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340.3 #814 DL Qual #1232 1-16-12 9:20AM
There have been a lot of Disney fact posts lately-so why not do a Disney fact thread! They are always fun when new people enter the what's your favorite Disney fact?
The fact that the old man playing the banjo in Pirates is not some random old man. He is actually A pirate named Jean Laffite. He hid in the Lousiana swamp lands and that's also why the loading dock is called "Laffite's Landing" 😊 - AshleyLynn22   791.2 #291 1-16-12 9:43AM Like(26)  Reply
Learn something new everyday! - MouseketeerforShort  340.3 #814 1-16-12 9:47AM
=) - UncoolBunny  71.0 #4428 1-16-12 11:30AM
And the ride, well before they put all the movie stuff in, is a journey through his memories of being a pirate. When you go down the first drop, you are supposed to be descending into his mind and he appears several other places during the ride. The story is also tied in with Haunted Mansion, that's why the weather vane is a ship. - CMJenKWorth  125.0 #3321 1-16-12 11:36AM
Oh my gosh! So cool. Where else does he appear in the ride? - BlackCanary86  73.5 #4358 1-16-12 11:48AM
Between these two rides there was supposed to be a crypt. You can still see the top arch of the would be doorway along the wall/bench/sidewalk dividers (don't know how to describe it) between potc and hm. it has a date on top of the arch - Pixarprincess  544.5 #450 1-16-12 11:50AM
I did not know that. Cool - cesium55  531.8 #467 1-16-12 11:51AM
Absolutely correct. It was going to be a tunnel walkway thing linking the attractions into one story. The date is the birth year of the imagineer who came up with it minus 200 years I believe. Every attraction in the parks has a story tied to it. The mansion one is very interesting. - CMJenKWorth  125.0 #3321 1-16-12 11:53AM
I've read so much into Pirates! This has to be my favorite thing! I love it!! - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #291 1-16-12 12:13PM
Really?! I had no idea! He still creeps me out, there is banjo music but no banjo.... Also I alway feel like he is watching me like a crazy stalker.... - tiggertwin  332.9 #852 1-16-12 12:58PM
I'd love to hear the haunted mansion story! Can anyone send it to me? - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #291 1-16-12 1:48PM
The Haunted Mansion story goes that The pirate Capt. Blood built the mansion for his wife and she made him promise to never go out to sea again. He told her that he had to go one last time and he was gone for a long time. When he finally came back they got into a big argument and he ended up killing her. Not sure if he killed her accidentally or out of rage. Well, he was so distraught over her death that it's rumored he hung himself in the gallery.. This is why there is a ship weathervane and the picture of the ship in the portrait hall, and also obviously the hanging man in the gallery is Capt. Blood. =) Disney has added stuff with the bride in the attic and killing her husbands and stuff.. but this is one of the original stories. Enjoy! - CMJenKWorth  125.0 #3321 1-16-12 2:00PM
Very cool :-) - LAFDWifey  81.5 #4182 1-16-12 2:05PM
WOW!! CMJenKWorth will you be my new best friend?! - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #291 1-16-12 2:08PM
Haha.. Sure! I used to be a Mansion Maid.. Loved every second of it. I miss it sometimes. - CMJenKWorth  125.0 #3321 1-16-12 2:12PM
Yup I'm claiming you as my new BFF! I want to hear all your stories! Lol - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #291 1-16-12 2:18PM
I've always wondered if there was something going on with that guy! Thanks for sharing! - DisneylAndy  205.6 #2084 1-16-12 4:19PM
Huh. I always heard that the bride's death was caused by her overprotective father. When the sailor was gone at sea, he came in as she was trying on her wedding dress. He lied to her, telling her that the captain died at sea. She killed herself, then when the captain came back and heard of the news, he hung himself. - snowwannab  759.3 #313 1-16-12 8:19PM
Wow I love both these stories! Thanks for Sharing guys! #extremequality. - NeverlandTink  423.1 #613 1-16-12 9:12PM
Right Tink! I love all this info! - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #291 1-16-12 9:34PM
Thanks CMJen for the info! - Jacqueline  580.0 #411 1-16-12 10:32PM
Woah! Never knew that - DisneyVillain  356.0 #764 1-16-12 11:48PM this is one of probably a few different blogs about the Jean Lafitte story. this one really gets in depth on the story, even more so than what you have learned thus far. check it out!!!! - littleoysterz  242.3 #1608 1-17-12 1:06AM
Wow! Very interesting article! - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #291 1-17-12 2:17AM
Walt passed before the POTC attraction was complete, this was one of his babies and he took pride in it. - GoofyJoe  1906.6 #107 1-17-12 10:38AM
Goofy that is why I love it so much! - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #291 1-17-12 10:50AM
Mine is the one in which iasw opened any Walt had children from different cultures represented and they all poured one gallon of water into the attraction, now when they drain the water they take a gallon of water out to keep the "culture" 💙💙💙✨✨✨ - MouseketeerforShort   340.3 #814 1-16-12 9:23AM Like(15)  Reply
