply
I wish you a speedy recovery....I don't know you but I can feel your courage in your posts. Feel better and get back to DL soon.... - CVDisneyland   468.1 #522 9-21-11 9:42AM Like  Reply
I will b at park tht day as well...i hope u feel better an maybe get to meet u...take care an positivity is the key...just keep swimmin swimmin swimmin ;) - akmouser73   139.1 #3050 9-21-11 9:44AM Like  Reply
I hope you start feeling better! Sending you pixie dust! - Tataandbeyond   83.9 #4087 9-21-11 9:45AM Like  Reply
There is nothing better than mw thoughts! Feel better. - snowwannab   759.3 #298 9-21-11 9:46AM Like  Reply
Congrats on reaching your last session-Both my parents went through god bless and wish you all the best and a good recovery!! - MinnieMaddiesMommie   73.1 #4316 9-21-11 9:46AM Like  Reply
 - Minnis2Society   382.4 #663 9-21-11 9:48AM Like  Reply
Hoping you feel better. *hands you a churro* - misschurro   9173.2 #12 9-21-11 9:50AM Like  Reply
Im praying :) - BubbaLoo   870.6 #251 9-21-11 9:51AM Like  Reply
I wish you all the best. - PrincessDuckie   954.8 #229 9-21-11 9:52AM Like  Reply
Praying for healing and a speedy recovery!! ;-) - disneymomma1   325.8 #866 9-21-11 9:53AM Like  Reply
Sending you lots of Disney thoughts!! Stay strong and I hope it is your last one too!! I hope you make it to the park soon and feel lots better!! :) - CuriousAsAlice7   179.7 #2395 9-21-11 9:53AM Like  Reply
 - pbrdad   237.1 #1635 9-21-11 9:57AM Like  Reply
Hope you get better. Hope you feel better. - scoot   287.1 #1104 9-21-11 9:58AM Like  Reply
Hope you feel better very soon! Thoughts and prayers coming your way! - Fanatic4Disney   268.5 #1297 9-21-11 10:03AM Like  Reply
I hope it all goes well and this was your last treatment!! - TheKaJaSi   144.8 #2951 9-21-11 10:04AM Like  Reply
Feel better. Have fun with your trip to the park :) - dennibowles   56.0 #4848 9-21-11 10:09AM Like  Reply
sorry that is happening to you. I wish you speedy recovery. Get well soon. - vincentchase1   672.9 #346 9-21-11 10:11AM Like  Reply
Congratulations! My wife just finished up her last round of chemo in May. Hope you have a speedy recovery! - BrettX209   266.1 #1314 9-21-11 10:16AM Like  Reply
hope you feel better soon, my father/grandmother went through chemo also so i know it can be hard but stay strong. - chris.   2511.4 #69 9-21-11 10:20AM Like  Reply
Congrats!! I also hope its your last treatment. You are in my prayers. - sewgirl   342.6 #784 9-21-11 10:26AM Like  Reply
We wish you the best on your treatment!!! Enjoy Disney. - Leetch   7.8 #14408 9-21-11 10:27AM Like  Reply
Hope all works out as you wish. - CptKirk   766.3 #295 9-21-11 10:34AM Like  Reply
Good luck- you are in my prayers- next month my mom will have been c-free for 8 years! - SteamboatMinnie   310.6 #954 9-21-11 11:35AM Like  Reply
Thanks everyone. I can't wait till my 5 year annaversary, already picked out my tattoo, it will be my first and probably only tattoo. But it will be a huge deal. - FroggyfriendsCM   269.0 #1290 9-21-11 12:08PM Like  Reply
Sending healing thoughts your way. And praying for a fast recovery for you as well :) - Mulan26   67.7 #4469 9-21-11 4:02PM Like  Reply
Glad you posted! I was wondering how you were doing, but couldn't remember your screen name. Continued prayers for your health :) - PrincessKristin   780.8 #286 9-27-11 12:04AM Like  Reply
Glad to hear.... get well soon....:-) - disneymomma1   325.8 #866 9-27-11 12:05AM Like  Reply
