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4221.8 #24 DL Qual #11 2-7-12 1:09PM
#6. MW101 w/SIC:: {Tags} Did you know that we 'Tag' posts on MW, and it files them away into categories for you to easily browse through? Let's say you are curious about celebrity photos that have been posted in MW over time, Reunion photos, the latest DCA news or, oh, lets say you're dying to study up on some MW101's w/SICπŸ˜‰---just follow these simple steps for hours of fun and information! New posts are added all the time, so check your favorite Tag often! Start out in the MW lounge, hit search and the Search menu will appear, scroll down past 'Lands of the Lounge' (one of our last lessons), and you will see (as shown below) a bunch of Tags in different sized text. I believe the different sizes has to do with the amount of posts that are in the tag. Click on one that interests you and enjoy!!
Tagged in: MouseWait 101  
I like the circles and arrows. Your the John Madden of Mousewait. - Mouse4life   1293.1 #110 2-7-12 1:12PM Like(4)  Reply
Thank you! I feel really good about this play too....lots of arrows! πŸ˜„ - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4221.8 #24 2-7-12 1:15PM
πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰congrats on 1200 SICπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ good work!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ - Mouse4life   1293.1 #110 2-7-12 1:15PM Like(2)  Reply
So much quality! - ladylikesdisney   945.0 #170 2-7-12 1:10PM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks SIC!!! I had a feeling they were for something but never knew what exactly!!! SIC MW101's are the best!!! - caramiapoohAKAface   3469.4 #31 2-7-12 1:18PM Like(1)  Reply
When we hash tag a word does that file it into that category? - JessicaRabbit33   669.3 #253 2-7-12 1:12PM Like  Reply
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ - Bambi.   604.3 #297 2-7-12 1:13PM Like  Reply
@Jessica. As far as I know, no. There are people who tag them into a category. - Sweet_Irish_Cream   4221.8 #24 2-7-12 1:14PM Like  Reply
Thanks :) I always wondered about that! - JessicaRabbit33  669.3 #253 2-7-12 1:16PM
Ah! That answers the mysterious powers of MW that tags the post. Got it (^_-) - onezerohero  164.0 #2401 2-7-12 1:56PM
Thx for the info - that's awesome! πŸ˜‰ - LMAO-Asturi   173.3 #2235 2-7-12 1:19PM Like  Reply
I love these! Thanx SIC! - SueBayou   2019.6 #63 2-7-12 1:33PM Like  Reply
Thanks sic for the edujumacation, and contests on 1200! - chris.   2510.5 #46 2-7-12 1:35PM Like  Reply
Congratulations on reaching 1200.5!!!!! - Tealtownfan   886.5 #178 2-7-12 1:39PM Like  Reply
Super SIC to the rescue!! - akpoppins   263.1 #1134 2-7-12 4:55PM Like  Reply
I'm feeling smartier every post. - Experiment818   1638.7 #86 2-7-12 5:13PM Like  Reply
πŸ‘ŠπŸ’’ - iDreamAboutDumbo   311.3 #759 2-28-12 11:46AM Like  Reply
A, perhaps a refresher course would do the land some good,πŸ‘Š - GrumpyPirateDad   1818.9 #76 4-2-13 9:32PM Like  Reply
Funny I meant this to be on the search lesson #16 - GrumpyPirateDad  1818.9 #76 4-2-13 9:44PM
This post has been moved to Fantasyland - Dave   12205.8 #2 4-2-13 10:05PM Like  Reply
Along with the rest of them πŸ˜’ - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4221.8 #24 4-2-13 10:06PM