I didnt know this! Cool!! - vanGoghsStarryNight  37.1 #5893 1-16-12 9:44AM
Really?!?! That's awesome - kateluvskev  184.4 #2362 1-16-12 9:58AM
That's awesome I didn't know this! - ingridd  15.5 #9400 1-16-12 11:33AM
You can find a video of it on YouTube! It's really cool to see walt and all the kids from around the world! - kritomiester  364.1 #738 1-16-12 11:42AM
My mom was actually one of the kids who opened IASW, she poured the water and met Walt, she was about seven years old. - CM_LionGeek  352.9 #775 1-16-12 12:28PM
That's amazing @lion geek! What an awesome thing for yor culture and family - MouseketeerforShort  340.3 #814 1-16-12 12:43PM
That is a really cool fact! - proudcanuck  478.6 #527 1-16-12 1:02PM
That's a very cool fact! - LAFDWifey  81.5 #4182 1-16-12 2:04PM
I did not know that. thank you for the info!! - nikole31  242.9 #1600 1-16-12 4:05PM
Neato! - Tom  17730.4 #4 1-16-12 4:50PM
@Lion your like MW Royalty! That's so awesome your mom got to meet the beloved Walt! - NeverlandTink  423.1 #613 1-16-12 9:15PM
Walt wanted to make every guest feel important when they entered the park, so he made the walk ways look like the red carpet (hence the red bricks at the main gate). Also, when you go through the tunnels, it symbolizes the curtain rising on a show. Along the sides of the walls, there are attraction posters to show the guests which attractions you'll see in your near future. Finally, the names on the Main street windows symbolize the opening credits of a movie, giving credit to those who made the production possible. - BaseballMickey   9257.4 #14 1-16-12 8:23PM Like(15)  Reply
Dole whips give you magic powers - Mouse4life   1850.9 #112 1-16-12 12:40PM Like(11)  Reply
In Indiana Jones, in the last scene where it looks like the jeep is backing up and the ball rolls after you, well, the car doesn't move (its just shakes). The walls move backwards and the ball is released, but spins away from you, but creates that illusion that its coming after you. imagineer Tony Baxter was inspired to put this effect in after sitting inhis car in the car wash at the gas station and watched how the water machines moved around the car, creating that illusion that you're moving, but you're not.  - BaseballMickey   9257.4 #14 1-16-12 7:53PM Like(9)  Reply
That's cool! - nothinsuss  216.3 #1945 1-16-12 7:55PM
Whoa I never knew this!! I always thought the car moved backwards! Next time I'm going to pay more careful attention. Cool fact, thanks! - Jenniferr  506.7 #491 1-16-12 7:56PM
next time, try to sit on the ends of the rows and when its that scene, watch the walls. Try to look where the wall meets the floor and you could see it - BaseballMickey  9257.4 #14 1-16-12 8:03PM
The door room (first room) rotates too, right? Whenever I'm on it, I like to look behind me and see the wall rotate. - MonteKristal  311.7 #979 1-16-12 8:12PM
Yes, that changes too, but for me, its always the left :) - BaseballMickey  9257.4 #14 1-16-12 8:14PM
Yup! Saw that on the Disney channel when I was younger.. always love that part of the ride - Jacqueline  580.0 #411 1-16-12 9:27PM
When first promoting Disneyland, Walt chose to use Tinkerbell as its mascot, instead of Mickey. This was because if the park was a flop, he didn't want Mickey to be associated with failure.  - BaseballMickey   9257.4 #14 1-16-12 8:34PM Like(6)  Reply
Are YOU the author of "Little Known Facts about Well-Known Places: Disneyland"??? hahaha you're a plethora of disney facts! :D - Jaytasmic  373.3 #713 1-16-12 8:42PM
haha. no. I just know a lot of Disney stuff. - BaseballMickey  9257.4 #14 1-16-12 8:59PM
That book has quiet a few inaccuracies in it ... Kevin is much smarter than that! - calpolyDLlover  252.6 #1473 1-17-12 12:39AM
I have a door on Main Street and a brick outside in the Esplenade - BaseballMickey   9257.4 #14 1-16-12 10:28PM Like(6)  Reply
You have a door on Main Street? Like one of the windows? - iDreamAboutDumbo  331.6 #860 1-17-12 1:13AM
There's a window that's a tribute to all Cast Members. - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #187 1-17-12 11:06AM
Me too. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #253 1-17-12 11:24AM
Here is my fact.. Where the art gallery used to be and the dream suite is now was supposed to be an apartment for Walt. It was going to be an all top of the line luxury apartment with direct access to club 33. The apartment above the firehouse was supposed to be temporary and it's very small. But Walt died before they could start construction on the luxury apartment. =( I think it's kind of cool that they put he DS up there.. Kind of like a tribute to what it was supposed to be. - CMJenKWorth   125.0 #3321 1-16-12 1:05PM Like(5)  Reply
The railing on the Dream Suite balcony also has a W and R for Walt and Roy. - CM_Shadowgamer  2686.8 #66 1-16-12 2:10PM
Dang it! I was gonna tell that one! - theRealDisneygirlforevr  175.3 #2478 1-16-12 2:33PM
I tell this story to guests all the time when I work in NOS - BaseballMickey  9257.4 #14 1-16-12 8:09PM
When creating the Partners statue, they researched what Walt always wanted to change. they found out that he always wanted to be a little taller, so the statue of Walt is a little taller than in reality.   - BaseballMickey   9257.4 #14 1-16-12 8:50PM Like(5)  Reply
Back in the day the Frontierland Shooting Gallery used live .22 caliber rifles.