I hope you feel better soon and just know you always have MW to escape on those rough days. - Jillian   767.1 #294 9-27-11 12:11AM Like  Reply
Hope you feel better soon. :o) - leanne8507   5.0 #20654 9-27-11 12:19AM Like  Reply
Get well soon, your strength is admirable! - RiRiBelle   8.0 #14150 9-27-11 12:23AM Like  Reply
Sending well wishes out your way! Seeing that from time to time at work I know how tiring it can be after receiving treatment. Get better soon and enjoy those parks :) - LuvsMimisHouse   515.8 #459 9-27-11 12:23AM Like  Reply
Wish you the best. Feel better soon! Have a lot of fun when you go to the park! - MickeysPrincess   151.5 #2843 9-27-11 12:31AM Like  Reply
Thank you all again! I am doing pretty well. Definately going to be in the park Oct 1st. My strength is better today and I'm not having the bad nausea anymore. Just have to make it through the week. - FroggyfriendsCM   269.0 #1290 9-27-11 1:02AM Like  Reply
Sending strong healthy happy prayers your way  so glad to hear it was your last treatment. Enjoy you trip! - BooEve123   800.9 #277 9-27-11 1:04AM Like  Reply
I really hope you get better soon! Stay strong =] - NightmareKaren   364.6 #706 9-27-11 1:07AM Like  Reply
You go for it girl! Sending positive thoughts your way! : ) - Mousersize   97.6 #3815 9-27-11 1:38AM Like  Reply
Stay strong - MeAndMy3Girls   183.3 #2354 9-27-11 5:40AM Like  Reply
Best wishes for a speedy recovery  - SeñorBuzz&Jessie   68.5 #4450 9-27-11 6:18AM Like  Reply
Very happy to read your recovery is going as you hoped. Can't wait to read you made it back to the park then back to work - Tealtownfan   1171.9 #180 9-27-11 6:28AM Like  Reply
! - Tom   16197.4 #4 9-27-11 6:32AM Like  Reply
Sending you a smile and happy that you seem very positive...just know it was your last and we all are praying that it is! Can't wait to see you on main street! Have a great day! - MarshaMouse   5048.9 #31 9-27-11 6:34AM Like  Reply
Sending good thoughts your way. - SUUZinOCretiredPLAID   1036.1 #215 9-27-11 6:58AM Like  Reply
Sending positive thoughts your way. Feel better soon. - nabster   4.7 #21786 9-27-11 7:44AM Like  Reply
Sending happy thoughts your way! - MinnieJ   281.9 #1159 9-27-11 7:54AM Like  Reply
My toes are crossed for you!!! - JenAnneWho   300.7 #1021 9-27-11 7:55AM Like  Reply
Congratulations on getting through your last chemo! My son went through treatment and each round was a little worse. He will be in remission 3 years this Saturday! I'm glad you have picked out your tattoo for your 5 year mark - it will be here before you know it! - MainStreetMom   112.5 #3545 9-27-11 7:57AM Like  Reply
Sending you prayers Get the rest you need so you can enjoy the parks. - Jimineycricket   197.8 #2156 9-27-11 7:59AM Like  Reply
I hope you feel wishes.... - sweetnerdiheartmickey   252.2 #1445 9-27-11 8:04AM Like  Reply
Congrats!!!  for you and your health!!! - Minnis2Society   382.4 #663 9-27-11 8:15AM Like  Reply
Hope it is...and that you feel better soon! - Jackie211   483.3 #492 9-27-11 9:32AM Like  Reply
I hope you feel better quickly!  - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet   1567.2 #130 9-27-11 9:34AM Like  Reply
Wow, lots of good thoughts and wishes are being sent your way. - VanDisney   342.3 #785 9-27-11 10:04AM Like  Reply
Good karma good wishes and a hug is on your way feel better soon. And plan out your disney day. Watch some youtube videos of world of color, your favorite rides, plan for today is the day you start. And remeber everyday makes yesterday miles away. - maxinerenton   422.7 #592 9-27-11 10:17AM Like  Reply