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133.8 #3170 DL Qual #745 3-28-12 4:05PM
Anyone else going insane over the new director Mickey Vinylmation that came out today ? How can i get my hands on one of these at a fair price without being a cast member? Any cast members looking for a new friend ? ... I am beyond desperate... For one of these cast member exclusives... Any advice would be appreciated . Ive called and tried everything to try to get myself allowed on the Burbank studio lot, where they are selling these to no avail. Help me!!! Im an addict and i need this vinyl to be whole again...
I am not directing any anger towards cast members just because they are working for Disney. I am calling B.S. to those who make rediculous profits unknown to Disney as a company... How can everyone just accept this as "the way it is" ???... This kind of stuff should be investigated and controlled... Maybe I should take your advice and try to get try to get a job at Disney as a loss preventions investigator... I know a few people I would enjoy puting an end to their ill obtained vinyl dynasties - BambooMike   133.8 #3170 3-28-12 4:54PM Like(1)  Reply
As long as Disney gets their cut they don't care. Welcome to Capitalism 101. - vincentchase1  672.9 #359 3-28-12 5:03PM
^this. - PrincessDuckie  963.5 #237 3-28-12 5:10PM
There is only greed of the secondary market, as you put it, because collectors such as you want items so bad... If you think Disney is mad that you are making their items more desirable by wanting them so much you're willing to buy them in second markets, you are wrong... Consumers make the market. Disney is making the money they expect from the item. - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #187 3-28-12 5:23PM
If that is Disney capitalism then i guess that makes me a Disney communist. I am here to stop this criminal activity and not sit idle and let this happen. The vinyl wealth of a few does not stand a chance against enough angry vinyl consumers... And I am gonna push and push until Disney knows my name and something is done at the corporate level... I will right all the wrongs in the vinyl community ... YES I CAN! ... I will whine and complain and stock pile evidence agaisnt the vinyl tyranny that has plagued vinylmation retail stores such as D-street, Off the page, and various Disney stores... I have A lot of spare time, and this seems like a great challenge... I will make a difference. - BambooMike  133.8 #3170 3-28-12 5:25PM
@cyndlegrace... You must not be into vinyls or you wouldnt be so quick to let this madness for vinyls does not make the market for the vinyls, criminals make the market ... And unfortunately they will do it with the help of cast members. - BambooMike  133.8 #3170 3-28-12 5:35PM
I saw this on a Facebook group. It looks pretty awesome! Hopefully some kind CMs will do a RAK or contact you :) - MayBie   1885.6 #109 3-28-12 4:08PM Like  Reply
That is my hope with this post... - BambooMike  133.8 #3170 3-28-12 4:20PM
I wanaa see a photo:) Can somo0ne provive a link :)?  - BooEve123   800.9 #285 3-28-12 4:09PM Like  Reply
Dont look at it I warn you it is amazing... - BambooMike  133.8 #3170 3-28-12 4:20PM
I believe its this one? - Cherry91  434.2 #595 3-28-12 4:28PM
This is a better link (I would delete the other comment but it will delete the whole post) - Cherry91  434.2 #595 3-28-12 4:30PM
Omg, that is too cool. And I'm not even a big vinylmation fan. - PrincessKristin  780.8 #299 3-28-12 4:45PM
That's awesome!!! - SueBayou  2019.2 #99 3-28-12 4:46PM
EEEEEPPPPP I know Sue and Vinyle will be all over that one;) it is way cool!! - BooEve123  800.9 #285 3-28-12 4:57PM
Uh oh Boo. Don't do it - cesium55  531.8 #467 3-28-12 5:35PM
With Limited Edition/High demand vinyls, you usually either have to offer up a trade for something of similar value (for example, another high demand vinyl or group of several vinyls) or buy off EBay.  We do have a trading board here on MW called The Trading Post!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.1 #335 3-28-12 4:09PM Like  Reply
Oh yeah, sometimes very generous MWers will post giveaways/contests--often, we call them RAKs :) - Spoonful_O_Sugar  719.1 #335 3-28-12 4:10PM
Iv'e gone broke trying to get park 1's and other rare vinyls. I just paid $140 for a Park 1 Figment, I am ok with spending that much on a old mold Figment since I realize they didnt make that many and it is a long ago retired set...but, I cant afford to be spending this kind of money on a new mold item that costs cast members probably around 10-12$ its just not fair to us average vinyl addicts. They are already on ebay for 40$+ ... This is just robbery. And I am becoming more and more angry and hatefull at the greed of the secondary market on these mass produced pieces of art. - BambooMike   133.8 #3170 3-28-12 4:35PM Like  Reply
Wowzers. It's supply and demand dude. Don't hate the player, hate the game. Go get a job at Disney if it's that big a deal... - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #187 3-28-12 4:38PM
It annoys me that the EBay sharks can control the market, but, yeah, that's just the way it is. Check out the Trading Post and see if anyone will trade with ya! - Spoonful_O_Sugar  719.1 #335 3-28-12 4:41PM
Can't wait to get my hands on this one. Thank goodness my bestfriend is a CM. Weee!! - kristian   2004.9 #102 3-28-12 4:53PM Like  Reply
Lucky :) - Cherry91  434.2 #595 3-28-12 5:01PM