- CM_Shadowgamer   2686.8 #66 1-16-12 3:33PM Like(4)  Reply
And then Changed to Compressed air pellet rifles. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #253 1-16-12 4:04PM
but not lead bullets, frangible bullets - Coaster  24663.2 #3 1-16-12 8:49PM
POTC and the HM were supposed to be walk throughs, until Walt saw the Omnimover system at the World's Fair in 1964. He then brought the system to DL and put it in the HM. for POTC, he thought guests would take too long walking through the scenes, so he made it a boat ride, making each experience the same amount of time.  - BaseballMickey   9257.4 #14 1-16-12 7:49PM Like(4)  Reply
1st, AWESOME thread you started Mouseketeer! 2nd, I just finished reading Mouse Tales and More Mouse Tales by David Keonig. There is a ton of insider info and really interesting history on the park. They're both great reads for anyone interested :) - melissa_ficent   322.8 #911 1-16-12 9:43PM Like(4)  Reply
last one: you can see the building that hosts the Indy attraction from DTD. when you get off the tram, look to the left and you'll see a green building with some green looking clouds on it. That's the building that has the last scene in it. (you can hear the rumble from WOD about every 10-15 seconds) - BaseballMickey   9257.4 #14 1-16-12 11:01PM Like(4)  Reply
Another fact. Walt was at a CM orientation and was addressing the new hires. One of the newbies out of respect asked Mr. Disney a question. He answered the young man and added. Son there is only one Mr. in park, and that is Mr. Lincoln. My name is Walt. That's what's on my name tag. We are family and we use our first names here.  - splashphotoCM   885.6 #253 1-17-12 2:53PM Like(4)  Reply
Wow thats so great to learn - HanLostLeia  1098.3 #209 1-17-12 8:44PM
The Monsanto Mighty Microscope from Adventure Through Inner Space appears in both versions of Star Tours after it replaced the former attraction. It appears in the original attraction film during the wrong turn scene in the Space Station when you drop and pull back up. In the new version, it appears in the Death Star Scene to the bottom left before you pass the force fields protecting the hanger bay inside the Death Star.
- CM_Shadowgamer   2686.8 #66 1-16-12 1:04PM Like(3)  Reply
Oh good one shadow! - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #291 1-16-12 2:19PM
Tbank you!! I did not know that one!! - nikole31  242.9 #1600 1-16-12 4:17PM
Oops I meant thank you!!! - nikole31  242.9 #1600 1-16-12 4:17PM
I read that the railings high up in NOS are actually made of a rubbery plastic- so that they won't rust. - princessSue   270.7 #1307 1-16-12 2:48PM Like(3)  Reply
My favorite fact (which I'm sure everyone knows about) has always been that Walts apartment above the fire house there is a light always on in his honor. that's always been my fav. - nikole31   242.9 #1600 1-16-12 4:28PM Like(3)  Reply
Awww I like that one too. And they turn the light off when his daughters are at the parks out of respect. - FindMeAtTheCove  237.4 #1662 1-16-12 9:16PM
The plain Purple tea cup is the fastest spinning tea cup. - Miki   45.4 #5396 1-16-12 5:28PM Like(3)  Reply
i read that in my book too :) - Jaytasmic  373.3 #713 1-16-12 5:29PM
Thanks for the info!! - Jenniferr  506.7 #491 1-16-12 7:57PM
They actually slowed all the teacups down a few yrs ago bcuz of some city mandated rule I believe - DisneyFan(tasmic)  194.9 #2227 1-16-12 10:12PM
On the HM dining room scene, turn around and you will see a wheelchair sitting there. A guest really loved the HM and when he died, his wife wanted to put something in there that gave a tribute to him. So Disney allowed them to put his wheelchair in the HM, for being a lifetime fan. the CMs sometimes move it around, but its kinda creepy seeing it there all by itself.  - BaseballMickey   9257.4 #14 1-16-12 9:39PM Like(3)  Reply
When they were first in the planning stages, the imagineers had the Alice attractions be a walk through attraction, being that you were playing the role of Alice and walking through the story. Some of the concepts are still present (ie: the door knob, the flowers, etc). The best part was that when a guest got to the second floor and wantd to get back to the first, they were going to be a giant slide that you would slide down, returning you back to her "reality" - BaseballMickey   9257.4 #14 1-16-12 10:21PM Like(3)  Reply
Imagine walk through Timmy hunts! - CM_Shadowgamer  2686.8 #66 1-16-12 10:53PM
Original designs for Haunted Mansion included a restraunt inside ala Blue Bayou. I think it would have made an awesome atmosphere. - CM_Shadowgamer   2686.8 #66 1-17-12 12:19AM Like(3)  Reply
That when they first filled the Rivers of America, it all drained away. They had to seal the bottom so it wouldn't do it again. Also that there is water from all the rivers in America that was poured in it during the opening. - splashphotoCM   885.6 #253 1-16-12 1:12PM Like(2)  Reply
