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Thanks for posting this 😊 - SkellyMouse   501.4 #483 12-11-11 3:00PM Like(3)  Reply
Not to start a riot (non pin collector here) but if it's a cool pin that you really like...does it matter who made it? *hides behind the Partners statue for protection* - iDreamAboutDumbo   331.6 #844 12-11-11 8:11PM Like(2)  Reply
I look at it like would you buy a fake purse/jeans, etc. Nope - 415beachgirl  475.6 #522 12-11-11 8:13PM
Sir, please step out of the poinsettias - misschurro  9715.2 #12 12-11-11 8:14PM
I guess if you're shelling out money for a "real" pin and it was fake it would suck. I get the purse thing (the wife is a "collector" of them). Point taken...stepping out of the flowers now 😳 - iDreamAboutDumbo  331.6 #844 12-11-11 8:21PM
Very helpful! Thanks for sharing! - Melodycc74   326.5 #873 12-11-11 2:53PM Like  Reply
Great info. Thanks for posting - cinderella5   333.1 #835 12-11-11 3:04PM Like  Reply
I dont collect but i find these tips interesting. Thx. *hands you a Churro* - misschurro   9715.2 #12 12-11-11 3:06PM Like  Reply
Thnks for the tips - RemyAllie   510.2 #472 12-11-11 3:14PM Like  Reply
pitting sucks. - littleoysterz   242.3 #1595 12-11-11 4:58PM Like  Reply
Just checked all my pins, thankfully none are fake. - SorcererD91   8012.9 #15 12-11-11 6:06PM Like  Reply
Awesome thanks for the post! - KissDclown   1089.2 #207 12-11-11 6:10PM Like  Reply
😳😳😳man I think I have fakes! THANK you for posting!!! - BooEve123   800.9 #280 12-11-11 6:13PM Like  Reply
Hi everyone! I have been collecting the pins since April on my first visit. I have learned a great deal since I have first started. All of what JediveganStrawberryguy has stated is true. When you handel alot of pins, you get a "feel" of what they should be like. Here is what I have found out. I am just going to add to JediveganStrawberryguy. #1 As well as the sound it makes, it feels light and thin. The M in the alphabet series is a common one. #2 I have picked up a few good pins off of cast members. If it is a limited eddition, Be careful it is either a fake or the origional person doesnt know what they have. #3 know you pins. The average pin is $6. The "Sharks" will try to get you to purchase an expencive pin for a $6 pin. The sharks are professionl traders for proffit. Thoes are like the ones infront of Westward Ho with huge pin bags at the barrels. Stay away from them. Fri, Sat and Sun the cast members will come out and trade pin for pin. Nomatter whay (limit of two trades per person per cast member). There are some resources on thine to help identift the commony copied pins. #4 WARNING!!!! thoes scrappers and fakes have to come from somewhere. They are purchased on line from china through ebay. They come in individual little baggies. 99% are fake / scrappers. I talked to a lady who complained about the fakes to the company and they said that there is nothing they can do. She posted on ebay under the coments for the store, the gave her a bad grade. I have found that some of the Disney store outlets sells pins as well. I was able to get some for a dollar to $3 a pin and they were the real deal. #5 Look for the collor. I have seen the same type of pin with different hues and colors. Pay attention to the eyes that is usually a give away. Take some time aand go into one of the pin shops and take a close look at the quality of pins. You will start to see little details that you mat not have noticed before such as color, hue, feel, waight and the overall Disney loook. #6 Have fun. The cast members are awsome. They make Disney what it is and I have made so many friends. If you just like the pin then keep it. If you want quality and are thinking of trading and collecting, be a little more chosey. This is an expencive hobby so pace youself. Well I hope this has helped. If anyone has questions I have Texting on or drop me a line. - PinTrader   262.7 #1370 12-11-11 7:59PM Like  Reply
PinPics is really helpful too. I have a couple of scrappers but I knew it when I got them. Evil bay is very scrapper laden.  - Plumiegirl   10886.3 #11 12-11-11 8:02PM Like  Reply
Thank you so much for the info!! Helps a lot!! - StitchEars   330.7 #849 12-11-11 8:08PM Like  Reply
Be very carefull when buying from Ebay.  See PinPics or DizPins online first.  You will find names of the reputable dealers and the dealers who have been fined for selling fakes or scrappers as legit pins.  Truth be told ... the only way to know you have a "real" disney pin is to buy it from Disneyland directly. - NurseDisney   60.2 #4749 12-11-11 8:13PM Like  Reply