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1963.0 #102 DL Qual #384 2-28-12 9:08PM
Just a reminder to all of those taking the 24 hour challenge. Sleep depravation can be just as bad, if not worse, than being drunk. Don't try to drive while tired. If you fall asleap at the wheel, people can get hurt or killed. Get a hotel room, take a cab/shuttle, or have a friend/relative pick you up. Be safe out there.
Tagged in: Leap Day  
Best post please keep bumped. Or sleep it off in your car. When my hubby was in the military he almost died after falling asleep at the wheel while driving on the freeway. It can happen to you. - PrincessDuckie   960.1 #236 2-28-12 9:10PM Like(5)  Reply
I had a similar experience while in the Navy. Did an all nighter fixing equipment on my ship. This was before Thanksgiving weekend. Drove from the Bay Area to LA on no sleep in the morning. Thank god I had a passenger who woke me up when I dosed off. It's scary. - ScooterMike  1963.0 #102 2-28-12 9:16PM
^ So glad nothing happened. My hubby veared off the freeway and hit a tree. Thank goodness there happened to be an excellent plastic surgeon on duty at the hospital. It was a single truck accident I know he would if felt worse if others would of been hurt. I also feel asleep while driving in the fast lane on the 5 in MV. Thank goodness it was during the morning rush and traffic was just creeping. It scared the heck out of me! It was like the 40th day straight of 15 hour days (SW Development).( After i told this story to my boss i was finally able to get a day off!)I - PrincessDuckie  960.1 #236 2-28-12 10:30PM
A great reminder! Be safe everyone! - LillyBelle   77.1 #4266 2-28-12 9:11PM Like(1)  Reply
Very true! They tested this on mythbusters 😄👍 best show ever. - Jillian   767.1 #303 2-28-12 9:12PM Like(1)  Reply
YES PLEASE!!! I cannot agree with this enough! My little sister was killed when she fell asleep at the wheel after an all night party at church. This is why I got my sons and their friends a room at HoJo. Pleasr be careful everyone! - PrincessKristin   780.8 #295 2-28-12 9:16PM Like(1)  Reply
Your a smart mama. - MinnieNurse  331.5 #850 2-28-12 9:24PM

 Terrific information! We all get so excited about things that the most basic common sence goes right ou the window. I am so guilty of that... My park plans blew up as my parnter in crime bailed on me, I was so upset, still planning on hopeing in the truck and going to the park after many house of not sleeping. Thank you ScooterMike for giving me pause to think a bit more like an adult lol. See you all in the afternoon. I will be solo and looking forward to meeting other MWs     


- MintJulep   237.7 #1651 2-28-12 9:38PM Like(1)  Reply
A great reminder indeed...quality post...indeed :-) - uscdisneyteacher   9368.8 #13 2-28-12 9:12PM Like  Reply
Yes! Totally quality content! - Fruitbythefoot  33.4 #6197 2-28-12 11:05PM true! ty for posting!!! be safe friends! - Armenda   1186.0 #184 2-28-12 9:14PM Like  Reply
Completely agree. Be safe! 🙏 - mizzKmouse80   54.1 #4983 2-28-12 9:18PM Like  Reply
Legit post right there!! - VADERonSOARIN   543.0 #444 2-28-12 9:21PM Like  Reply
Agree!! I got my our family rooms at the HoJo👍 - ReachForTheSky   676.2 #354 2-28-12 9:21PM Like  Reply
Great post!! - PrinceTeaJack   956.6 #237 2-28-12 9:22PM Like  Reply
Yes so true please, please everyone who's doing the 24hr be careful!! out their especially when you guys are heading home - LovelyTiggerGirl   273.1 #1283 2-28-12 9:22PM Like  Reply
Agree 100%! Everyone have a fun and SAFE time during One More Disney Day! - PiecesOf8   610.8 #389 2-28-12 9:27PM Like  Reply
Great advice for those in the park - misschurro   9888.3 #12 2-28-12 9:36PM Like  Reply
Bump!! Great reminder and info for everyone! Takes me back to my EMT days and 72hour shifts... Please be safe everyone and have fun. - CMJenKWorth   125.0 #3314 2-28-12 9:52PM Like  Reply
Great advice!!!!! If ur tired and don't have a hotel room it doesn't hurt to sleep in the car.  - iamdugsmaster   878.8 #253 2-28-12 9:59PM Like  Reply
Excellent public service reminder 👍👍👍 - LAFDWifey   81.5 #4169 2-28-12 10:01PM Like  Reply
This needs a sticky! I don't want any MW hurt - CptKirk   766.3 #304 2-28-12 10:03PM Like  Reply
Great information! Thank you!!! - Boundin   920.8 #244 2-28-12 10:05PM Like  Reply
I'm sleeping in the back seat of my car...yeah yeah!