I heard that last time they drained ROS they found two autopia cars. - Mouse4life  1850.9 #112 1-16-12 2:25PM
ROA* - Mouse4life  1850.9 #112 1-16-12 2:30PM
They found lots of pagers and cell phones and glasses - Melody_CM  42996.9 #1 1-16-12 3:11PM
How could there be that stuff in there... Didn't a little boy get sucked down by the filters like gust in Willy winks and the chocolate factory. - PrincessDaisy_FU2Rcm  367.6 #724 1-16-12 4:44PM
When testing the Matterhorn bobselds, the imagineers didn't have a way to stop the bobsleds at the end of the ride, so they set up a pile of hey to stop the bobsleds. Walt loved the way the bobsleds stopped and the sense of a sudden stop, so they kept it in (minus the hey) - BaseballMickey   9257.4 #14 1-16-12 8:06PM Like(2)  Reply
Hey is for horses - Mouse4life  1850.9 #112 1-16-12 8:11PM
horses are for ridin.....and ridin is for DISNEYLAND!!!! - NeverlandClub  391.9 #669 1-16-12 8:12PM
But grass is cheaper! - CM_Shadowgamer  2686.8 #66 1-16-12 8:24PM
When Splash Mountain first opened, it was the largest attraction Disney had ever built (acreage wise)  - BaseballMickey   9257.4 #14 1-16-12 8:16PM Like(2)  Reply
i also heard the price of splash is what walt paid to open disneyland originally - NeverlandClub  391.9 #669 1-16-12 8:19PM
yeah, they both cost $17million - Jaytasmic  373.3 #713 1-16-12 8:22PM
Yep - and part of the cost was the original logs. They were too heavy, and sank. I have a friend who was on the redesign team that got the functional ones built and shipped so the ride could open! *LOL* - ThatStarWarsKimberly  417.6 #622 1-16-12 9:42PM
On the hot summer days, it can get up to 150 degrees inside a character's costume D: - Jaytasmic   373.3 #713 1-16-12 8:43PM Like(2)  Reply
Oh my those poor CS! - NeverlandTink  423.1 #613 1-16-12 9:35PM
All of the buildings in Toon Town aren't straight lines, giving it take cartoon like feel. The imagineers couldn't figure out how to build crooked walls, so they build straight walls on the inside and made the facades with crooked lines. also, the paint that is used is flammable. that's why it closes early and a firetruck is always ready during the fireworks  - BaseballMickey   9257.4 #14 1-16-12 9:04PM Like(2)  Reply
I love all your facts BBM. I could talk to you for hours! - NeverlandTink  423.1 #613 1-16-12 9:38PM
Umm not sure if I believe you. We close toontown because of the close proximity but have you ever seen the mess the shells leave after? Too much clean up so it stays closed. - PrincessTianaCM  221.0 #1878 1-17-12 9:22AM
Omg, I LOVE this thread so much!!! - PrincessKristin   780.8 #298 1-16-12 9:16PM Like(2)  Reply
I agree! Thanks Mouseketeer for initiating this post! :) A lot of great information! MWers are awesome! - SarahLovesDisney  85.2 #4100 1-16-12 9:20PM
I love this post!!!! : D - Dlandlover   6.5 #16988 1-16-12 10:39PM Like(2)  Reply
The old skyway station in fantasy land can still be found behind the casey jr. Circus train. - monkeboy2042_CM   317.8 #942 1-16-12 11:45PM Like(2)  Reply
And if you look closely at the wrought iron work on the balcony of the Dream Suite in NOS, you'll see Walt and Roy Disney's initials highlighted in gold. Thank you Walt; thank you Roy. What gifts you both gave to the world. - 50sKid   552.1 #441 1-16-12 2:16PM Like(1)  Reply
From what I've been told about the bb bullet holes in the Grand Canyon and Haunted Mansion...prior to 9/11 There were a lot of gang members hanging at DL usually on Friday nights ( scaring a lot of families) and they usually carried fire arms into the park. No check in security then. - SUUZinOCretiredPLAID  1036.1 #225 1-16-12 3:52PM
Oops this was supposed to post one down. - SUUZinOCretiredPLAID  1036.1 #225 1-16-12 3:52PM
Oh I've heard that one but I thought it was some guy that went crazy. - apanda1983  189.5 #2298 1-16-12 4:03PM
Look closely next time on the haunted manison, in the dining room scene, there is a gun shot hole and instead of replacing that whole piece of glass a cast member went to the dollar store and got a plastic spider and placed it over the hole. - DisneyTrueLove   8.1 #14370 1-16-12 2:38PM Like(1)  Reply
Why is there a bullet hole? - Sharkgrrl19  302.3 #1039 1-16-12 3:12PM
Also wonder why the bb bullet hole on the train ride through the dinosaur part has been there for years....anyone know? - MicheyMouse  364.1 #739 1-16-12 3:31PM
I always wanted to know the story begin all of these.....hmmmm ;) - MouseketeerforShort  340.3 #814 1-16-12 3:42PM
The bullet hole in Mansion is there because some kid decided to shoot the glass with a BB gun during a grad night years ago. Those panes of glass are so large that they were flown in and placed by helicopter before they put the roof on the building. They are also very expensive. So, instead of spending tons of money and shutting down the attraction to take off he roof and replace it, they covered it with a fake plastic spider. - CMJenKWorth  125.0 #3321 1-16-12 3:47PM
