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The First Disneyland Weight Loss Program
713.8 #333 DL Qual #233 9-30-11 5:12PM
I just put hummus, provolone, and turkey on a rice was good! Way less calories than a sandwich, but still filling! What are your favorite healthy snacks? What fills you up when you're in the mood to snack?
I don't do anything special, but I do love fruit and also celery sticks with fresh almond butter. Also, I have found if you like something crunchy with your sandwich try carrot sticks instead of potato chips...they give you the crunch and just a little taste of sweet. - Duchess73   347.3 #786 10-1-11 9:15PM Like  Reply
I love sliced apples dipped in Greek yogurt that I've added cinnamon and sweetener to. - vernswifevickie   400.5 #653 10-2-11 7:11AM Like  Reply
I always just add honey to my Greek yogurt--cinnamon sounds great! - Spoonful_O_Sugar   713.8 #333 10-2-11 7:16PM Like  Reply
I forgot about rice cakes! I should revisit them! I've been into half of a "thin" bread thing, but the rice cake will give me crunch! - msdizmaui   1102.3 #204 10-3-11 2:50PM Like  Reply
Yeah! And they're only 30 calories each! - Spoonful_O_Sugar  713.8 #333 10-3-11 8:15PM
ok know this is my fav I have steamed veggies broc,cali,carrots (frozen mix) and added bruchetta from trader is to die for..evoo,tomato , basil and garlic yum..then a 1/2 oz of parm melted on top..then I made a veg soup again with frozen veggies,low sodium beef broth a can of crushed tomatoes garlic and onions and I heat up a cup of this when I want to munch..I bought a giant bag of veggies and had to use them up..but it ended up working out I made a few lo cal healthy treats!. - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2953 10-4-11 8:58AM Like  Reply
Yum! That sounds great! - Spoonful_O_Sugar  713.8 #333 10-5-11 6:13AM
I also zap the local popcorn for a mindless munchie - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2953 10-4-11 9:04AM Like  Reply
I don't care for rice cakes and haven't had them since I was a kid, so I don't know how it compares in carbs and fat, but last night I found a sliced wheat bread by orowheat that is only 40 cal/slice :). - Smackerel   234.0 #1700 10-4-11 1:52PM Like  Reply
I think I sometimes buy the same bread, lol! Is it the kind that has 8 g of fiber and 80 calories in two slices? - Spoonful_O_Sugar  713.8 #333 10-4-11 7:34PM
It is! We're bread twins! - Smackerel  234.0 #1700 10-4-11 9:15PM
Oh! Also my sister and I made pumpkin Bread (in a muffin tin for portion control) using applesauce instead of oil and they were a nice treat at around 90 calories each! Next we're going to try using only egg whites and change up the flour to see how low it can go while remaining edible :) - Smackerel   234.0 #1700 10-4-11 1:56PM Like  Reply
Can u substitute apple sauce in all recipes? Do u use the same amount? - msdizmaui  1102.3 #204 10-7-11 1:26AM
We used a 1:1 ratio, which I think is the norm. I think it's hit and miss with which recipes it works in. My dad makes cookies using applesauce that we all think taste like cardboard, but he loves them. Then again, he's a health nut and a terrible baker so maybe they would be gross anyways! - Smackerel  234.0 #1700 10-7-11 9:54PM
Thanks Smackerel! I had a friend that baked like your I love pumpkin bread and make it ever year (normally by October I'd be off my diet and on my way to gaining all the weight I had lost for summer!). I still want to make it, but need to do anything I can to shave off the fat and calories. I think I'll try it (and only have 1 slice, instead of 1 loaf like in years past!). - msdizmaui  1102.3 #204 10-7-11 10:08PM
I'll let you know how our next attempts to lighten them up go, but it might be a while because a few days ago we knocked a huge hole in our kitchen these home improvement projects! It looks like it'll be a few weeks before I can bake again. One thing we did was bake them in muffin cups- freeze or give away all but a few and you have a better chance at portion control! Good luck! - Smackerel  234.0 #1700 10-7-11 11:49PM