- VfxGenie   1557.1 #139 2-28-12 10:05PM Like  Reply
Nicely said I agree 100% my husband knows this first off he works night and sometimes has to go to his parents before driving the hour home because one time he ended spinning out on the freeway thank god he thought quick and turned it around and exited and me, I just can't drive tired I'm like a drunk driver all over and can't react right or fast so I just don't drive tired Be safe all!!! - lisaw   240.4 #1621 2-28-12 10:07PM Like  Reply
Bump! - DiscoSteve   279.8 #1207 2-28-12 10:08PM Like  Reply
If you Could end up fighting people in front of ToT - Mouse4life   1850.9 #111 2-28-12 10:10PM Like  Reply
Bump - PrincessKristin   780.8 #295 2-28-12 10:17PM Like  Reply
So careful out there! - MandJloveMickey   212.6 #1995 2-28-12 10:32PM Like  Reply
Great post! Thank you. - VeloMouseGirl   549.8 #437 2-28-12 10:33PM Like  Reply
bump - dlmickeymouseCM   2405.6 #78 2-29-12 12:00AM Like  Reply
Great post!! - Sallyskellington   201.1 #2140 2-29-12 12:12AM Like  Reply
I hope no one drives after being up for 24 hours! Seriously, take a nap in your car if you have to. Stay safe everyone. - BlackCanary86   73.5 #4348 2-29-12 12:26AM Like  Reply
Let's keep this bumped, and watch for those that are unaware. - SorcererBHhaha   409.0 #635 2-29-12 12:35AM Like  Reply
I brought my mom the driver along with. - Briana   241.0 #1615 2-29-12 12:36AM Like  Reply
Bump👊... Can't wait to go with the hubby tomorrow night! - stargoddess120   527.4 #460 2-29-12 12:38AM Like  Reply
👍👍 - KylaShea   632.7 #377 2-29-12 4:17AM Like  Reply
Great advise! 👍 - grumpypapa   12485.0 #10 2-29-12 4:21AM Like  Reply
I meant advice. It's early........💤 - grumpypapa   12485.0 #10 2-29-12 4:25AM Like  Reply
Gotta keep bumpin' this! - DiscoSteve   279.8 #1207 2-29-12 5:03AM Like  Reply
💢👊💢 - toph   2418.2 #75 2-29-12 5:05AM Like  Reply
Bump - ghie1st   24.8 #7204 2-29-12 5:14AM Like  Reply
Bump! - vanGoghsStarryNight   37.1 #5868 2-29-12 5:18AM Like  Reply
Be safe out there! My hubby has fallen asleep at the wheel too. Woke up with a semi truck's tailight right in his face. Thankfully he did not hit the truck! - Pintraderswife   468.3 #540 2-29-12 5:27AM Like  Reply
Be careful everyone :) - MariBeee   145.8 #2961 2-29-12 7:01AM Like  Reply
I approve of this message! Please be safe ya'll! - NeverlandTink   423.1 #609 2-29-12 7:03AM Like  Reply
WOW...that has seriously got to be the best thing ANYONE HAS EVER POSTED ON HERE!!! thank you!!! Now that WAS REALLY GENUINE!!! - SamOwens   169.0 #2590 2-29-12 7:06AM Like  Reply
Bump. :) Power nap! - Darlingwendi   1228.3 #173 2-29-12 8:41AM Like  Reply
✨BUMP✨ Have fun, be safe, take cat naps / power naps😌💤zZ💤... Don't try to drive home if you're too sleepy! ✨°O°✨ - LMAO-Asturi   173.3 #2512 2-29-12 8:45AM Like  Reply
Most of us have been to Disneyland dozens, if not hundreds of times. Very few have done an all nighter there, Grad Night being an exception. Everyone is bussed in for Grad Night, and safely bussed home. It's easy to let your guard down while having fun on vacation. It's important to be smart and stay safe. - ScooterMike   1963.0 #102 2-29-12 9:00AM Like  Reply
Yes be safe out there! My husband got pulled over because they thought he was drinking and it was because he was tired! Goes to show how bad your diving can be when your tired. - MrsMinnie   64.7 #4601 2-29-12 9:03AM Like  Reply
bump - lucybelle   6.7 #16466 2-29-12 9:19AM Like  Reply
Lost a dear family friend this past October in a horrific crash, she fell asleep at the wheel. Be careful everyone, get rest when your body is telling you to!! - reinakim   226.3 #1802 2-29-12 9:58AM Like  Reply
Bump - CptKirk   766.3 #304 2-29-12 10:18AM Like  Reply
Bump - WonTonInWonderland   120.4 #3409 2-29-12 10:39AM Like  Reply
What an awesome post!!! Bump!!!! - Arielkitten13   306.5 #1005 2-29-12 10:57AM Like  Reply
Bump nice advice if you are not used to it coffee will not even help you on this one. Myself am used to it I usually drive three days straight without rest just pump and go but please do not try for pleasure.something might happen and you will regret it - Enome   9.4 #12876 2-29-12 11:10AM Like  Reply
Bump! Everyone please help to keep this bumped, I would think people are starting to leave about now. - PrincessDuckie   960.1 #236 3-1-12 2:28AM Like  Reply
Bump! - rbeezy   703.0 #337 3-1-12 2:32AM Like  Reply
Be careful everyone!  get in your car if you have to, lock the doors, and sleep!!and stay safe!!
- secretagentangel   13748.1 #9 3-1-12 2:38AM Like  Reply
Bump - PrincessDuckie   960.1 #236 3-1-12 3:07AM Like  Reply
One more bump before I go back to sleep. - PrincessDuckie   960.1 #236 3-1-12 3:30AM Like  Reply
I semi slept on the train - iamdugsmaster   878.8 #253 3-1-12 3:33AM Like  Reply
Bump - PrincessDuckie   960.1 #236 3-1-12 6:18AM Like  Reply
Wow, I can't believe everyone kept my original post bumped for so long. It might have kept someone from getting hurt or worse. Thanks to everyone who helped keep it bumped. I hope everyone had a great day at Disneyland. Now go get some sleep! - ScooterMike   1963.0 #102 3-1-12 7:10AM Like  Reply
You gave great advice... I believe you helped many people! 😊 - Nala  389.1 #670 3-1-12 7:26AM
You are welcome. It's an important message. - PrincessDuckie  960.1 #236 3-1-12 7:30AM