Hm, well I have one. When they brought in the skeletons for POTC, Walt thought they looked like Halloween decorations. So they swapped them for actual human skeletons from UCLA. Of course, they've since been re-replaced with realistic fake ones. - snowwannab   759.3 #313 1-16-12 8:25PM Like(1)  Reply
There's still one human skull left - BaseballMickey  9257.4 #14 1-16-12 8:29PM
It's the skull on the headboard right? - CM_Shadowgamer  2686.8 #66 1-16-12 8:32PM
Yep - melissa_ficent  322.8 #911 1-16-12 9:23PM
You are correct shadowgamer - Jacqueline  580.0 #411 1-16-12 9:32PM
Why do I have a hard time believing this - monkeboy2042_CM  317.8 #942 1-17-12 9:10AM
Some parts in the Jungle Cruise are only up to 3 ft deep. That's why they painted the water brown so guests couldn't see.. - Jaytasmic   373.3 #713 1-16-12 8:30PM Like(1)  Reply
Alice in Wonderland and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride share the same building.  Alice is on the 2nd floor, Mr. Toad is on the 1st floor. - DisneyPhotoFan   921.7 #246 1-16-12 8:41PM Like(1)  Reply
ahhh thats why in Alice its always SUPER hot hahaa - NeverlandClub  391.9 #669 1-16-12 8:43PM
:o - missgoofy  371.6 #718 1-17-12 4:20PM
Ooo also you can see the three moose who did the intro to Country Bear Jamboree on the Winnie the Pooh attraction after you pass the heffalumps and woozles room and turn around! :) - SarahLovesDisney   85.2 #4100 1-16-12 9:10PM Like(1)  Reply
I got walked off in that room! - bluefairy  643.8 #372 1-17-12 12:03AM
That's awesome bluefairy!! 💙💙 I've only been walked off once (for splash) I love Disney behind the scenes!! Hope to get more walk offs to see more! :) - SarahLovesDisney  85.2 #4100 1-17-12 5:47AM
Believe it or not but the song "Tragic Kingdom" by No Doubt features the little remain seated recording from the Matterhorn and some Main Street music in the beginning. - jonagurcia   264.6 #1365 1-16-12 9:20PM Like(1)  Reply
They also used part of the main street electrical parade recording on there trajic kingdom tour - Alex   307.3 #1009 1-16-12 9:23PM
Yup, they are from Anaheim (: - Jacqueline  580.0 #411 1-16-12 10:42PM
IASW has its own generator.  During a large power outage, a friend was working on the topiaries during the night shift.  He said it was terrifyingly weird to hear that thing singing when everything else was blacked out for miles. - ThatStarWarsKimberly   417.6 #622 1-16-12 9:35PM Like(1)  Reply
On opening day the asphalt on Main St hadn't yet dried, so all the women in heels kept getting stuck in it. Also, Walt had to choose between clean drinking H20 or running toilets so he chose toilets of course since ppl could always buy a difft beverage! - DisneyFan(tasmic)   194.9 #2227 1-16-12 10:24PM Like(1)  Reply
There were CM's serving free water to the guests that day. They stood throughout the park with trays, glasses and pitchers of water. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #253 1-17-12 11:37AM
This is such a fun thread. Thanks all for the fun Disney facts! - PrincessLeia   312.9 #970 1-16-12 10:47PM Like(1)  Reply
When walking down main street, take a look at the display windows . Notice that they are lower to the ground than normal . Walt purposley had imagineers design the windows like that so small children could see te displays inside the windows while walking down main street . :-) - PrincessMacy   536.5 #458 1-16-12 10:49PM Like(1)  Reply
3 Fave Facts: 1) You can not buy chewing gum in the parks. Walt stepped in gum one time and decided to banned it from the park. Plus, it takes too long to clean it up. 2) There was a lingere shop on Main St. with its own underwear museum. 3) All but one of the golden spires on the castle are gold leafed. The painted one served as a reminder that 'Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.' Also Walt did this when his CFO(Roy) went on vacation. Roy was not pleased because they were low on funds. - MellyChelly   272.6 #1296 1-17-12 4:13AM Like(1)  Reply
The first Tinkerbell hired to "fly" over the castle in the early 60s was 71 years old! Her name is Tiny Kline. - jacdanfan   15818.6 #5 1-17-12 5:37AM Like(1)  Reply
LOL! I always loved that one. I hear she had a very colorfull personality! I don't know how true this is but I heard they would put a mattress up to stop her!!! - Boundin  942.0 #243 1-17-12 9:03PM
The droids in the queue for Star Tours were originally geese in America Sings. - Geekery   409.4 #639 1-17-12 9:12AM Like(1)  Reply
While working W/S stores, I had the privilege of working with one of the original CM's named Karen who at the time was mgr of all the W/S stores. At closing time, she would always give a little facts speech to the CM's about DL. She knew Watt very well. One was that as you walk form land to land, if you look down, you will notice that the pavement changes to show the landscape of the land you are in. Frontierland has cowboy boots and horse shoe prints. And the music in each land is also for that period.  - splashphotoCM   885.6 #253 1-17-12 11:52AM Like(1)  Reply
What a way to end your day! Is she still working? - BaseballMickey  9257.4 #14 1-17-12 11:57AM
No. I believe she retired several years ago. All the older mgrs and leads knew her. She was awesome. Ask the w/s leads and older girls and stockers. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #253 1-17-12 2:48PM
What is w/s? - Pintraderswife  468.3 #549 1-17-12 8:37PM
West side i think - CM_Shadowgamer  2686.8 #66 1-17-12 8:41PM
Love this info... So need to get a DL book!!! - Cath   26.3 #7014 1-16-12 3:54PM Like  Reply
another bit of info about the lamp that is always on in Walt's apartment above the firestation: when Walt's daughters are in the park they turn the lamp off out of respect for them.  - purrplepokin   3.4 #32611 1-16-12 4:38PM Like  Reply
That's an interesting fact! - apanda1983  189.5 #2298 1-16-12 7:17PM
Yes! I have heard of that too! - calidream1  398.1 #659 1-16-12 8:50PM
Walt had 2 daughters, Diane and Sharon. Sharon was adopted and passed away in 1993. - Fanatic4Disney  268.5 #1331 1-16-12 10:36PM
This is awesome because I just bought a Disneyland facts book at Barnes and Noble today! $7 :) one of the facts I liked from the book was that most of the plants in Tomorrowland are edible "to emphasize a future where gardens do double duty as food sources." - Jaytasmic   373.3 #713 1-16-12 5:18PM Like  Reply
Just make sure you dont eat a strawberry and post about it. - MissErikaRae  285.5 #1157 1-16-12 6:26PM
That explains the lettuce flowers! - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #291 1-16-12 7:14PM
I know! I always wondered why there was lettuce planted there! hahaha - Jaytasmic  373.3 #713 1-16-12 7:44PM
You can go to City Hall and ask for a listing of the plants that are currently planted in Tomorrowland. ALL of the plants are edible. - DizneyGurlll  194.6 #2233 1-16-12 9:20PM
Awesome that you can get a list! That's the kind of thing I love finding out! - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #187 1-16-12 10:08PM
The captain selling the wenches in POTC is the test bed for most all animatronics in Disneyland.
- CM_Shadowgamer   2686.8 #66 1-16-12 7:17PM Like  Reply
He was also the first Mr. Lincoln. - BaseballMickey  9257.4 #14 1-16-12 8:24PM
Back in 2001 the skippers on Jungle Cruise had to stop shooting blanks at the hippos due to a complaint from animal rights activists & they actually stopped using the gun altogether up until a couple yrs ago but now they still don't point towards the hippos! - DisneyFan(tasmic)   194.9 #2227 1-16-12 7:44PM Like  Reply
Toward the brings funny jokes too - MarshaMouse  5058.3 #35 1-16-12 7:46PM
Darn hippies ;) - tuesday737  1291.5 #168 1-16-12 7:55PM
yeah yeah shoot the trees, but that hippo is still gonna charge.....only with the bubbles and wigglie ears - NeverlandClub  391.9 #669 1-16-12 8:10PM
here is my fact 1: Space Mountain is actually 15 ft below the ground. Fact 2: TOT is the SAFEST attraction in the Disney parks, Indy is second. and Fact 3: Before there was the ROA, it was used for the Anahiem water rescue team where they would practice saving lives i case a water rescue was needed. - NeverlandClub   391.9 #669 1-16-12 8:08PM Like  Reply
😏not sure if I believe you or not... - ladylikesdisney  945.0 #242 1-16-12 8:10PM
for which one - NeverlandClub  391.9 #669 1-16-12 8:11PM
since i posted 3 - NeverlandClub  391.9 #669 1-16-12 8:13PM
All of them! - ladylikesdisney  945.0 #242 1-16-12 8:25PM
well then 1.)going into SM you go down down down and exiting you come up all those stairs to get to the picture viewing area. 2.) i have a friend who works in DCA on Soarin' and in Bugs land, he was on a backstage CM thing and was told that since the generators that power Soarin are also used in TOT. and TOT has such advanced computers that when it senses a breakdown could happen it will shut the ride down before the breakdown. 3.) i have a Disneyland book called "Disneyland Past, Present, and Future" and shows the water rescue team in the ROA before tom sawyer.(ill post a pic so its real) well there ya go, i explained all my facts - NeverlandClub  391.9 #669 1-16-12 8:42PM
Ok you convinced me! - ladylikesdisney  945.0 #242 1-16-12 8:58PM
thank you :) - NeverlandClub  391.9 #669 1-16-12 9:01PM
Walt was going to build another type of Main Street to the left of the Disney opera house. It was going to be called Liberty Street, and it was to open in 1959. Complete with a blacksmith, glass maker, and weaver, Liberty Street would also have a Hall of Presidents. Instead of developing it as planned, he used the funds to update Tomorrowland.
- Missshelly   698.3 #342 1-16-12 8:24PM Like  Reply
glad he did that...i like my SM - NeverlandClub  391.9 #669 1-16-12 8:25PM
There's a glass blower on Main street at WDW. Too bad it didn't happen. There's a ton of room back there. - BaseballMickey  9257.4 #14 1-16-12 8:25PM
After seeing the map, I've always wondered what was back there BBM! It was supposed to be a culdesac, so there was no way to walk straight through. - Missshelly  698.3 #342 1-16-12 8:28PM
Last time I was on the Lilly Belle the guide said they were thinking of expanding back there to help with traffic flow since mainstreet can get so congested. Dono if its true but I though it was interesting. - NeverlandTink  423.1 #613 1-16-12 9:33PM
I've been in the park 2 times when we (as in the crowd of people I was in) were lead backstage to avoid the parade... We went from Main St to Tomorrowland the back way. - iDreamAboutDumbo  331.6 #860 1-17-12 1:27AM
Fact 4: Walt was scared of mice
Fact 5: he originally wanted to name Mickey, Mortimer and his wife said no since mortimer wasnt "friendly" enough
Fact 6: Walt had the ideas formulating before he died that he wantedf to build a Disneyland that was as big as Arizona..(idk if this is 100% true)
- NeverlandClub   391.9 #669 1-16-12 8:38PM Like  Reply
Disney wanted to make a ski resort in Mineral King. Plans were made for a visitor village, ski runs and ski lifts but Walt died before it was realized and the idea was scrapped.
- CM_Shadowgamer   2686.8 #66 1-16-12 8:47PM Like  Reply
Who knows where Mineral King is besides me and shadowgamer? - DebbyMouse7531  549.4 #17 1-27-12 5:43PM
The telegraph sound you hear at the New Orleans train station is Walt Disney's opening speach! - Boundin   942.0 #243 1-16-12 8:54PM Like  Reply
Really? I had no idea and was wondering about it on my last trip. Thanks for sharing! - KelstersInc2319  65.8 #4586 1-16-12 9:14PM
It is a recording of Lillian "typing" out the telegraph of his speech. She took classes to be able to do this! - Thompson_CM  64.6 #4623 1-16-12 9:51PM
Oo I didn't know the part abt lillian doing it! Thnx Thompson - DisneyFan(tasmic)  194.9 #2227 1-16-12 10:19PM
so true! i asked about this last time i rode the lilly belle! - kobeholic_2000  285.8 #1153 1-16-12 11:08PM
I read somewhere that while Walt created Muckey Mouse, he was afraid of Mice! 🐭 - SarahLovesDisney   85.2 #4100 1-16-12 9:07PM Like  Reply
i didnt know we had a MUCKEY mouse??? who is this - NeverlandClub  391.9 #669 1-16-12 9:08PM
Lol oops! Weird typo haha! Mickey* hehe 😜 - SarahLovesDisney  85.2 #4100 1-16-12 9:10PM
darn auto correct - NeverlandClub  391.9 #669 1-16-12 9:14PM
On the Haunted Mansion, if a guest with a wheelchair cannot transfer quick enough to unload on the moving sidewalk, they stay in the car which then continues backstage and around to just before the loading area, where they can transfer back to their wheelchair. They are then taken to the elevator/stretching room, and then ride UP in the elevator. (I experienced this once when I was visiting with my mother-in-law). - PrincessKristin   780.8 #298 1-16-12 9:34PM Like  Reply
I have done this! - Minnis2Society  382.4 #686 1-16-12 9:41PM
I've done t! But I did it one night before closing. There was one more elevator after us and I asked the CM of we could ride back up. And he said yes and even let me push the button :) - NeverlandTink  423.1 #613 1-16-12 9:47PM
It's actually kind of creepy.. Haha. I didn't like it the first couple times I did it. .. Ooh.. Also, the stretching room is not an elevator, it's a hydraulic lift and can't carry much weight up. If you have guests riding up with you, you can only take I think 6 or 8 at a time. - CMJenKWorth  125.0 #3321 1-16-12 10:10PM
Disneyland sold 78 million pairs of Mickey Mouse ears between opening day & the 50th anniversary. - mickeyminnie   322.6 #915 1-16-12 9:40PM Like  Reply
There were original plans to create Chinatown on Mainstreet (East Center St., just north of Market House...this area used to have the Flower Mart where the fruitstand is today). Chinatown's main attraction was to be an audio-animatronic stage show in an elegant Chinese restaurant starring Confucius, a talking dragon, and singing birds.  By the summer of 1960, the idea was scrapped, but the animatronic birds idea survived, where it flew over to Adventureland and landed three years later in the Enchanted Tiki Room. - Alicewhoareyou   2819.0 #63 1-16-12 9:46PM Like  Reply
Tom Sawyer Island had a Missouri zip code. Not sure if this holds true now that it is Pirates Lair, but if u were to commit a crime on the island u would b federally proscuted since u had crossed state lines - DisneyFan(tasmic)   194.9 #2227 1-16-12 10:43PM Like  Reply
That was fixed years ago. When they used to sell merchandise on the island, the tax rates were different and the paper work was too much. - BaseballMickey  9257.4 #14 1-16-12 10:49PM
People are not supposed to be pronounced dead inside Disneyland - DisneyFan(tasmic)   194.9 #2227 1-16-12 10:44PM Like  Reply
Cant be pronounced dead except by a doctor, doubt they keep one on.staff - CM_Shadowgamer  2686.8 #66 1-17-12 12:05AM
Actually... We do have doctors at our Cast Health Office. We also have nurses, athletic trainers, and physical therapists. Fun fact. - CMJenKWorth  125.0 #3321 1-17-12 12:09AM
Love this thread I'm learning so much! - lisamb83   15.2 #9546 1-16-12 10:53PM Like  Reply
The train tracks you see in front of the currently used ones at Main Street Station are the original rails from opening, not just a prop. - CM_Shadowgamer   2686.8 #66 1-17-12 12:09AM Like  Reply
This is because dl used to have what is called a 2 track system. And that small section connected back into the tracks (as opposed to just being that little segment) it was left in memory of the older system when the rails were updated. - Pixarprincess  544.5 #450 1-17-12 11:37AM
I'm sure you all know this one... The building on Main Street are larger near the entrance and get smaller as you move towards the hub. This is to make Main St look longer as you enter the park and shorter at the end of the day when you are tired. Also the names on the windows are actual names of people who have contributed to Disney in some way. - CMJenKWorth   125.0 #3321 1-17-12 12:16AM Like  Reply
keep em coming! - missgoofy   371.6 #718 1-17-12 12:54AM Like  Reply
Great info!! Thanks everybody👍 - ReachForTheSky   676.2 #357 1-17-12 1:16AM Like  Reply
More! I want more! - Bo22   394.8 #667 1-17-12 1:48AM Like  Reply
Stories like these add so much life and magic to these attractions. Disney is definitely the most magical place on earth ....... More stories please :) it will make the grey skies here in New Zealand disappear !! X - PrincessCathy   3.6 #30024 1-17-12 2:01AM Like  Reply
Bump for more - monkeboy2042_CM   317.8 #942 1-17-12 8:56AM Like  Reply
Ever wonder why chip and dales treehouse in toontown doesn't have leaves? They were made of plastic and would often catch on fire. So no leaves. - PrincessTianaCM   221.0 #1878 1-17-12 9:25AM Like  Reply
Did anyone figure out why they would catch on fire? - GoofyJoe  1906.6 #107 1-17-12 10:39AM
catch on fire from what? - misschurro  10075.7 #12 1-17-12 10:40AM
From fireworks maybe? - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #187 1-17-12 11:17AM
More please! I am going in Disneyland in less than a month and this is getting me pumped up!!! What a great post :-) - Disneymom0107   150.9 #2886 1-17-12 10:33AM Like  Reply
The Heraldry Shoppe is operated by an individual who leases the space from Disneyland. - Geekery   409.4 #639 1-17-12 11:04AM Like  Reply
Yes, he is an Operating Participant. Same as all the non Disney stores in DTD. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #253 1-17-12 11:27AM
When the imagineers were taking out the audio-animatronics from Nature's Wonderland, some of them were used again for their parts and some were put around the park in other places, but most of them were buried underground of what is today Rancho Del Zocalo. :/ - BaseballMickey   9257.4 #14 1-17-12 11:20AM Like  Reply
Strange. Why?! - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #187 1-17-12 11:24AM
I heard that too. And the bioluminescent pools were used for BTMRR. - Alicewhoareyou  2819.0 #63 1-17-12 11:26AM
have no idea - BaseballMickey  9257.4 #14 1-17-12 11:26AM
Some of the audio-animatronics that were once used in America sings were brought back and placed in the new star tours. The two droids that you see in the baggage check queue (not rex) are the "reused" AA's. - GreenLantern   746.6 #323 1-17-12 11:48AM Like  Reply
My favorite is the wild cats all around Disneyland! And how they help take care of the rodents hehe - MEHlanie_Mouse   1117.3 #204 1-27-12 12:43PM Like  Reply
And I heard some of them can talk - Mouse4life  1850.9 #112 1-27-12 12:45PM